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    1999年 第20卷 第S1期    刊出日期:1999-12-31
    Atomic Spectrometry
    Determination of Ultratrace Metal Elements in Natural Samples by Laser-induced Fluorescence with Time-gate Technique
    MA Wan-Yun
    1999, 20(S1):  1-1. 
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    The determination of ultratrace metal elements is of great important in geochemistry, chemical exploration and many other fields. The laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) with time-gate technique is an extremely efficient method for the determination of ultratrace concentrations of elements. This paper reports on the high sensitive detection researches in our laboratory, included lead in Antarctic ice-snow samples, gold in geogas, gold and palladium in seabed sediment samples, gallium and indium in rock and sediment samples, based on laser-induced fluorescence combined with graphite electrothermal atomization and time-gate technique.

    Direct Determination of Vanadium in Water Samples, Human Hairs, Vegetables, and Foods by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
    ZOU Ming-Qiang, XU An-Li, CHEN Ming-Yan, WANG Da-Ning, ZHAI Qing-Zhou
    1999, 20(S1):  2-2. 
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    At present,the considerable attention was greatly paid to the determination of vanadium from the point of vanadium as a kind of biological nutrient element or one kind of industrial sources of pollution. In the paper,we employed graphite furnace AAS (GFAAS) method to determine directly the vanadium in samples, using optically controlled raising temperature combining with pyrolytic coating tube to atomize vanadium under the conditions of stable temperature for the determination of vanadium in samples.

    Matrix Influence in the Determination of Lead in Edible Oils and Fats
    BLOODWORTH B. C., CHAN S. H. Joanne, YIO O. B.
    1999, 20(S1):  3-3. 
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    In the AOAC Official Method of Analysis (994.06) for lead in edible oils and fats, the oil matrix influence to the lead absorbance signal is ignored. A series of experiment was conducted to look into the matrix effect on the absorbance signal of lead in different types of oils and fats.

    Elimination of Inteferences in Trace Element Determination by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    Ni Zhe-Ming
    1999, 20(S1):  4-4. 
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    Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry has been recognized as one of the most sensitive and selective analytical techniques for trace element determination. It is especially suitable for the measurement of parts-per-billion levels of essential or toxic elements like selenium,arsenic, germanium or lead in environmental and biological samples.

    Simultaneous Determination of Europium and Copper in Rare Earth Oxide by Use of FAAS-PLS Method
    ZHONG Ming-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  5-5. 
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    Partial least square method (PLS) is the multivariate statistical method on the basis of factor analysis. At present, the application of PLS in analytical chemistry is widely seen and its applied prospect has been shown. It is scarcely seen that the application of PLS in flame atomic absorption spectrometry(FAAS) because people have the trouble that in the range of less than nanometer want to choose observational points of more than decades. We have recently overcome the trouble. At the present paper, we continue using PLS to compensate for the spectral overlap interference of Eu 324.75nm with Cu 324.754nm in rare earth oxide.

    Application of Microflame Atomizer to Gas Chromatography-Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    SUN Jian-Min, YAN Zheng, LIU Li-Ping, ZHANG De-Qiang, YANG Li-Li, SUN Han-Wen
    1999, 20(S1):  6-6. 
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    One of the successful methods for the determination of organometallic compounds is the combination of Gas Chromatography-Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GC-AAS). The atomizer of AAS was connected with the column of GC by a transfer tube. Three types of the atomizer were reported as flame burner,electrothermal quartz tube and graphite furnace. A large amount of gas or electric energy was required to produce a high temperature for the atomization of analytes, A microflame atomizer of GC-AAS was developed in this paper to circumvent above problems. The volume of the atomizer is one-fifth of the normal flame burner, and a hydrogen gas was used as the carrier gas (35ml/min) and the fuel gas for the atomization of analytes.

    Determination of Arsenic in Traditional Chinese Medicine using Microwave Digestion with Flow Injection Analysis Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
    ONG Eng-Shi, YONG Yuk-Lin
    1999, 20(S1):  7-7. 
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    Arsenic present in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as uncoated tablets, sugar coated tablet,black pills, capsules/powder, syrup, etc. was determined by using microwave digestion followed by Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry (ICP/MS). The effect of chloride in the determination of arsenic using FIA ICP/MS was investigated and was found that low level of chloride present do not enhance the 75As signal significantly.

    Trace and Ultratrace Element Determinations in Geological and Environmental Samples Using a New Generation High Ion Transmission Quadrupole ICP Mass Spectrometer
    Brenner I. B., Cantle J. E.
    1999, 20(S1):  8-8. 
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    There is a continuous quest to enhance the limits of detection in ICP-MS for geoanalysis and geochemistry. Recently, a high transmission ICP-MS interface (S-mode) was designed to facilitate direct microanalysis of solids using a UV laser microprobe.

    Fractionation Effects Observed from a UV Laser Microprobe Using a New Enhanced Ion Transmission ICP-MS
    Brenner I. B., Cantle J. E.
    1999, 20(S1):  9-9. 
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    The use of laser ablation ICP-MS (LA-ICP-MS) is now an accepted technique for direct solids analysis of bulk and discrete geological and related samples. For this application there are several requirements controlling analytical performance:a. Very high sensitivity of the detector system and efficient manipulation of transient signals. b. A robust UV Nd-YAG laser capable of producing 10 micron size ablation craters with minimum fractionation effects.

    A Hydride Generation-Ultrasonic Nebulization System for Plasma Spectrometries
    SUN Da-Hai
    1999, 20(S1):  10-10. 
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    Both hydride generation (HG) techniques and ultrasonic nebulizers (USN) have been extensively applied for the determination of trace elements by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) atomic emission spectrometry or by ICP mass spectrometry. HG is actually a preconcentration system, which has good power of detection and high sensitivity for As,Se, Sb, Bi, Te,Hg, Pb, and Sn.

    Determination of Sr, Pb, Co, Ni, Cu, and Mn in Traditional Chinese Medicine “Xing Jun San” by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with Different Digestion Procedures
    LI Bo, SUN Da-Hai, ZHAO Li, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  11-11. 
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    Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs) have been used for thousands of years to cure illnesses. The therapeutic benefit of TCM for the treatment of diseases is principally based on the chemical constituents of the individual TCMs. Analysis of TCMs revealed that they were in rich in many trace elements.

    Determination of Mineral Elements in Five Traditional Chinese Medicines by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Spectrometry with Three Different Sample Digestion Methods
    WU Xi-Hong, SUN Da-Hai, ZHAO Li, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  12-12. 
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    It has been widely recognized that many mineral elements in traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) contribute to their therapeutic effects. The accurate determination of mineral elements in medicines obviously depends on the sample preparation as well as the sensitivity of the technique used for the analysis.

    Determination of Al, B and 11 Other Trace Elements in Plants by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry:Comparison of Five Different Sample Digestion Procedures
    SUN Da-Hai, JAMES K. Waters, THOMAS P. Mawhinney
    1999, 20(S1):  13-13. 
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    For accurate determination of nutritional and toxic elements in plants by means of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES), sample preparation is a critical phase. Although some procedures such as dry ashing in a muffle furnace or wet digestion with HN03-HC104 on a hot plate have been available for many years, growing interest has been focused on the use of microwave-based digestion in recent years. Compared to the classical digesting procedures, microwave digestion has some significant advantages:the digestion is carried out in closed vessels so that the contamination and the loss of volatile elements are markedly minimized; the digestion is less time consuming due to the elevated pressure and temperature within the vessels. In addition, the use of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) vessels for microwave digestion makes it both easy and safe to employ very corrosive reagents, such as HF.

    Gas-Phase Sample Introduction Techniques in Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
    NAKAHARA Taketoshi
    1999, 20(S1):  14-14. 
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    Clearly, the introduction of sample materials in the gas phase is an ideal technique for analytical atomic spectroscopy, i.e., atomic absorption, atomic emission and atomic fluorescence spectrometry.

    Spectral Interferences of Rare Earth Elements in ICP-AES with a High Resolution Sequential Spectrometer-Spectral Interferences of Eu and Gd on Other Rare Earth Elements
    SUN Zhen-Hua, SUN Da-Hai, GU Sheng, YING Hai, WANG Xiao-Ru, HUANG Ben-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  15-15. 
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    The important function and status of the rare earth elements are well known. Being a powerful tool for elemental analysis, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) has been extensively applied in the purity analysis of REEs due to its high performance. However, the spectral interferences are the major obstacle in the analysis of REEs because of the rich spectral lines of REEs. In spite of many reports about the spectral interferences of REEs, all-inclusive information is not enough to satisfy the needs of the analysis of REEs.

    Determination of Cadmium in Water Samples by Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    ZHONG Sui-Ping, TAN Xiao-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  16-16. 
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    The toxicity and harmfulness of cadmium on environment and human being are well known. The sources of cadmium pollution include electroplating operation, smelting operation, dye, battery,and the waste from chemical industry. Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS) was commonly recommended for the determination of Cd in water sample due to the rather low concentration. However, the matrix effects of the concomitants such as NaCl, CaCl2 limit the analytical accuracy of Cd by GFAAS. Chemical modifiers are usually employed to overcome the matrix effects in GFAAS.

    Analytical Applications and Fundamental Studies of Microsecond-pulse Glow Discharge Atomic Spectrometry
    SU Yong-Xuan, YANG Peng-Yuan, ZHOU Zhen, LI Fu-Min, WANG Xiao-Ru, HUANG Ben-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  17-17. 
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    Since 1970s, research works on the synthesis and studies of novel-type materials have demonstrated a dramatic interest. The physical and chemical characteristics of a new material has a fairly close relationship with the concentrations and distributions of its constitutions, especially the constitutions in the surface of material sample. In addition, the direct analysis of samples in the solid state is of particular importance for ultra-trace elemental methods, for which dissolution of the samples can usually introduce unacceptable impurities. Such an analytical requirement from material science has promoted the developments and applications of glow discharge (GD) atomic spectrometry.

    Determination of Minor Aluminum and Nickel in Brass Sample with Magnetic Field Enhanced Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
    SU Yong-Xuan, YANG Peng-Yuan, WANG Xiao-Ru, HUANG Ben-Li, REN Jian-Shi, MA Hong-Bo, CHEN Ming, ZHANG Gong-Shu
    1999, 20(S1):  18-18. 
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    Glow discharge atomic spectrometry, includes principally glow discharge optical emission spectrometry (GD-OES) and GD mass spectrometry, has been widely applied in direct solid sample determination and surface depth analysis. There have been numerous methods adopted to enhance the emission signal in a GD-OES without losing the advantage of narrow spectral lines by using what is known as boosted GD sources, especially microwave discharge and magnetic field enhanced techniques. The addition of a magnetic field to the GD volume is an attractive option because it does not require much modification to the original source configuration, in addition,the presence of magnetic field lengths the drift path of electrons from plasma region to the anode,and therefore strengthens the sputtering, excitation, and ionization processes that good for signal generation.

    The Elimination of Chloride and Sulfate Interference on Germanium in Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    FRNG Su-Ping. ZENG Li-Rong, CHEN Rong-Li, HE Gui-Hua, ZHOU-Bo
    1999, 20(S1):  19-19. 
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    The advantage of determination of trace germanium (Ge) by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry is that only a few microliter of sample is used. But the matrix interference,especially chloride ion and sulfate ion are very serious.

    Determination of Thallium in Water by GFAAS after Preconcentration with Tributyl Phosphate Extraction Resin
    LUO Jin-Xin
    1999, 20(S1):  20-20. 
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    Thallium (Tl) is a rare element, present in the earth's crust at about 3 parts per million. Since its cellular toxicity, thallium has been classed as one of the priority environmental pollutants in China, and rapid and accurate method for determining this element in fresh water and wasted water samples has received more and more interest.

    Determination of Heavy Metal Residues Content for Baby Clothes by AAS
    CHEN Jun, HUANG Xiao-Wei
    1999, 20(S1):  21-21. 
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    Heavy metals may be introduced into textile products including baby clothes from various sources, not only from metal complex dyes and textile auxiliaries, but also from various environmental contaminants though biotransformation of fibre plant or man-bred furbearing animals.

    The Determination of High Purity Niobium and Its Compounds By ICP-AES
    LU Bao-Yuan, QIU Li-Wen, YU Lei
    1999, 20(S1):  22-22. 
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    Niobium and its compounds have many uses in metallurgical, electrical,communication and a lot of high technical fields. It is necessary to set up a fast and correct analytical method, which should be suited to the requirements of products. Under normal conditions, we have to use several testing methods to determine impurity elements in niobium. It took us a tedious analytical time. On the basis of studying niobium spectral lines, we develop the analytical method of determining impurity elements Al, Cr,Cu,Fe, Mo, Ni, Pb,Si, Ta,Ti, W, Zr in high purity niobium by high-resolution sequential ICP spectrometer.

    The Study of Determining As, Sb, Bi in Geological Samples With ICP-AES
    OIU Li-Wen, YU Lei, LU Bao-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  23-23. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (58KB) ( 47 )  
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    The three elements,As,Sb,Bi, the same as Ag,Au,Cu, Hg, Mo, Pb, Sn, W,Zn,are important indicated elements in looking for gold mine, which are usually determined by atomic fluorescent spectrometer (AFS). Since the conditions of their hydride generation are different and the contents among them have no proportion relation, they can't be determined simultaneously. And because the dynamic range of AFS is narrow,the samples must be diluted or weighed again if the content of a certain element is too high or low.

    The Determination of High Purity Metal-Organic Compound By ICP-AES
    YU Lei, SUN Xiang-Zhen, FANG Hui-Qun, LU Bao-Yuan, QIU Li-Wen
    1999, 20(S1):  24-24. 
    摘要 ( 241 )   PDF (51KB) ( 59 )  
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    The MOCVD(Metal-Organic Chemistry Vapour Deposition) technology has already been important means in research and production of semiconductor membrane material at these years. The metal-organic compounds are often used to be the raw materials of MOCVD in electrical material industry. Trimethyl gallium is one of the key raw materials. By chemical characteristic, trimethyl gallium is much reactive. It is easy to explode if touches water or air. Hence, we study the safe and correct decomposition of trimethyl gallium,and also study the analytical method of determining high purity trimethyl gallium. In this paper, we developed a method of determining Al,As,Au, B, Ba, Be, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu,Fe, Ge, Hf,Hg, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sc, Si,Sn, Sr, Ta, Ti,V, Zn, Zr etc. 32 trace impurity elements in high purity Ga(CH3)3 by ICP-AES.

    Data Acquisition and Transfer System for In-situ Atomic Emission Spectroscopic Analysis
    YANG Zhi-Jun. ZHANG Zhen-Yu, LI Zhi-Ming, JIA Yun-Hai, WANG Hai-Zhou
    1999, 20(S1):  25-25. 
    摘要 ( 237 )   PDF (54KB) ( 47 )  
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    A new method of data acquisition,proceeding and data share is introduced and a data acquisition and transfer system targeting in-situ spectroscopic analysis in metallurgy is established. This system is designed for the critical control of steelmaking, which greatly requires rapid and suitable information feedback. The information includes analysis data, measurement data and controls. The analysis data are acquired from the serial port of the computer-aided spectrometers or other devices and are identified, converted and then stored to the standard database in a network server. The network is based on the Intranet structure and works on the Windows NT operation system. It supports remote access and Internet connection so that the analysis data can be shared,proceeded and developed by certified personnel throughout the network. A set of specially designed data transfer devices with display panel are used in the severe places to display real-time analysis data and other information, which are offered from the nearest workstation on the network. These devices are dust-proofed and anti-magnetic. Each device offers up to 30 terminals with the limited distance of 3000 meters at 2400 baud-rates under the industrial condition. The application program for the data proceeding is integrated to the system. It includes system security, data acquisition, data transfer, data process and display. It also includes auxiliary functions such as operation help, system's resources monitoring and other customer-defined parameters. The software's functions directly related to the system are detailed discussed. Associated with another management and control software programmed for this system,the critical control of steelmaking can be approached.

    Classification and Prediction of Geological Samples by Principal Component Analysis
    GAN Lu, LUO Li-Qiang, WU Xiao-Jun
    1999, 20(S1):  26-26. 
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    The principal component analysis is an ancient multivariate statistical method[1]. It is extensively used in spectrometry with the popularization of computer and development of the method of chemometrics. It is regarded as an effective method of multivariate statistical analysis. The principal component analysis is universally included in common program package of multivariate statistical analysis. The method, as well as other multivariate calibration methods, combined with artificial neural networks forms the foundation of the chemometrics.

    Comparison of Neural Networks and Theoretical Correction Models
    LUO Li-Qiang, WU Xiao-Jun, GAN Lu, MA Guang-Zu, YE Qingpei
    1999, 20(S1):  27-27. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (74KB) ( 64 )  
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    In x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, matrix effects have to be corrected. The empiric equations, the theoretical coefficients and the fundamental parameters can be applied in the purpose. The classical matrix correction models include mainly Lachance-Trail,Rousseau, De Jongh, Claisse-Quentin, COLA algorithms,etc. The good results can be obtained by using a number of standards or the theoretical Alpha coefficients if the range of component concentrations in samples is not very wide. When unknown samples with a wide range of concentrations are predicted, a recalculation process of the theoretical Alpha coefficients has to be made. In addition, a spline function may be chosen to split wide range in several segments.

    Application of Alternative K-Nearest Neighbor method to Classification of Alloy Samples
    Wu Xiao-Jun, LUO Li-Qiang, GAN Lu
    1999, 20(S1):  28-28. 
    摘要 ( 293 )   PDF (57KB) ( 36 )  
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    Pattern Recognition is one of main methods that can resolve structure of chemistry and classification of compounds. In chemistry, K-Nearest Neighbor method (KNN) is mostly used for recognition of compounds that are not classified by a linear method. ALKNN (Alternative KNN) is an improvement of KNN. The method is based on the classification rules which are produced by using standards and knowledge. The unknown samples are,then, classified with the aid of the rules.

    Study on Slurry Sampling Technique for the Determination of Trace Metals in Food by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    HE Gui-Hua, FENG Su-Ping, CHEN Rong-Li, ZENG Li-Rong
    1999, 20(S1):  29-29. 
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    The slurry sample introduction approach is a convenient method of solid sampling that allows the rapid and accurate determination of trace metals in foodstuffs by ETAAS. Since complex dissolution of the samples is avoided,sample handling is minimal and possible sources of contamination are reduced. Among which, preparation of suspension and optimization of the graphite furnace heating program are important. First, the samples are pulverized using homogenizer at speed lOOOOr/min. Ninety percent of the particles are less than 30um in diameter after a pulverizing period of 6min for vegetable, fruit and liver; 25min for beef and pork; 8min for cereals, which allow the preparation of stable slurries up to at least 10%. Second, suspensions are prepared in medium containing 0.15% agar as stabilizing agent, which stabilizing time is up to two days.

    Determination of Cesium, Thorium and Uranium in IAEA Standard Reference Materials by ICP-MS
    ZHANG Jing, LIU Hu-Sheng, WANG Xiao-Yan, WANG Nai-Fen
    1999, 20(S1):  30-30. 
    摘要 ( 315 )   PDF (55KB) ( 156 )  
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    The collaborative analysis of the selected biological reference materials for use in Coordinated Research Programme. A method has been presented for determination of Reference Values of Cs,Th and U in 6 Kinds of SRM including NIST-SRM 1548 and 1548a Total Diet,SRM 1486 Bone Meal,SRM 8414 Bovine Muscle Powder,SRM 1575 Pine Needles and SRM 1566a Oyster Tissue provided by IAEA useing Elan 5000 ICP-MS (P-E/SCIEX).

    Study on the Determination of Nine Trace Metal Elements in BOEING Aircraft Engine Oil by ICP-AES
    WANG Guang-Can, ZHU Guang-Hui, PENG Li, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  31-31. 
    摘要 ( 245 )   PDF (53KB) ( 67 )  
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    There are a few trace metal elements and a lot of organic matrix in aircraft engine oil. In order to decrease the disturbance of organic matrix and the loss of trace elements, the engine oil sample added with activated carbon powder (SP) is digested with dry digestion method.

    Simultaneous Determination of Eleven Impure Trace Elements in Refined Sn by ICP-AES
    WANG Guang-Can, ZHU Guang-Hui, PENG Li, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  32-32. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (52KB) ( 47 )  
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    Eleven impure trace elements in refined Sn, whose pure rate is no less than 99.99%, are determined by ICP-AES. The matrix match is applied to correct matrix disturbance.

    Nonthermal Atomization Using Atom Traps in Flame AAS
    O. Y. Ataman, N. Ertas, D. Karadeniz, M. Mahmut, S. Kumser
    1999, 20(S1):  33-33. 
    摘要 ( 195 )   PDF (69KB) ( 67 )  
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    The most sensitive atomic spectrometric technique has been ETA-AAS for many years. Recently, ICP-MS has emerged as an approach which provides even lower detection limits, but at considerably higher instrument and running costs. Flame AAS, on the other hand, is still being used widely in many laboratories in world. Therefore, alternative approaches for better sensitivity using flame AAS should be relevant and important.

    Determination of Impurity Cerium in K3Li2Nb5O15 Crystal by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
    SHI Hong-Jun, WANG Xi-Hong, LIU Hu-Sheng
    1999, 20(S1):  34-34. 
    摘要 ( 241 )   PDF (52KB) ( 52 )  
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    A method was presented for the determination by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) of Impurity Cerium in Potassium Lithium Niobate (K3Li2Nb5O15) Crystal. A standard model Perkin-Elmer/SCIEX ELAN 5000 ICP Mass Spectrometer was used. The instrument was operated at a RF power setting of 1.05 kW. A standard demountable quartz torch with 1.2mm id alumina injector tube was used with the following argon gas flow rates:nebulizer 0.84L/min,auxiliary 0.80L/min,and coolant 15.0L/min.

    The Application on Determination of Se by Continus Flow Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry in Zhangjiakou Low Se Area of China
    GE Xiao-Li. Peter Van Dael, LI Jia-Xi
    1999, 20(S1):  35-35. 
    摘要 ( 249 )   PDF (73KB) ( 46 )  
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    Selenium is an essential nutrient trace element for human with established recommended dietary intake levels for different age groups. Low Se status has been reported to be a contributing factor in a number of deficiency diseases, of which the best doucumented is Keshan disease, a cardiomyopathy occurring in certain regions of China. By now,there are still new Keshan disease patients occuring in some area of China such as Zhangjiakou district. In order to assess and monitor the selenium nutrient status in human health, it is necessary to precisely quantify selenium in environment materials especially low Se level materials. This paper reports the analysis method on determination Se in low Se grain samples by continuous flow hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry (HGAAS).

    Ligand Sensitized Flourometric Determination of Dysprosium(III) Ion Using Terephthalic Acid
    Lee Sang-Hak, Lee Yoon-Hee, Ahn Jung-Mi, Son Bum-Mok, Yang Moon-Yul, Nam Jae-Jak
    1999, 20(S1):  36-36. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (60KB) ( 54 )  
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    Several trivalent lanthanide ions are known to exhibit excellent luminescence characteristics when they are coordinated with appropriate organic ligands. Various analytical methods have been developed to determine lanthanide ions or organic compounds by taking advantage of these luminescence characteristics. The luminescence enhancement of the lanthanide ions by complexation with organic ligands has been explained on the basis of a ligand to metal energy transfer process.

    Preconcentration and Speciation of Mercury Compounds In Wastewater Using Dithizone Impregnated UHMWPE Membrane and Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatography
    Suh Jung-Kee, Cho Kyung-Haeng, Yang Moon-Yul, Park Jin-Woo, Lee Sang-Hak
    1999, 20(S1):  37-37. 
    摘要 ( 196 )   PDF (64KB) ( 186 )  
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    Mercury occurs in the environment in various forms such as elementary mercury, inorganic mercury and organic mercury. Recently,extensive damage has been caused to the environment by mercury used in a number of industrial products such as paints, preservatives, paper,pesticides and cosmetics.

    Coprecipitation Behavior of Some Metals with Chitosan and Their Determination by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    Hiroaki Minamisawa, Hiromi Kuroki, Kenji Murashima, Nobumasa Arai, Tadao Okutani
    1999, 20(S1):  38-38. 
    摘要 ( 202 )   PDF (45KB) ( 82 )  
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    Chitosan is derived from chitin by deacetylation. Chitosan forms a complex with metal ions and is soluble an organic acid. The metal ions were concentrated in the precipitates of chitosan when the sample solution containing metal ions was adjusted to neutral after the chitosan solution was added. These properties are applied to the preconcentration of metal ions in water samples and their determination by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Metal ions,such as ruthenium, indium, vanadium, strontium,rhodium were collected in the chitosan precipitates.

    Research and Applications of Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
    WU Xu-Ran, ZENG Su-Hua, LIU Kai, WANG Jing-Yun, TIAN Yu-Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  39-39. 
    摘要 ( 228 )   PDF (73KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Total reflection x-ray fluorescence (TXRF) is a fairly new element analysis method. The TXRF, due to using of total reflection, reduces greatly detection limits and thus places in a leading position in area of atomic spectroscopy. Comparing with AAS, ICP-OES,ICP-MS, NAA, SRXRF and PIXE, TXRF offers superiority combined in low detection limit, small sample mass,multielement simultaneous and non-destructive analysis,greater convenience and low cost.

    Determination of Gold Content in Geological Samples by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Method Applied after Separation of Gold by Tellurium or MIBK
    Duong Minh Due, Do Quang Oanh, Pham Luan
    1999, 20(S1):  40-40. 
    摘要 ( 290 )   PDF (77KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Research has been carried out for the application of AAS method to determine gold content in geological samples. These samples usually contain mainly metal sulfides and quartz. Gold usually occurs in the samples as native gold in free state or in joints of some other minerals. The gold grain size is usually below 0.01 mm to over 1 mm and the gold content varies from some ppb to some tens of g/t.

    Determination of Trace Metals in Air Particulate Matters by Graphite Furnace - Capacitively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry
    Y. S. Fung, S. F. Cheung
    1999, 20(S1):  41-41. 
    摘要 ( 236 )   PDF (57KB) ( 80 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In Graphite Furnace - Capacitively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry, an atmospheric pressure radio frequency helium plasma is sustained inside a graphite furnace containing a coaxially placed graphite rod antenna. Sample vaporizaiton/atomization can be separated from the excitation step. This technique combines the advantages of highly sensitive GF-AAS and the efficient plasma source for sample decomposition. Thus, it will provide a suitable technique to determine both total trace metals and different speciation of metals existing in various forms with different thermal properties. The information obtained will be useful to assess the health impact and to apportion major sources of air particulate matters.

    Synthesis and efficiency of a spherical macroporous epoxy-melamine chelating resin for preconcentrating trace elements from solutions
    GONG Bo-Lin
    1999, 20(S1):  42-42. 
    摘要 ( 207 )   PDF (53KB) ( 115 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new spherical macroporous epoxy-melamine chelating resin was synthesized simply and rapidly and used for the preconcentrating and separation of trace of Ga(III), In(III),Bi(III), Sn(IV)and Ti(IV) ions from sample solutions. The ions analyzed can be quantitatively enriched by the resin at a flow-rate of 2ml/min at pH4,and quantitatively desorbed with 10ml of 2mol/L HCl+0.2gCS(NH2)2 at a flow-rate of 1ml/min with recoveries of over 97%,The chelating resin can be reused 7times without obvious loss of efficiency.

    Determination of Cadmium in Marine Sediment by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Using a Slurry Sampling with Ultrasonic Agitation
    CHENG Xiang-Sheng, XU Ren, SU Yao-Dong, ZHANG Bing-Ru, NI Ya-Ming
    1999, 20(S1):  43-43. 
    摘要 ( 274 )   PDF (57KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It is rather trouble for the treatment of sediment before determination. Slurry sampling with ultrasonic agitation combines the advantage of both solid and liquid sampling permitting samples to be introduced easily and reproducibly into the furnace utilizing conventional pipetting technology and minimizing sample preparation time. Ultrasonic agitation has the added benefit of aiding in the extraction of many of the metals into the liquid phase of the slurry.

    Separation and Enrichment of Trace Mn(II),Co(II),Ni(II) and Cd(II) by Coprecipitation with two Carriers and Study on their Mechanism
    SU Yao-Dong. ZHANG Bin-Ru, XIA Qing, CHENG Xiang-Sheng, XU Ren
    1999, 20(S1):  44-44. 
    摘要 ( 240 )   PDF (61KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Trace Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cd(II)(2 ug/mL) were successfully coprecipitated with Copper Pyrrolidine Dithiocarbamate(Cu(II)-PDC) and Magnesium 8-hydroxyquinoline(Mg-8-QT) at pH3_6 and pH9-12 respectively and determined by FAAS. The recoveries were above 90%. 0.1-0.5 p g/ml of Co(II) and Ni(II) could also be quantitatively recovered. The study on coprecipitation mechanism by desorption methods was carried out. The results could be explained by the theory of Soft and Hard Acids and Bases (SHAB) successfully.

    Laser-Induced Shock-Wave Plasma Spectroscopy
    Hendrik Kurniawan, Kiichiro Kagawa
    1999, 20(S1):  45-45. 
    摘要 ( 246 )   PDF (77KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A study on the Laser-Induced Shock-Wave Plasma Spectroscopy (LISPS),which was developed by the present authors, has been presented. It is demonstrated that characteristic laser plasma can be produced when a pulse laser (N2 laser, XeCl excimer laser, TEA CO2 laser and Nd-YAG laser) is focused on a solid target under reduced pressures (around 1-10 Torr), and this plasma has many characteristics favorable as the source of the emission spectrochemical analysis.

    Current Figures of Merit in ICP-AES with a Special Emphasis on Limits of Detection
    J. M. Mermet
    1999, 20(S1):  46-46. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (56KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Since its introduction, ICP atomic emission spectrometry has increasingly attracted the interest of analysts and is widely used for routine elemental analysis. Some improvements in the analytical characteristics have recently appeared. These analytical characteristics can be described by using figures of merit that will reflect the quality of the analytical results,i.e. repeatability (precision) and accuracy, and of the instrument,i.e. number of elements that can be determined,selectivity (i.e. resolution),long-term stability, robustness (i.e. susceptibility to matrix effects), and limits of detection.

    The Application of ICP-MS for Non-ferrous Metals Analysis
    GAO Zhi-Xiang
    1999, 20(S1):  47-47. 
    摘要 ( 161 )   PDF (59KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    This paper reviews the current application of ICP-MS in non-ferrous metals analysis. Many analytical techniques that deal with the samples preparation,samples introduction, spectroscopic matrix interference, calibration and data treatment for non-ferrous metals analysis of ICP-MS are discussed. More and more fields such as geological,environment, biology and industry adopt ICP-MS as main analytical means for non-ferrous metals.

    The Use of Solid Permanent Modifiers for ETA-AAS
    Cor J. Rademeyer, L. de Jager
    1999, 20(S1):  48-48. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (45KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Noble metals such as iridium as well as certain other metals may be sputtered onto the inner graphite surface of a graphite tube for use as atomization surface in electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry. This is accomplished by a low pressure argon discharge process described earlier. It has also been shown previously that the use of such tubes may reduce background absorption when determining lead, cadmuim and selenium in a complex matrix such as whole blood.

    A Software Programmed by VB Computer Language for a Sequential Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer with an Intelligent Wavelength Calibration System
    WANG Yue-Song, HUANG Tu-Jiang, LIU Ke-Ling
    1999, 20(S1):  49-49. 
    摘要 ( 229 )   PDF (59KB) ( 65 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The design of a software for a sequential inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer with an intelligent wavelength calibration system (ICP-IWC) is reported in this paper.

    Determination of Sr, Zn, Cu and Fe in Licorice by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
    GAO Fa-Kui, ZHANG Shu-Wei, YANG Xiao-Hui, CUI Zheng-Hua, MIAO Xu-Hua, GAO Gui-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  50-50. 
    摘要 ( 272 )   PDF (56KB) ( 62 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Few persons determine the trace elements in the licorice by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF), because there is no standard samples of the licorice. This paper describes the method to determine Sr,Zn,Cu and Fe in licorice using XRF. The samples are ashed and then determined with the powder process. The measured results are corrected by artificial standard samples.

    Three-Dimensional Regularities of Changes of Interelement Influence in Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
    V. V. Ivanenko, V. N. Kustov, A. Yu. Metelev, A. V. Voit
    1999, 20(S1):  51-51. 
    摘要 ( 198 )   PDF (75KB) ( 158 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The insufficient energy resolution of detectors is the reason of effect of interelement influence, which reduces a precision in energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRED) with semi-conductor detectrs and new method of total external reflection (TXRF) which ensures record sensitivity - up to (10-11-10-13) g. Taking into account this effect is a necessary stage of existing analysis techniques which tend to ensure identity of composition of sample and standard or use decomposition of a multiple on components on spectra of the monostandards. However, an impossibility to achieve an absolute identity of sample composition as well as fluctuations of the energy resolution result in serious errors and do not allow to analyze and take into consideration the effect of elements not present in composition of the standards.

    Analysis of Bronze Artifacts from Anyang Site by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    ZHAO Chun-Yan
    1999, 20(S1):  52-52. 
    摘要 ( 205 )   PDF (56KB) ( 64 )  
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    Chinese bronze culture spans three dynasties, that is, Xia, Shang and Zhou. Particularly, the smelting and foundry technology reached an extraordinarily high standard, never surpassed in Shang. Ancient literature and study by modern man reveal that the Anyang site served as the capital of the dynasty for 273 years. Bronze from Anyang site are the most valuable part of the bronze culture. They occupy an important position in the history of the development of Chinese bronze culture.

    Determination of Toxic Elements in Soft Drinks by ICP-AES
    Sepeng T. W. A, Makhafola M. A
    1999, 20(S1):  53-53. 
    摘要 ( 199 )   PDF (40KB) ( 70 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The determination of toxic elements in food and beverages is very important as it has a major implication on toxicology and nutritional value. Addition of flavourings, preservatives and colourants during the manufacturing process can sometimes increase the level of toxic elements in processed food and beverages. Metal cans are most likely to also increase the level of some elements like Fe, Al, Zn and Pb through corrosion and rough handling during transporting and extended exposure to direct sunlight.

    Electrothermal Vaporization of Trace Elements via in situ Solid-Phase Reaction for Sample Introduction in Atomic Spectrometry
    Takahiro Kumamaru
    1999, 20(S1):  54-54. 
    摘要 ( 230 )   PDF (58KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrothermal vaporization (ETV) technique has been recently accepted as a sample introduction method in atomic spectrometry. The merits of this method include high introducing efficiency,applicability to microliter solution and also to sample solutions of high salinity or viscosity.

    Application to the Determination of Ecdysterone in Traditional Chinese Medicine Loulu by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Flow Injection Micro-column Pre-separation Technique
    SHUAI Pin, QIN Yong-Chao, JIANG Zu-Cheng, LI Feng, LIAO Zhen-Huan
    1999, 20(S1):  55-55. 
    摘要 ( 237 )   PDF (73KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Loulu is a traditional Chinese medicine which has obvious activities in anti-peroxidantion, anti-atherosclofosis and immunopotentintion. The pharmacological activities of ecdysterone in Loulu are in good agreement with the curative effects of Loulu. Therefore, the quantitative determination of ecdysterone in Loulu will be helpful in further researching the medicinal mechanism. The components of Loulu are very complex. Many overlapping peaks from interference will be present in chromatograms if the sample is directly determined by HPLC. So it is very important to search for a simple, rapid and effective sample pretreatment technique. Flow injection analysis, as an effective sample treatment technique, has applied in many fields. In this work, a flow injection micro-column system for the sample pretreatment coupling HPLC was proposed. Ecdysterone in.Loulu was pre-separated with the designed system, and then determined by HPLC. The separation performance, the influence factors of the pre-separation and the operation parameters of the HPLC have investigated in detail. The experimental results demonstrated that the present system is simple, efficient and no pollution. The method was applied to the determination of ecdysterone in real samples.

    The Application of Chemical Modification in Electrothermal Vaporization-inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
    HU Bin, JIANG Zu-Cheng, PENG Tian-You, QIN Yong-Chao
    1999, 20(S1):  56-56. 
    摘要 ( 220 )   PDF (67KB) ( 201 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrothermal vaporization (ETV) as a means of sample introduction for inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) has been paid great attention by many researchers since its first report in 1974. It can offer many advantages over conventional pneumatic nebulization method of sample introduction. These include:high transport efficiency, small amount sample required, low absolute detection limit and the ability to analyse both liquid and solid samples. Recent developments of this technique have been reviewed by Carey and Caruso, Hu et al and Moens et al, the authors summarized most of its crucial aspects.

    Direct Determination of Trace Impurities in Silicon Nitride by Fluorinating ETV-ICP-AES with the Slurry Sampling Technique
    PENG Tian-You, JIANG Zu-Cheng, HU Bin, LIAO Zheng-Huan
    1999, 20(S1):  57-57. 
    摘要 ( 324 )   PDF (78KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramics are of great technological importance as high-density. corrosion-and heat-resistant materials for use in high-temperature and in reactor technology.

    Determination of Heavy Metals in Waters by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Coupled with Membrane Filtration/Concentration
    Shoji Motomizu, Mitsuko Oshima, Takashi Ohsaki
    1999, 20(S1):  58-58. 
    摘要 ( 230 )   PDF (56KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Ultra trace amounts of heavy metals, such as Cu, Pb, were determined by graphite furnace-atomic absorption spectrophotometry (GF-AAS) after miniature membrane filer (MF) concentration/dissolution. Heavy metals were concentrated as pyrrolidine-dithiocarbamate (APDC) chelates on a miniature MF of which diameter was 5 mm, effec-tive filtering diameter was 2 mm and pore size was 2 μm.

    Matrix Effect in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry by Use of Water-mixed Organic Solvents
    CAO Shu-Qin, CHEN Hang-Ting, ZENG Xian-Jin
    1999, 20(S1):  59-59. 
    摘要 ( 290 )   PDF (71KB) ( 63 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A number of papers have reported the potential advantages of adding water-mixed organic solvents into the analyte solution. It is essential that understanding of the analytical behavior of adding water-mixed organic compounds into the analyte solution in ICP-MS. The purpose of this work was to determine the effect of the addition of various types of water-mixed organic solvents on the signal intensity of different ionization potential elements by ICP-MS.

    Column Chromatographic Preconcentration of Trace Copper In Environmental Water and Determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
    JU Zhen-Hai, SI Zhi-Yuan, YUE Yu-Jun, HU Hai-Jian, HE Hai-Cheng
    1999, 20(S1):  60-60. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (56KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The copper content of natural water is 3ugl-1,on the other hand, It's concentration in sea water has been found to be 0.25ugl-1. The extrely low valuel necessitate preconcentration to bring the element to a determinable concentration level.

    Determination of Antimony in Brass by On-line Hydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Alkaline Solution
    JIN Ze-Xiang, TAN Chun-Hua, LIU Guo-Zhen, TANG Zhi-Yong, QIU Hai-Ou, HU Sheng-Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  61-61. 
    摘要 ( 202 )   PDF (68KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The hydride generation(HG) technique combined with atomic spectrometry as a detection system has become one of the most powerful analytical tools for the determination of elements, such as As, Sb, Bi, Se, Te,Ge, Sn and Pb. Normally, the hydride is generated by the reaction between an acidic sample solution with tetrahydroborate. However, when some inorganic ions such as the transition metal ions are present in the reaction matrix, interference arise. Some approaches for minimizing the interference have been suggested, including the addition of various reagents such as thiourea and iron(III) solution. Interfering metals can also be removed by precipitation. The procedure involved filtration before the solution was acidified. In order to reduce the steps of the process, hydride generation from alkaline solution was described for the determination of selenium in copper and nickel materials.

    Metal-DNA Interaction in vivo and in vitro Investigation
    Ethery. S. Gelagutashvili, Alim. I. Belokobilsky
    1999, 20(S1):  62-62. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (50KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The content of various metals Ni, Cr,Cd, Pb, Fe, Cu, Mg, Ca, Zn were determined in the DNA samples from cells C3HA mice liver and ascitic hepatoma 22A by the method ICP-AES. The results are presented in Table 1.

    A Modification of the Concentric Glass Nebulizer for Analyzing High Salt Content Samples
    CHEN Shu-Yin, ZOU Jun-Cheng, GUAN Xiong-Jun
    1999, 20(S1):  63-63. 
    摘要 ( 203 )   PDF (45KB) ( 67 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The present paper introduces a new type of concentric glass nebulizer named "LB-II nebulizer". It is the modification between the LB nebulizer (1) and the Meinhard. Its out face is similar with the Meinhard, but the LB-11 nebulizer is capable of continuous operation with saturated solutions of NaCl (26.54% at 25° C) for more than 2 hours without clogging, and the stability is superior than the LB nebulizer. The argon air flowing remains constantly during the operation. Its structure is very simple in nebulizers to analysis high salt solutions by using the ICP-AES. The operating conditions are same for these two nebulizers and the results between them are shown in the table. The LB-II nebulizer can give higher signal-to-background ratios and lower detection limits than the Meinhard neblizer as shown in the table.

    HDD Detector, a New Detection System for Emission Spectroscopy Combining High Dynamic, Fast Acquisition, Continuous Spectrum
    Philippe Am Ayasse, Alain Le Marchand
    1999, 20(S1):  64-64. 
    摘要 ( 205 )   PDF (49KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Emission lines varie in intensity on a nine orders range of magnitude depending on.

    The Application of Rapid Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Method in Water Analysis and Quality Control
    WU Jia-Xiang
    1999, 20(S1):  65-65. 
    摘要 ( 209 )   PDF (41KB) ( 112 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In recent years, the principle of a modern atomization system generally called the stabilized temperature platform furnace (STPF) is able to satisfy a number of physical requirements when approaching isothermal conditions during the atomization process. Fast furnace programs, in which the drying and ashing times are minimized or the ashing step is eliminated, are attractive because they significantly shorten overall analytical time and increase analytical throughout.

    Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled On-Line with Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry for Elemental Speciation
    DENG Bi-Yang, Chan Flora Y. Y., Choi Anton K. H., CHAN Wing-Tat
    1999, 20(S1):  66-66. 
    摘要 ( 200 )   PDF (58KB) ( 57 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Capillary electrophoresis (CE) has become a powerful analytical technique for the separation of a variety of analytes ranging from small inorganic ions to large biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. A selective and sensitive detector for CE has been one of the most important and challenging prerequisites for the growth of CE. On-column UV-Vis detectors are commonly used to determine the analytes separated by CE. However, these detectors are often not very selective. Other detection techniques such as mass spectrometry, laser induced fluorescence, amperometry, and inductively coupled plasma spectrometry have been investigated to provide a more sensitive and selective detection for the target analytes. However, relatively few studies have been published on the use of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) as a means of detection in CE separation.

    Ion Exchange Sample Probe For Laser Ablation-ICP-AES
    Chau Wilson Cheuk-Fung, Chan Wing Tat, Yip Henry H. C.
    1999, 20(S1):  67-67. 
    摘要 ( 253 )   PDF (49KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An ion exchange sample probe using Ammonium Pyrrolidine Dithiocarbamate (APDC)-Polystyrene (PS) film for trace metal pre-concentration has been developed. The polymer-ligand mixture is coated onto glass plates and air-dried to form films with 10 to 20μm thick. The sample probe is immersed in the sample solution to preconcentrate metal ions onto the film. The film is then laser sampled for quantitative elemental analysis using ICP-AES. Using the ion exchange sample probe, sensitivity is enhanced.

    Investigation of Matrix Effects for Direct Determination of Trace Metals in Seawater Using Direct Sample Insertion -Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
    CHAN Wing-Tat, GONG Zhen-Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  68-68. 
    摘要 ( 214 )   PDF (63KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Direct sample insertion (DSI) technique is an alternative sample introduction method for inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES). Sample introduction efficiency of the DSI technique is 100% versus 3-5% for pneumatic nebulization and 30-40% for ultrasonic nebulization. DSI also has the ability to handle small volume (μL) of solution and small quantity (mg) of solids with little or no sample pre-treatment.

    Spectral Interferences in the Determination of REEs in Samarium and Dysprosium Matrices by High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)
    GU Sheng, YING Hai, ZHUANG Zhi-Xia, YANG Peng-Yuan, WANG Xiao-Ru, SUN Zhen-Hua, HUANG Ben-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  69-69. 
    摘要 ( 248 )   PDF (82KB) ( 60 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    There is an increasing need for sensitive, accurate and convenient analytical techniques for rare earth elements (REEs) analysis and determination with their expanding applications. Rare earth elements (REEs) are widely used in the areas of industry, agriculture and modern technologies, e.g., as growth promotion agent in agriculture,catalyst in oil refining, additives in new ceramic material and special steels, etc. It is also finding important application in nuclear industry.

    Determination of Silicon in Airborne Particulate Matter By XRF and LA-ICP-MS
    WANG Chu-Fang, TU Fang-Huang, JENG Su-Ling, CHIN Chin-Jer
    1999, 20(S1):  70-70. 
    摘要 ( 215 )   PDF (36KB) ( 54 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    This study directly analyzes Si in airborne particulate matter by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry(LA-ICP-MS) as well as X-ray fluorescence (XRF).

    Determination of Arsenic and Vanadium in Airborne Related Reference Materials By ICP-MS
    C. F. Wang, C. Y. Chang, C. J. Chin, L. C. Men
    1999, 20(S1):  71-71. 
    摘要 ( 298 )   PDF (44KB) ( 55 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    This study investigated sample digestion techniques and instrumental interference in determining As and V in airborne related reference materials using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Four reference materials, NIST SRM 1648 urban particulate matter,BCR Reference Material No. 176 city waste incineration ash, NIST SRM 2709 San Joaquin soil, and NIST SRM 1633b coal fly ash were dissolved through acid mixture high-pressure bomb digestion.

    Determination of Arsenic in Antimony Trioxide by Hydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
    WANG Xiao-Feng, HAO Yong-Chuan, ZHOU Li-Li, BAO Huan-Xin, WANG Jiao-Yu
    1999, 20(S1):  72-72. 
    摘要 ( 227 )   PDF (38KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Antimony trioxide is a very useful industrial product. There is a method of GB1467-78 to determine the impure Arsenic in it. It's very difficult to extract many times. We know that the large amount of Antimony interferes with the determination of Arsenic very seriously. Because of the different decomposition rate between hydrogen arsenide and antimonous hydride in the solution of KMn04, we can let the products of hydrogen arsenide and antimonous hydride pass through the solution of KMn04 to eliminate the antimony's interference mostly. This method is very fast and easy.

    Flow Injection Coupled Capillary Isotachophoresis to ICP-AES and On-line Determination of Metal Species
    ZHUANC Zhi-Xia, LI Qi, JIA Li, LI Bo, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  73-73. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (53KB) ( 59 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new technique for coupling capillary isotachophoresis (CITP) to Inductive coupled plasmas atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) using flow injection (FI) is developed. Great attention to CITP have been paid owing to its broad application prospect in biochemistry, clinic, pharmacy, food,environment detection and conventional ionic analysis. Its zone-boundary sharpening, large size capillary and self-concentrating effects are different from those of other electrophoretic techniques. Recently, ICP-AES/MS, as a special metal detector, has been combined with the capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE). However, in CZE system, typical sample volume and flow rate are only in the range of 0.02 - 1 μl/min and 0.2-2μl, which results in the difficult for the coupling of CZE and ICP with conventional sampling system and the obtaining enough sensitivity.

    Direct Determination of Arsenic in Natural Gasoline and Gas Condensate by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Using an in situ Absorption Technique
    ZHUANG Zhi-Xia, YAN Zhen, CHEN Bin, HONG Jiang-Xing
    1999, 20(S1):  74-74. 
    摘要 ( 322 )   PDF (48KB) ( 153 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Because arsenic poison catalysts during process operations and also is an environmental contaminant, the determination of total arsenic in natural gasoline, gas condensate and its products is of primary concern. Many methods available for the determination of arsenic require sample pretreatment and subsequent analysis on an aqueous matrix. Unfortunately, those methods could not get a satisfactory result because natural gasoline, gas condensate and its products may contain a variety of organic arsenic compounds which have lower boiling point than inorganic arsenic.

    Ionic Fluorescence Spectrometry of Rare Earth and Alkaline Earth Elements Using High Current Microsecond Pulsed Hollow Cathode Lamps As Excitation Sources and Inductively Coupled Plasma with a Conventional “Short” Torch as an Atomization Cell
    ZHANG Shao-Yu, HUANG Ben-Li, GONG Zhen-Bin, YANG Peng-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  75-75. 
    摘要 ( 227 )   PDF (72KB) ( 154 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Atomic fluorescence spectrometry (AFS) minimizes spectral overlap interference, often occurring in atomic emission spectrometry especially for such elements as rare earth elements (REEs). It has broader linear dynamic range than atomic absorption spectrometry, and is potentially a multi-element technique.

    High Current Microsecond Pulsed Hollow Cathode Lamp Excited Inductively Coupled Plasma Ionic Fluorescence Spectrometry of Eu, Yb, Ca, Sr, and Ba With an Extended-Sleeve Torch-An Update
    ZHANG Shao-Yu, HUANG Ben-Li, GONG Zhen-Bin, YANG Peng-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  76-76. 
    摘要 ( 239 )   PDF (73KB) ( 55 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Although pulsed dye laser as an excitation source for atomic fluorescence spectrometry (AFS) has been widely investigated, pulsed hollow cathode lamp (HCL) has been used in commercial instruments for this purpose for decades. Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) is a powerful atomizer for AFS, but the high temperature of the ICP causes high degree of ionization for most elements,hence HCL-ICP-AFS is usually excised at observation zones much higher than those for emission work, using a torch with an extended outer tube ("extended-sleeve") to stabilize the tail flame. Although an organic gas or solvent is usually introduced into the ICP to reduce the oxidizing effect of the entrained air in the tail flame, it is still difficult to determine refractory elements such as rare earth elements (REEs). Huang et al.reported that HCLs operated with high current microsecond pulses (HCMP) emitted intense atomic and ionic lines. Winefordner's group3 has reported high current pulsed HCL excited AFS and ionic fluorescence spectrometry (IFS),they found that the AFS detection limits (DLs) were improved for all the studied elements, but their IFS DLs were not improved except for Sr.

    Effect of Acetonitrile on Ionization and Excitation in Inductively Coupled Plasma Measured by Optical Emission Spectrometry
    LIU Jian, CHEN Deng-Yun, HUANG Ben-Li, WANG Xiao-Ru, SUN Da-Dai, ZHUANG Zhi-Xia
    1999, 20(S1):  77-77. 
    摘要 ( 206 )   PDF (83KB) ( 52 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    With the development of life science and environmental science, the increasing requirements on understanding the mechanism of trace element effects on ecology and human health become more and more obvious. The concept of "total amount of element" or its "valence" is not enough to give a satisfactory explanation about the events exactly happen in nature. As a result, metal compound speciation has become more and more important and challenging.

    Compromised Conditions for Multielement Analysis of Geological Samples Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission and Mass Spectrometry
    LIN Sou-Lin, HU Sheng-Hong, GAO Shan
    1999, 20(S1):  78-78. 
    摘要 ( 253 )   PDF (52KB) ( 153 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Inductively coupled plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) has rapidly become an established method for multielemental analysis of geological samples in the recent years, offering rapid analysis capabilities, an ability to measure most elements in the periodic table and relative straightforward sample preparation.However, it is increasingly apparent that fully quantitative measurement by ICP-MS can only be achieved provided variation in instrument sensitivity during the course of an analytical run and the introduction of different matrices be minimized or monitored and corrected for.

    Studies on the Calibration of Matrix Effects and Ployatomic Interference for Rare Earth Elements in Geochemical Samples by ICP-MS
    Hu Sheng-Hong, LIN Sou-Lin, GAO Shan
    1999, 20(S1):  79-79. 
    摘要 ( 267 )   PDF (60KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The primary factors limiting accuracy and precision using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) in the determination of rare earth elements (REE) are matrix effects and polyatomic interference. Matrix effects is non-linear and the degree of machine drift differs from one mass to the next. In general, the method to overcome non-spectroscopic matrix effects is to use matrix-matched standards. Polyatomic ions is a potential interference owing to the oxide and hydroxide formation of the light REE s (LREE),which interfere the heavy REE s (HREE) and the barium oxides of seven naturally isotopes (130-138 m/z) are also a potential source of interference. The polyatomic interference can be minimized using a knowledge of the sample matrix.

    Investigation of the Background Spectrum in ICP-MS Analysis
    YUAN Hong-Lin, LIN Sou-Lin
    1999, 20(S1):  80-80. 
    摘要 ( 291 )   PDF (46KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a highly sensitive analytical technique. Its determination limit can be lowered to 10-12 level. So the environment of the laboratory and the purity of reagents have a serious effect on the analytical results.

    On the Determination of Ultra-trace Amounts of Selenium Using the Twice Hydride Generation -Gaseous Phase Enrichment Techniques and Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
    GUO Xu-Ming, GUO Xiao-Wei, HUANG Ben-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  81-81. 
    摘要 ( 222 )   PDF (63KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Selenium is the one of the most particularly element to human health. This property has been recognized as an essential nutrient and toxicity at same time for humans. The toxicity and essential nature of Se depend on its concentration, which is within a very narrow range from 0.005 ppm to 3.0 ppm. It is strongly required often to investigate the trace selenium in order to understand the processes of elemental cycles in real samples. However,the direct determination of selenium content and chemical species is very difficult because of their extremely low concentrations and complicated characteristics. Hydride generation technique, which offers the advantages of chemical pre-separation from matrix, more efficient sample introduction, has been widely used in real sample analysis. However, except the so-called "in situ pre-concentration techniques" (trapped in graphite furnace and determined by AAS), the investigation of other gaseous phase enrichment techniques has not been noticed enough.

    Determination of Ultra-trace Amounts of Selenium by Hydride Generation- Gold Wire Collection-Atomic Spectrometry
    GUO Xiao-Wei, GUO Xu-Ming
    1999, 20(S1):  82-82. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (52KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It is well known that mercury is the only metal which can be pre-concentration by gas phase amalgamation on a suitable noble metal such as Au,Au-Pt alloy wire, and subsequently determination by AAS and AFS. By using this technique, which only required a simple accessory, the detection limit of an analytical method can be greatly improved simply by increasing the sampling volume. Unfortunately, this enrichment technique could only be applied to Hg so far.

    Co-Hydride Enhancement Effects in Cadmium, Zinc and Thallium Hydride Generation Measurements
    GUO Xu-Ming, SUN Zhen-Hua, HUANG Ben-Li, WANG Qiu-Quan, SUN Da-Hai, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  83-83. 
    摘要 ( 292 )   PDF (79KB) ( 61 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Until recently hydride generation (HG) technique had been applied to only a limited number of elements. In attempts to extend the technique to cadmium, Guo and Guo found that the presence of thiourea together with cobalt enhanced the signal intensity of the Cd volatile species. This finding was repeated and confirmed by many authors. Moreover, Ga and Si, Fe and Ni were used to improve the sensitivity for Cd determination. Recently, the vapour generation of Zn species was performed using an intermittent flow reactor by Guo and Guo,it was found that Ni and Co ions greatly enhanced the signal intensity of zinc. Early in 1984,Yan and co-works reported that the addition of hydride-forming elements, especially tellurium, "accelerated" the formation of thallium hydride rapidly, and suggested a complex hydride was formed. According to these reports, it seems that the addition of certain foreign ions has a positive effect to such elements as Cd, Zn, and Tl, which form unstable hydrides. But the mechanism of the effect of these foreign ions remains unexplained.

    The Determination of Lead in Gasoline By a Hyphenation Technology of Microwave Extraction and AAS
    SUN Xiao-Juan, ZHANG Zhi-Hong, Gan-Xue
    1999, 20(S1):  84-84. 
    摘要 ( 282 )   PDF (60KB) ( 45 )  
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    Usually, for the determination of trace concentration of lead in gasoline, a routine sample pre-treatment procedure (such as iodine monochloride method or boiled hydrochloric extraction method) is coupled with a spectrometric detector, because tetraethyl lead and tetramethyl lead were added in gasoline as a antiknock component. These methods involved, however, are often complex, time-consuming, labor-intensive and,hence, susceptible to errors and pollution. Use of microwave energy enhance extraction of organic compounds from solid matrices was reported, but, enhance extraction of organic compounds from organic matrices (in especial from the gasoline), then turning the extraction substance into an inorganic compound was not reported.

    Element Analysis of Oolong Teas from the Fujian Province by TXRF and HG-AAS
    XIE Ming-Yong, WEN Hui-Liang, Alex von Bohlen, Klaus Guenther
    1999, 20(S1):  85-85. 
    摘要 ( 254 )   PDF (54KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Oolong tea from the Fujian Province is very popular at home and abroad, especially in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. In order to elucidate the possibilities to compensate the need state of people to essential elements by the national drink,a set of samples of oolong tea from the Fujian Province were analyzed by total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF), a fairly new efficient method in the field of multielement analysis. After addition of a single internal standard element (e.g. gallium) to a solution of tea leaves digested by acid or to an acidified tea infusion, a portion of 5 μ1 was dried on a sample carrier and then analyzed by TXRF.

    Electroanalytical Chemistry
    Investigation of the Nanocrystal Cerium Oxide(CeO2)-modified Electrodes with the Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance
    Xu Bo, ZHU Guo-Yi, WU Zong-Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  86-86. 
    摘要 ( 233 )   PDF (62KB) ( 84 )  
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    The nanometer-sized crystal material has great potential application in many fields, e.g. electronics,magnetics, catalysis, luminescence,and etc. In recent years,nanocrystal material has been applied to the field of electrochemical study.

    Immunoassay For Serum Thyroxine Monitored By Enhanced Chemiluminescence
    ZHANG Wen-Yan, WANG Peng, XU Bo, ZHU Guo-Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  87-87. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (54KB) ( 63 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Thyroxine (T4),Which is an important hormone in human body,has been generally measured by radiommunoassay (RIA) in clinical laboratorys. This technique is fast and easy to perform and exhibit good precision and accuracy, but it introduces some problems mainly related with the short half-life of the tracers and the high costs of disposal of radioactive waste.

    Synthesis, Fluorescence and Electrochemistry of a New ECL-active Species
    WANG Peng, ZHU Guo-Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  88-88. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (45KB) ( 149 )  
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    Recently, there has been much interest in electrochemiluminescence (ECL) generated from tris (2,2 -bipyridine) ruthenium (II) because of its application in iinmmunoassay, nucleic acid hybridization assay, and detection of other important chemical, biochemical, and biological substances. ECL is a technique by which a chemiluminescent reaction is generated from reagents produced in the vicinity of an electrode surface when a potential is applied.

    Electrochemiluminescent Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay
    ZHU Guo-Yi, WANG Peng
    1999, 20(S1):  89-89. 
    摘要 ( 194 )   PDF (65KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) is a technique by which a chemiluminescent reaction is generated from reagents produced in the vicinity of an electrode surface when a potential is applied. ECL methods have more significiant advantages over more convential chemiluininescent techniques. In particular, the necessary reactants are produced in situ at a given electrode, enabling the reaction to be controlled through small changes in the applied potential. Furthermore, since light emission is located only in the immediate vicinity of the electrode surface, light colletion is not only efficient but facile.

    A Study of Polarographic Adsorption Catalytic Wave of Trace Amounts of Yttrium
    Xu Shi-Xue, GAO Jian-Guo, XIE Xiao-Tian, XIAO Yi-Ling
    1999, 20(S1):  90-90. 
    摘要 ( 212 )   PDF (44KB) ( 90 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Determination of single rare earth element is relatively difficult since the properties of rare earth elements are so similar. Determination of trace amounts of yttrium in rare earth ores by adsorption catalytic polarographic has not been reported. In this paper, after several experiments, it is found that in NH3-NH4CL buffer solution which pH 9.2,yttrium, pyrocatechol violet(PV), 1.lO-phenanthroline(phen) and cetyltrimethylammniu bromide-(ClMAB) may form stable tetrabasic complex, which can produce penetrating and sensitive adsorption catalytic polarographic wave on multiple functional polarograph of PAR 384B-4.

    A Graphite Coated Membrane Electrode in Drug Analysis
    GUO Yong-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  91-91. 
    摘要 ( 214 )   PDF (46KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    This paper describes the preparation of a graphite electrode coated with membrane containing the dibutyl phthalate (or dioctyl phtalate) as the plasticizer and poly (vinyl chloride) as the polymer matrix.The test has shown this coated membrane graphite electrode can be used as a indicator electrode in potentionmetry is accurate, precise and sharp end-point jump when titrate drugs with sodium tetraphenbor. This method is more simple and convenient and rapid than the pharmacopoeia method.

    Determination of Low Cyanide Levels Using a Deposited-on-Wire Silver/Silver Selenide Electrode
    Hoai Anh Nguyen-Ba, Thanh Nguyen-Phuoc
    1999, 20(S1):  92-92. 
    摘要 ( 329 )   PDF (65KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Because of extreme toxicity, cyanide is important in water quality control,and cyanide-selective electrode method is one of the best methods for fast determination of cyanide content. In this paper, a silver/silver selenide electrode is prepared quickly by holding a silver wire in vapours of molten selenide. The electrodes were tested in following steps.

    Potentiometric Titration of Polyelectrolyte and Heterogeneous Systems
    SVETLANA Yu. Bratskaya, ALEXEY P. Golikov
    1999, 20(S1):  93-93. 
    摘要 ( 246 )   PDF (58KB) ( 54 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new method for processing acid-base potentiometric titration curves has been suggested. This method of density functions (MDF) uses integral description of acid-base equilibria in a system under study to calculate acidity constant spectra of polyelectrolytes, sorbents and any other polyfunctional objects. MDF can be considered as a method of pK-spectroscopy but it is more accurate and reliable than others, since the regularization method is used to solve the main integral equation of MDF. The main equation is derived from equations of material balance and electroneutrality and does not include any value that can not be measured at the potentiometric titration except the density function. When the main equation is solved we have all information about a system under study:number of components or functional group types; their acidity constants and concentrations in a chosen range of pK.

    Catalytic Kinetic Polarographic Determination of Trace Amount of Indium
    ZHU Hua-Yu, WANG Shou-Qing, XIN Yan-Huai, JIANG Xiu-Quan
    1999, 20(S1):  94-94. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (57KB) ( 37 )  
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    The method of polarography for determination of trace In(III) had been reported by reference(l-2), However, The method of catalytic kinetic polarography has not been reported. Author discovered that trace indium(III) cold catalyze the discoloring oxidizing reaction of methyl orange by potassium bromate in 0.03mol/L H2SO4——0.25mol/L NH3.H2O supporting electrolyte, methyl orange exhibits a sensitive polarography wave at -0.45V(vs.SCE), The change in methyl orange concentration is traced by polarography. Hence, a new catalytic kinetic polarography method for determination of trace indium has been established. The method was used to determined trace indium in pure metallic zine with satisfactory results.

    A New Fentanyl-Selective Electrode and Its Application to Pharmaceutical Analysis
    PENG Li-Juan, WEN Meng-Liang, WANG Chang-Yi, XIONG Jie
    1999, 20(S1):  95-95. 
    摘要 ( 236 )   PDF (49KB) ( 48 )  
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    Fentanyl is a controlled substance (opiate) listed in the US code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Part 1308,12(1987). It may be habit forming. Various methods have been developed for its determination,e.g. GC-MS,HPLC,RIA, ELISA,etc. Although potentiometric membrane sensors have been widely used in pharmaceutical analysis,no data has so far been reported for determination of fentanyl by potentiometric membrane sensors.

    An Interfacial Voltaic Cell for End Point Detection in Complexometric Titration of Metal Ions
    LI Yi-Qing, PENG Li-Juan, WEN Meng-Liang. WANG Chang-Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  96-96. 
    摘要 ( 240 )   PDF (43KB) ( 43 )  
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    An interfacial voltaic cell was firstly described by B. Waligra et al for the potentiometric titration of alkaloids in non-conducting solution.Our group had developed an improved one for the potentiometric titration of various alkaloids and their salts as well as pharmaceutical preparations,organic acids inorganic acids and bases. It had also been used as an end-point indicator for the potentiometric redox titration, and precipimetric titration.

    Potentiometric Sensor Based on Thebaine-Reineckate Ion Association as Electroacitve Material for Thebaine Assay
    LI Yi-Qing, WEN Meng-Liang, WANG Chang-Yi, XIONG Jie
    1999, 20(S1):  97-97. 
    摘要 ( 240 )   PDF (49KB) ( 52 )  
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    Thebaine is one of the five major alkaloids of opium. It is a controlled substance (opiate) listed in the US code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Part 1308,12(1985).Various methods have been developed for its determination, e.g. GC,HPLC, TLC, RIA, CZE, spectrometry, etc. Although potentiometric membrane sensors have been widely used in pharmaceutical analysis, no data has so far been reported for determination of thebaine by potentiometric membrane sensors.

    Bacteria-Based Sensor for Monitoring Glycerol
    LIU Zhi-Hua, WEN Meng-Liang, SHI Nan-Hua, WANG Chang-Yi, LIU Shi-Qing, QIAO Ming
    1999, 20(S1):  98-98. 
    摘要 ( 226 )   PDF (56KB) ( 216 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Biosensors are useful for determination of many organic compounds. The biosensors based on the microorganism are promising analysis tools in terms of their cost, convenience, and applications.

    Electrochemical Behavior of Captopril on Mercury Electrode
    ZHU Shi-Min, YANG Zhen
    1999, 20(S1):  99-99. 
    摘要 ( 170 )   PDF (67KB) ( 147 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Captopril (Chemical name:[2s]-[3-mercapto-2-methyl-propionyl]-L-proline; Abbriviation:RSH) is a drug used in treatment of hypertension. In this paper, the electrochemical behavior of RSH has been studied by CV,CSV and electrocapillarity on Hg electrodes.

    A New Type of Microelectrode-Ag-Hg(Film) Ring Electrode
    JIANG Li-Ping, CAI Run-Mei, YU Jun-Sheng, ZHANG Zu-Xun
    1999, 20(S1):  100-100. 
    摘要 ( 236 )   PDF (59KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In this paper, a new method for preparing Silver-Mercury(film) Microring Electrodes (SMRE) by chemical plating is presented. The cyclic voltammetric responses of benzoquinone on SMRE have been studied in detail. The results show that the reduction of benzoquinone in Mcllvaine buffer(pH=7.0) is a one-electron reversible reaction. Values of n and D0 determined agree with those obtained by other electrochemical methods found in literature.

    Preparation and Application of All Solid State Tramadol Selective Electrode
    YU Qiu-Hong, YUE Jing-Li, LI Dong-Hui, ZHAO Gui-Zhi, SHI Wei An, Li-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  101-101. 
    摘要 ( 186 )   PDF (55KB) ( 53 )  
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    Hydrochloric Tramadol is a safe effective and not addictive emollient, the methods to gauge the quantity of it are Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry,HPLC, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and so on.

    Preparation of Mercury-Mmercurous Sulfate Reference Electrode and Its Analytical Application on Determination of Penicillin Antibiotics
    LIU Wei, WANG Guo-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  102-102. 
    摘要 ( 169 )   PDF (58KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Penicillin antibiotics are the most important anti-infective drugs that widely used in clinic. Hence, the analysis and determination of the drugs is of importance in the quality control. There have been a lot of methods related to the determination of the drugs, among which potentiometric titration is the best one because of its simplicity, low cost and easy to realize automatic titration.

    Polarographic and Voltammetric Behavior of Complex of Pefloxacin with Manganese
    LIAN Jun, LI Xiang-Jun, ZHANG Yong, PAN Jing-Hao
    1999, 20(S1):  103-103. 
    摘要 ( 171 )   PDF (53KB) ( 72 )  
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    Pefloxacin(PEFX) is an antibacterial agent of the fluoroquinolone group with a broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and has been widely used in clinical therapy. Many papers are reported that the reduction in antimicrobial activity and the decrease in bioavailability of pefloxacin with antiacids and other drugs, that has been attributed to the complex of fluoroquinolone with metal ions commonly found in antiacids and vitamin preparations.

    Preparation and Application Ion-Selective Electrode of Lomefloxacin
    L, AN Jun, LI Xiang-Jun, ZHANG Yong, PAN Jing-Hao
    1999, 20(S1):  104-104. 
    摘要 ( 271 )   PDF (58KB) ( 46 )  
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    Lomefloxacin is an antibacterial agent of the 4-quinolone group with a broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and has been widely used in clinical therapy⑴.Many methods have been used to determine Lomefloxacin, including UV-V1S, HPLC,fluorimetry. The aim of this paper is to report the preparation and the performance characteristics of lomefloxacin PVC coated carbon rod electrode.

    Electrochemistry Behavior of Hydroxyethylrutin and its Analytical Application
    LI Xiang-Jun, LIU Shu-Qing, QIAO Jie, PAN Jing-Hao
    1999, 20(S1):  105-105. 
    摘要 ( 335 )   PDF (60KB) ( 37 )  
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    Hydroxyethylrutin is also called Venoruton,abbreviated as HER, it has been used for curation of arteriosclerosis, heart disease etc. The determination method of HER is few, the determination of HER by electrochemistry method has not been reported.

    Study and Application on Vitamin-Cyclodextrin Supramolecules
    DING Zhen-Ming, SUANG Shao-Min, PAN Jing-Hao
    1999, 20(S1):  106-106. 
    摘要 ( 278 )   PDF (64KB) ( 181 )  
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    Cyclodextrins(CDs) have been used in many fields due to their inclusion properties. The formation of complex can improve physical and chemical properties of many drugs. The interesting of investigation on inclusion complex of vitamins with CDs is increasing. Some studies about vitamin-CD complex have been reported. In the paper, we review these studies citing 25 literatures.

    Electrochemical Determination of the Energy Level of Organic Electroluminescent Materials
    SONG Wen-Bo, CHEN Xu, JING Yan-Xia, LIU Ying, LU Nan, XU Hong-Ding, TIAN Wen-Jing, WU Fang, MA Yu-Guang
    1999, 20(S1):  107-107. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (72KB) ( 109 )  
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    The studies of energy level of organic/polymeric (organic) systems play a key role in organic light emitting devices (LED). Investigating of energy level not only involves determination of the band gap (Eg) of organic materials, but also involves determination of the absolute energy positions of the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) and the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO). The most widely used method for determination of the band gap values of organic materials is optical absorption spectroscopy,however, this method can not provide the absolute band edge positions of ELUM0 and EHOMO. Quantum chemical calculations (such as VEH) can also provide the values of Eg and EH0M0, but it is usually complicated and time-consuming. The photoemission analysis has also been investigated recently for determining the HOMO position of organic systems, however, the high price of the determination systems by this method leads to the limitation to use of it.

    The Template-based Synthesis of the Polypyrrole Microtubules and the Fabrication of Xanthine Oxidase Electrode
    MIAO Yu-Oing, MING Qi, WANG De-Yu, YUAN Chun-Wei
    1999, 20(S1):  108-108. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (44KB) ( 39 )  
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    Immobilization of enzyme on an electrode allows us to employ relatively simple electrochemical methods to detect the trace components of biological systems. To avoid leakage of the enzyme and decrease in its activity, suitable methods of immobilization must be developed121. Here, we report the synthesis of polypyrrole(PPy) microtubules and fabrication of xanthine oxidase electrode.

    Chiral Amino-Acid Electrode for the Determination of D-Alanine
    ZHU Jia-Xie, XU Jin-Rui
    1999, 20(S1):  109-109. 
    摘要 ( 203 )   PDF (55KB) ( 132 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The determination of D- or L-amino-acids is important in several applications.This paper describes the preparation and evaluation of a chiral amino-acid electrode, which consists of an ammonia gas sensing electrode and a slice of pig-kidney containing D-amino-acid oxidase.

    Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Ascorbic Acid at the Polyalanine Modified Glassy Carbon electrode and its Determination
    ZHANG Hai-Li, YE Yong-Kang, WAN Qi-Jin, XU Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  110-110. 
    摘要 ( 219 )   PDF (57KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Ascorbic acid (AA) is a vital component in the diet of humans and is known to take part in several biological reactions. The investigation and determination of AA has therefore always been of interest for chemists. There is a higher overpotential for the bare electrode, because the product of AA oxidized is a surface fouling to the electrode. There are some electrocatalytic oxidation and determination of AA at the chemically modified electrode (CME). In this paper,we describe the improved voltammetric behavior of AA and its determination at a polyalanine CME.

    Linear Sweep Voltammetic Determination of Trace Lead Ion at Acid Chrome Blue K Modified Solid Paraffin Wax Carbon Paste Electrode
    ZHANG Hai-Li, YE Yong-Kang, WAN Qi-Jin, XU Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  111-111. 
    摘要 ( 195 )   PDF (63KB) ( 59 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Acid chrome blue K (ACBK) is a kind of indicator in coordinate titration. On mercury electrode simultaneous determination of trace cobalt and nickel in ACBK solution by 2.5th differential stripping voltammetry has been reported.But in positive potential ranges mercury electrodes would not be used because of oxidation of the electrode material. Carbon paste electrode (CPE) had been invented in an attempt to prepare a dropping, renewable electrode that could be used in positive potential ranges where mercury electrodes are not applicable. This type of electrode could be modified with other materials easily, and then we can obtain various chemically modified CPE. We can modify CPE chemically by using ACBK. Metal ions will be accumulated to form ACBK-Mn+ complex by open circuit on the electrode surface, then through electrochemical method the complex will be detected. ACBK is a soluble material, if use a liquid binder such as mineral oil, it will be washed off easily, but we use solid paraffin wax as binder,then the CPE was very stable in solution.

    The Electrochemical Properties of Potassium Hexaxynofferate Doped Polyaniline Modified Electrode
    WAN Qi-Jin, WANG Gang, ZHANG Hai-Li, ZOU Xin-Ping, XU Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  112-112. 
    摘要 ( 175 )   PDF (59KB) ( 84 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Polyaniline.(PAn) has many excellent characters, such as conductivity, catalysis and is easy to generate. The character of able to dope with functional group makes PAn attract more and more attention in the electrochemical and electroanalytical chemical field.

    The Electrochemical Properties of Polyalizarin Violet Modified Electrode and its Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Ascorbic Acid
    WANG Gang, WAN Qi-Jin, ZHANG Hai-Li, ZOU Xin-Ping, XU Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  113-113. 
    摘要 ( 212 )   PDF (66KB) ( 70 )  
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    Ascorbic acid is a vital vitamin in the diet of human and is present in mammalian brain. However, it is always too difficult to determine this compound electrochemically by direct oxidation at a conventional electrode because of the fouling by its oxidation products. In order to resolve this problem, a multitude of polymeric coating for a wide variety of electrode applications in electrochemistry have been purposed In this paper, we reported the fabrication of polyalizarine violet chemical modified electrode prepared by electropolymerization directly at a glassy carbon electrode and its use in catalytic oxidation of AA.

    Voltammetric Determination of Dopamine in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid Using Polycarminic Acid Film Coated Carbon Fiber Cylinder Microelectrode
    WAN Qi-Jin, WANG Gang, ZHANG Hai-Li, YU Jiu-Hong, XU Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  114-114. 
    摘要 ( 180 )   PDF (58KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Dopamine ((3,4-dihydroxyphenyl) ethylamine, DA) is an important neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system (CNS). Recently, investigations on the measurement of DA have attracted much attention. Ascorbic acid (AA), however, usually coexists together with DA in mammalian body and their oxidative potential are very close. Therefore, the measurement of DA in vivo is always interfered with AA. In this paper, we reported the polycarminic acid (PCA) film coated carbon fiber cylinder microelectrodes. This film tends to exclude the interference of big anions such as AA but selectively responds to big cations such as DA.

    Preparation of Microsensors Modified with an Electropolymerized Film of (1.10——Phenanthroline)Nickel(II) and Its Application in the Determination of Nitric Oxide(NO)
    LI Ping, HE Xin-Cun, MO Jin-Yuan, CAI Pei-Xiang
    1999, 20(S1):  115-115. 
    摘要 ( 194 )   PDF (62KB) ( 47 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Biologically, Nitric Oxide(NO) was first characterized in 1987 as an endothelial-derived relaxing factor.It regulates vascular tone, acts as a neuronal signal in the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system.

    Electrochemical Detection of Capillary Electrophoresis and Its Data Processing using Spline Wavelet Least Square
    ZHENG Xiao-Ping, MO Jinyuan, XIE Tian-Yao, YANG Xiao-Yun, LIU Wen-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  116-116. 
    摘要 ( 171 )   PDF (67KB) ( 57 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In this paper, two new electrochemical detection for capillary electrophoresis and its data processing by spline wavelet least square have been presented. An new type of on-column conductometric detection was assembled. A photo-couple separator was adopted in order to eliminate the influence of high voltage.

    Determination of Sulfamethoxazol by Oscillopolarographic Kinetic Method
    ZHAO Gui-Rong, ZHANG Xiao-Mei
    1999, 20(S1):  117-117. 
    摘要 ( 250 )   PDF (55KB) ( 137 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The time difference (y) between the reaction of sulfamethoxazol with Br2 and the reaction blank solution with Br2 is directly proportional to the nascent concentration of sulfamethoxazol (C), a little surfeit of Br2 can make a slot on oscillogram of trace platinum-platinum electrodes. The slot can be used to indicate end point. In this paper, a new method for the determination of sulfamethoxazol is developed on the basis of the combination oscillography and kinetic analysis. This method is sensitive, simple, fast and no interference from solution color and precipitation.

    Anion-Selective Membrane Electrodes Based on Polymer-supported Metalloporphyrins
    Kum-Chul Oh, Insook Rhee Paeng, Ki-Jung Paeng
    1999, 20(S1):  118-118. 
    摘要 ( 182 )   PDF (33KB) ( 47 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Prepared polystyrene pyridine copolymer supported metallo-protoporphyrin IX structures (MPPIX-PSP4) were applied as an ionophore for ion selective electrodes.

    Research on Electroanalytical Chemical Methods for Trace Metal Speciation in Sea Water Samples
    Trinh Xuan Gian, Le Lan Arih, Le Duc Liem
    1999, 20(S1):  119-119. 
    摘要 ( 183 )   PDF (62KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Since bioavalability of a trace metal in natural waters is affected by its chemical forms, the speciation of a trace metal becomes more and more important in environmental chemistry. Differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry (DPASV) titration procedures are developed and applied to identify organic trace metal species of copper (Cu), lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) in sea water and to determine their complexing capacity.

    Investigation for Differentiation of Bounding Strength Of Metals in Sediments
    Trinh Xuan Gian, Pham Gia Mon, Vu Due Loi
    1999, 20(S1):  120-120. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (34KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Only part of the metal present in sediments are involved in short-term geochemical processes and/or are bioavailable. Hydrous Fe- and Mn-oxides as well as organic matter partly as coatings on films on detail grains, are important substances for the interaction with dissolved metal species in aquatic systems.

    Solvent-Processible Polymer Membrane-Based Reference Electrodes for Miniature Chemical Sensors
    Geun Sig Cha, Hyo Jung Yoon, Sung Dong Lee, Gang Cui, Hakhyun Nam
    1999, 20(S1):  121-121. 
    摘要 ( 214 )   PDF (51KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    We have recently developed a new type of liquid junction-free reference electrode that is suited for fabrication of miniature ion sensor devices. The proposed reference electrode system employs a solvent-processible polymer membrane, and the best performance membrane so far is formulated with an aromatic type polyurethane,synthesized with 4,4'- methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate) and poly(tetramethylene ether glycol).

    The Investigation of Non-linear Calibration Problem in A.C. Oscillographic Chronopotentiometry with Artificial Neural Network
    YU Ke-Qi, DONG She-Ying, ZHANG Si-Chun, GAO Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  122-122. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (52KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A.C oscillographic chronopotentiometry(ACOC) is a novel method developed in recent years. This method is a type of current(i=id+iosinωt) controlled electrochemical technique, in which three kinds of curves are usually employed:E-t, dE/dt-t and dE/dt-E.

    Theoretical And Experimental Investigation on the Alternating Pulse Current Technique for Chronopotentiometric Stripping Analysis
    YU Ke-Qi, HU Jie, TANG Hong-Sheng, GAO Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  123-123. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (62KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Potentiometric stripping analysis (PSA) and chronopotentiometric stripping analysis (CPSA) have been attracted attention as useful means for the trace analysis since the first publications of Jagner,etc. However, the sensitivity of the two techniques is limited.

    Electrocatalytic Reduction of Dioxygen at Co(II) Complexes Supported Carbon Electrode
    Sun-Young Cho, Jong-Ki Park, Yong-Kook Choi
    1999, 20(S1):  124-124. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (62KB) ( 42 )  
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    Phthalocyanines or porphyrins of cobalt and iron are known as effective catalysts of oxygen reduction. Carbon based electrodes are modified by.the adsorption of these macromolecular compounds, which mediate the electron transfer. Oxygen is reduced to hydrogen peroxide and/or water at these modified electrodes via a two- or four- electron transfer reaction.

    The Electrochemistry of Viologens with Various Alkyl Substituents and The Dimerization of Their 1e- Reduced Species in the Absence and Presence of Various Cyclodextrins
    Chongmok Lee, Joon Woo Park, II Cheol Jeon
    1999, 20(S1):  125-125. 
    摘要 ( 278 )   PDF (48KB) ( 64 )  
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    We present EQCM study for the electrochemical behavior of various 1-methyl-1'-alkylvilogen (C1CnV:n=1, 7-10, 12, 14,16, 18). In some viologens, we discussed the mechanism of CD-induced comproportionation reaction as well as electrodeposition pathway based on the EQCM and the spectroelectrochemical experimental results.

    Potentiometric Titration of Some Sulphide Forming Ions by Dithiopyrilmethane
    Petrov B. I.. Scherbakova L. V., Chebotarev V. K., Iljina Ye. G., Galkina I. V., Skirdova N. I., Nevskaya N. V.
    1999, 20(S1):  126-126. 
    摘要 ( 215 )   PDF (57KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Dithiopyrilmethane (DTPM) is the sulphur containing derivative of pyrazolone. This reagent forms active mono- or biprotonated form giving stable, often colored complexes with sulphide forming metal ions. It is the most common that the reagent as a bidentate neutral ligand exists in these complexes giving cation or neutral complexes. This reagent is used in spectrophotometric and extractive spectrophotometric methods of analysis of sulphide forming metal ions.

    Disulfodithiooxamide as a New Potentiometric Titrant
    Chebotarev V. K., Parneva T. V., Cherdantseva L. E., Iljina Ye. G. Mosunova, A. E., Nevskaya N. V., L. V. Scherbakova, VyatkinaN. G.
    1999, 20(S1):  127-127. 
    摘要 ( 181 )   PDF (58KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Dithiooxamide and derivatives are widely used in analitical chemistry. They are sulfur-containing analitical reagents and form stable chelated compounds with sulfide forming metal ions. Reagents of this class are used in spectrophotometric methods of analysis and potentiometric titration.

    Prediction of Potentialities and Practical Using of Potassium Diheptyldithiophosphate as a Potentiometric Titrant
    Chebotarev V. K, Nevskaya N. V., Chigirintsev V. D., Voronkina I. V., Scherbakova L. V., Iljina Y. G., Parneva T. V., VyatkinaN. V.
    1999, 20(S1):  128-128. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (52KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Only one of the dithiophosphoric acid derivatives was used for potentiometric titration before our investigation. It was nickel diheptildithiophosphate which was used for the cupric ions determination. Reagents of this class form difficulty soluble complexes with sulphide forming ions.

    The Influence of Electroactive Addition on Increasing of Determination of Sulfur-containing Compounds by Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry
    Levtes E. A., Gluhova N. A., Medvedeva I. A..
    1999, 20(S1):  129-129. 
    摘要 ( 237 )   PDF (44KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    One of the actual problem now is the protection of surroundings. Method of stripping voltammetry (IV) find wide application for control of microadmixture in different object thanks to relative simplicity of equipments, expressivity and economicity.

    In-situ Monitoring of the Porous Silicon Formation by Electrochemical Impedance Techniques and Its Spectroscopic Characteristics
    Kyung-Ku Kim, Sun-il Mho
    1999, 20(S1):  130-130. 
    摘要 ( 204 )   PDF (47KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Efficient visible photoluminescence of porous Si is observed on highly porous material, which is currently attributed to quantum confinement effects of the carrier in nanometric sized silicon wires or dots. In this work, the growth of porous silicon layer has been monitored using electrochemical impedance technique.

    Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Analysis on the Electrochemical Deposition of Lead Dioxide in Acidic Medium
    Byung Chun An, In-Hyeong Yeo, Sun-il Mho
    1999, 20(S1):  131-131. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (45KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrochemical deposition of pure lead dioxides and modified lead dioxides incorporated with As(V) on a gold electrode was investigated by cyclic voltammetric, in-situ electrochemical impedance spectroscopic, and reflective UV-vis spectroelectrochemical techniques. The focus was given to analyze electrochemical impedance spectroscopic data obtained under various deposition conditions, i.e.,different deposition potentials.

    Electrochemical Recognition of Amino Acids with Chiral Selective Molecular Sensors
    T. Nagaoka, Z. Chen, Y. Zhou, D. B. Anandrao
    1999, 20(S1):  132-132. 
    摘要 ( 208 )   PDF (37KB) ( 74 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Until the 1970 the separation and selective detection of enantiomers were difficult analytical tasks. This situation has changed with the advent of host-guest chemistry,which makes it feasible to design the size and shape of host binding sites for specific recognition of a certain guest molecule.

    Diagnostic Applications of Electrochemical DNA Biosensor
    Masamichi Nakayama, Hiroshi Irie, Yoshiki Katayama, Mizuo Maeda, Toshihiro Ihara, Koji Nakano
    1999, 20(S1):  133-133. 
    摘要 ( 203 )   PDF (70KB) ( 49 )  
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    The replication of DNA and its transcription to RNA is one of the most remarkable examples of molecular recognition-a single-stranded DNA molecule seeks out for and hybridizes with its complementary strand. On the other hand,double-stranded DNA can interact with various molecules and ions, eg. intercalation and binding of repressor proteins. Thus, DNA can be considered as a 'receptor' in the analytical sense and should find ways in biosensor applications. From this viewpoint,we have been investigating an electrochemcial DNA biosensor based on an immobilization chemistry of DNA onto an electrode surface. In the present paper, we will report two examples of diagnostic applications of the DNA biosensor.

    Direct Electrochemistry of Cytochrome c Covalently Immobilized on ω-Carboxyalkanethiol Monolayer Electrode and its Biosensor Applications
    Koji Nakano, Tadateru Yoshitake, Kenji Doi, Yasunori Yamashita
    1999, 20(S1):  134-134. 
    摘要 ( 193 )   PDF (73KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The study of direct electron transfer (ET) between solid electrodes and proteins or enzymes has been attracting considerable research interest for several decades since it represents a basic feature for the application of biocatalysts in chemical sensors and other electrical devices. We have been focusing our research interest on the use of SAMs for the study of diffusionless, direct electrochemistry of cytochromes. In the present paper, we report electrochemistry of cytochrome c covalently immobilized on ω-carboxyalkanethiol monolayer electrodes. A carboxylic acid terminated monolayer was utilized to provide an uniform surface for attaching cytochrome c, and characterization of the redox reaction of the protein was made with using cyclic voltammetric and electrochemical impedance measurements.

    Determination of Captopril by Single Sweep Oscillopolarography
    ZHONG Shui-Zhen, WU Ying, SHI Xiao-Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  135-135. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (66KB) ( 45 )  
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    Captopril (CPT)(l-[2(s)-3-mercapto-2-methyl-l-oxopropyl]-L-proline) is an angiotensin converting-enzyme inhibitor. It has been reported that CPT can be determined by liquid chrornatography, Ultra-violet spectrophotometry, and gas chromatographic-mass spectrometry. In this paper the polarographic behavior of CPT were studied on a JP-2 oscillopolarograph and a BAS-100A Electrochemical Analyzer. A sensitive analytical method of CPT is obtained. It has been applied to quantitative analysis of CPT tablet with satisfying results.

    Chemically Stripping Analysis of Copper with Modified Graphite Paste Electrode
    RUAN Xiang-Yuan, BAI Yan, FENG De-Xiong
    1999, 20(S1):  136-136. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (67KB) ( 58 )  
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    Modified electrodes have been popularly used in electroanalysis. Chemically stripping analysis (CSA) with modified electrodes, however, was few in past years⑴.In this paper, we present a new method for determination of copper, chemically stripping analysis with glutathione modified graphite paste electrode (GMGPE).

    Determination of Trace Levels of Medroprogesterone Acetate in the Presence of KIO3 by Adsorptive-Catalytic Stripping Voltammetry
    KANG Xiao-Feng, SONG Jun-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  137-137. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (62KB) ( 33 )  
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    A adsorptive-catalytic stripping voltammetry has received considerable attention in recent years. However,the method has been used to only a limited extent of inorganic ions. And no method for organic compounds has been reported so far. In this paper,the adsorptive properties of Medroprogesterone Acetate(MPA) on a hanging mercury electrode and the mechanism of catalytic wave in the presence of KIO3 were studied. A new sensitive adsorptive-catalytic stripping voltammetry for the determination of MPA is proposed based on the combination of adsorptive accumulation of MPA with the regeneration of the reactant MPA by the homogeneous catalytic reaction between KIO3 and intermediate radical HMPA formed in the reduction process of MPA. The dual amplification resulting from adsorptive-catalytic effects produces excellent sensitivity. The adsorptive-catalytic stripping process of MPA differs from inorganic ions in catalytic mechanism. The catalytic current is produced by the chemical reaction between KIO3 and HMPA, instead of the catalytic current of complexation produced at the mercury electrode surface.

    Studies on the Polarographic Catalytic Wave of Cinnamic Acid-Bu4NBr-H2O2 System
    KANG Xiao-Feng, DONG Yan-Hua, SONG Jun-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  138-138. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (67KB) ( 55 )  
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    A new-type of polarographic catalytic wave of organic compound,the polarographic catalytic wave of cinnamic acid (CA) in the presence of tetra-butylammonium bromide (Bu4NBr) and H2O2, is reported based on the combination of the reduction current of adsorbed CA induced by Bu4NBr with the catalytic current of CA caused by H2O2. The dual enhancement of both Bu4NBr and the oxidizing agent H2O2 on the polarographic current of CA produces excellent sensitivity.

    Polarographic Catalytic Wave of Organic Compound-Polarographic Catalytic Wave of Puerarin in the Presence of KIO3
    KANG Xiao-Feng, DONG Yan-Hua, SONG Jun-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  139-139. 
    摘要 ( 169 )   PDF (63KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The occurrence of a catalytic effect in polarography was first discovered by Wiesner.The effect involves the regeneration of the reactant by the addition of a powerful oxidizing agent to the analyte solution. This regeneration will increase the concentration of the reactant around the electrode, thereby giving a larger current response. So far the hydrogen catalytic waves of protein and the catalytic wave of inorganic ions have been extensively investigated. Besides the hydrogen catalytic wave of protein, Catalytic effect for organic compounds are rare.

    Study on the Na+ Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (I)
    LIU Ya-Qiang, LI Xian-Wen, HUANG Qiang
    1999, 20(S1):  140-140. 
    摘要 ( 186 )   PDF (50KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    As active material, crown ether and macrocyclic compounds has been widely used in the preparation of ionic selective electrodes to determine the concentration of metallic ions.

    Properties and Electrochemical Behaviors of Oxide Coated Titanium Modified Electrode for Treatment of Organic Wastewater
    ZHAO Guo-Hua, DENG Zi-Feng, ZHU Zhong-Liang, ZHOU Bing, GAO Ting-Yao
    1999, 20(S1):  141-141. 
    摘要 ( 192 )   PDF (66KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In recent years, metal oxide Chemically Modified Electrode (CME) has been used for the electrochemical degradation of organic waste water. In this paper, a Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3 CME was prepared and its chemical and electrochemical properties were studied.

    Study on the Intermediate in the Electrolytic Degradation Process of the Azo Dyes
    ZHOU Bing, ZHU Zhong-Liang, ZHAO Guo-Hua, LI Tong-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  142-142. 
    摘要 ( 168 )   PDF (64KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    To the wastewater of dye stuff, a satisfactory effect of degradation can hardly be achieved by traditional physical, chemical, or biological degradation treatments. The recently developed electrochemical degradation, however, has advantages such as high energy efficiency, wide scope of application, environmental compatibility. It has been used in the degradation treatment of wastewater of dye stuff, whereas the relative research on the mechanism and the process has scarcely been done. Therefore, we choose methyl orange (MO), a typical type of azo dyes, as the subject investigated. Chemometric methods are adopted to analyze the UV-visible absorption spectrum in the process of degradation and to study the mechanism.

    On-line System of pH-meter and Its Application in Kinetic Analysis
    ZHU Zhong-Liang, ZHANG Jun-Yan, HUANG Jian-Yong, WANG Qing-Cheng, LI Tong-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  143-143. 
    摘要 ( 231 )   PDF (68KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Some analytic instruments have special outlets that can transform measure signal to voltage signal. Using AD card, an online system linking analytic instrument and computer may be achieved. In this work, PHS-2C model pH-meter is connected with Pentium computer by ADDA 12 card and an application software is programmed with Visual C++ for Windows95.

    Electrochemical Determination of Piperacillin
    Younghee Hahn
    1999, 20(S1):  144-144. 
    摘要 ( 206 )   PDF (42KB) ( 33 )  
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    Piperacillin sodium is a semisynthetic penicillin which has been therapeutically used against various bacterial infections including septicemia and bronchitis.

    From Modified Electrodes to Digital Instrumentation in Electroanalytical Chemistry
    Su-Moon Park
    1999, 20(S1):  145-145. 
    摘要 ( 284 )   PDF (43KB) ( 37 )  
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    Work done on applications of modified electrodes to electroanalytical chemistry and digital instrumentation for electrochemical measurements in our laboratory in recent years will be presented. First, applications of modified electrodes with conducting polymer films and selfassembled monolayers (SAMs) of thiolated cyclodextrins will be demonstrated.

    Synthesis and Characterization of a New Neutral Ionophore for Use in Bulk Optode
    SHU Huo-Ming, ZHANG Qiong-Mei, LI Hua-Ming, ZHU Guo-Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  146-146. 
    摘要 ( 229 )   PDF (56KB) ( 35 )  
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    Chemical sensors based on optical signal detection are of increasing importance. Optical sensors of bulk optodes have the advantage of being robust and showing a highly reversible response explainable by means of the chemical equilibria involved. Therefore, a great number of new ion-selective bulk optodes have reported within a few years. Several sensors for detecting toxicologically revalant ions,such as Pb2+,Ag+,Hg2+ and UO22+ have been developed recently and exhibit the low detection limit required. Although a number of ionophores have been used in optodes and ISEs,the sensors described so far are inadequate for monitoring Ag+ in water, especially in drinking water because of their limited selectivity and/or insufficient sensitivity. More recently Pretsch et al designed and synthesized an improved optical sensor, methylene bis(2-thiobenzothiazole),which was Ag+-selective. Here we report synthesis of another ionophore,1,2-bis(2-thiobenzothiazole) ethane, and its IR, ESI-MS, 1HNMR and UV-Vis.

    Synthesis and Fluorescence of a New Active Material for Electrochemiluminescent Sensor:Ru(phen)2[phen-NHCO(CH2)4Br](PF6)2
    SHU Huo-Ming, WANG Peng, TIAN Fa-Ming, ZHU Guo-Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  147-147. 
    摘要 ( 233 )   PDF (46KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Recently, much attention has been paid to Ru(II) complexes because of their excellent properties of photochemistry, phtophysis. Bis(2,2'-bipyridine)[4-methyl-4'-(6-bromohexyl)-2,2'-bipyridine] ruthenium(II) perchlorate has been used as an active material for electrochemiluminescent (ECL) sensor for selective detection of oxalic acid.It is known that ECL efficiency of Ru(phen)32+ is much higher than that of Ru(bpy)32+. In order to make out more efficient ECL sensor, we have designed and synthesized a new Ru(II) complex, Ru(phen)2[phen-NHCO(CH2)4Br](PF6)2.

    Application of Slow Sweep Oscillographic Chronopo-tentiometry in Test of Occupation Poisoning——Determination of Cadmium in Urine
    HU Juan, LI Li-Na
    1999, 20(S1):  148-148. 
    摘要 ( 199 )   PDF (61KB) ( 39 )  
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    In classical oscillographic chronopotentiometry, frequency of alternating current Is 50 Hz. It was difficult to overcome charging current so the detection limit was high In oscillographic analysis.

    Study of the Petroleum Pitch Fiber Microelectrode and its Chemical Modification
    TU Yi-Feng, XU Ping
    1999, 20(S1):  149-149. 
    摘要 ( 163 )   PDF (70KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The petroleum pitch fiber is a kind of carbon fiber using for functional material mainly. It's also suitable for making the microelectrode because of its properties such as intensity, tenacity and pliability. On other hand, there are some remnants of organic compounds in the petroleum pitch fiber. It provides chance for chemical modification on the surface of microelectrode.

    Bioelectrochemical Response of Polypyrrole Modified Urease Sensor
    CHENG Fa-Liang, NIN Man-Xia, MO Jin-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  150-150. 
    摘要 ( 219 )   PDF (63KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The preparation method of biological ferment electrode is one of decisive factors that affect its bio-electrochemical responding sign. It demands both suitable indicator electrode and antiwater soluble film that can keep catalytic activity. In this paper,urease was doped into polypyrrole(PPy) film while pyrrole(Py) was polymerized by electrochemical method to formed urease biosensor based on PPy film,then,ferment electrode was combined with CO2 gas-sensing electrode to assemble a urease biosensor responding to urea.

    Biosensors Based on the Oxygen Electrode Covered with Both Enzyme-Immobilized Fibroin and Acetate Cellulose Membranes
    ZHANG Yu-Oing, GU Ren-Ao
    1999, 20(S1):  151-151. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (63KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Based on uricase-immobilized silk fibroin membranes and oxygen electrode, an amperometric biosensor for uric acid in flow-injection analysis has been developed. In the sensor, We first introduced a tailing inhibitor-ion pair reagent into a buffer system so as to eliminate all interference from hemacyte,macromolecules and small molecular weight charged species besides electroactive specie ascorbate in complex matrices.

    Potentiometry of Extraction Kinetics in Oils (Fatty Acids) Aqua-Ethanol-Reagent Systems and Problems of Acid Number Determination
    Ruvinskii O. E., Vyskubova Ye. N., Sharudina S. Ya.
    1999, 20(S1):  152-152. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (59KB) ( 53 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The extraction regularities have dramatic importance for purposes of the indirect pH potentiometric determination of acidic number in vegetable oils. This electroanalytical process includes the following steps:the mass transfer of fatty acids (steannic, oleininc et al) substantially through the oil - mixed solvent interface, and chemical interactions with participation of various reagents, namely, weak bases in excess or traces of strong bases, and redox - pairs of iodat - iodide ions, and any procedures of usual or automated potentiomeiric measurements.

    Spectroelectrochemical Study on Radical Intermediate of Coenzyme Q10 at Silver Electrode
    YU Zhi-Hao, LONG Yi-Tao, CHEN Hong-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  153-153. 
    摘要 ( 193 )   PDF (60KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The radical intermediate (ubisemiquinone) of CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) had been observed in nonpolar solvents by spectroscopic techniques.1 The present work investigates the radical speices, as well known, it is extremely unstable in polar solvents, in ethanol/water system through spectroelectrochemical techniques including in situ UV/Vis,EPR and NMR.

    Study on the Interaction Model of Touidine Blue with DNA
    CHEN Hong-Yuan, ZHAO Guang-Chao, ZHU Jun-Jie
    1999, 20(S1):  154-154. 
    摘要 ( 163 )   PDF (72KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Touidine Blue (TOB), which belongs to phenothiazine dye and its structure is similar to acridine dye, is a planar hetercyclic cation dye and it can bind to DNA. Here, electrochemical methods and the inclusion action of β-CD are used to investigate the interactive model of TOB with DNA.

    Nanomaterials in Electroanalytical Chemistry
    CHEN Hong-Yuan, HU Xiao-Ya
    1999, 20(S1):  155-155. 
    摘要 ( 207 )   PDF (62KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The study of nanomaterials has emerged as a dynamic area in analytical chemistry in which the nanomaterial size and unique surface properties permit nanomaterials to find wide potential applications. The following presents a brief introduction of the study and possible applications of nanomaterials in electrochemistry.

    Study of the Interaction of CuTMpyP with DNA in the Presence of β-Cyclodextrin
    ZHU Jun-Jie, GU Kai, CHEN Hong-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  156-156. 
    摘要 ( 162 )   PDF (63KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    TMpyP[meso-tetra(4-N-methyI-pyridyl) porphine] and its metal derivatives interacting with DNA have been investigated through spectrometry methods.Here electrochemical methods are used to study the interaction of CuTMpyP and its β-CD inclusion with DNA.

    Immunoassay of α-l-Fetoprotein by Enzyme-linked Differential Pulse Voltammetry
    JU Huang-Xian, CHEN Feng, Xiao Yi, CHEN Hong-Yuan, YAN Gui-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  157-157. 
    摘要 ( 181 )   PDF (60KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    α-1-Fetoprotein (AFP) is an important tumor marker for the diagnosis,and even early detection of original liver carcinoma. In clinical practice its determination is only performed with IRMA or spectrophotometric ELISA. In comparison with IRMA, the later is a more welcome procedure and has been widely used to, detect AFP. However, its sensitivity is inadequate in many assays due to the influence of specimen color and some experimental factors. This work uses a gold disk electrode (0.5 mm diameter) as working electrode and improves the sensitivity detecting AFP for about ten times.

    The Comparison of CA 125 Immunoassay Methods
    YAN Gui-Feng, LIANG Zhi-Chao, ZHANG Ting-Qing, JU Huang-Xian
    1999, 20(S1):  158-158. 
    摘要 ( 311 )   PDF (82KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    CA 125 is an antigen defined by monoclonal antibody OC 125 and has been widely applied for clinical diagnosis of ovarian cancer Methods based on IRMA, ELISA and CLEIA for detecting CA 125 have been reported. Many instruments for CA 125 assay in clinical practice have been estabilished. However, there have been many discrepancies among different assay methods. In this work, we study the discrepancies in precision, positivity rate, assay linearity and reproducibility between commercially available CA 125 CLEIA and ELISA techniques by comparing with IRMA. The results would provide a scientific basis for choosing a method of CA 125 immunoassay in the diagnosis of ovarian carcinoma and monitoring of response to therapy,with no need of radioactive reagents.

    Amperometric Determination of Norepinephrine Based on Dual-Film Modified Graphite Electrode
    JU Huang-Xian, NI Jing-An, CHEN Hong-Yuan, Leech Dónal
    1999, 20(S1):  159-159. 
    摘要 ( 211 )   PDF (77KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Norepinephrine (NE) is one of the most important biochemical messengers. The oxidation of NE at various electrodes has been extensively studied. The ease of NE oxidation lead to the development of convenient and rapid procedures for measuring NE levels using various electrochemical methods. A serious problem is that ascorbic acid (AA) often co-exists with NE, resulting in interference in NE determinations. This work describes the electrocatalytical activity of[Os(bpy)2(PVP)10Cl]+/Nafion modified graphite electrode for trace NE determination. The modified electrode can eliminate the interference from AA and uric acid (UA) in NE determinations,thus could be used as an amperometric sensors for the detection of NE levels.

    Electrochemical Oxidation and Analytical Applications of Cholesterol at Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
    GUO Man-Dong
    1999, 20(S1):  160-160. 
    摘要 ( 197 )   PDF (63KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The present paper describes the carbon paste electrodes modified with parafin oil and oleic acid, and the electrochemical oxidation of cholesterol at these modified electrodes. A few years ago, an oleic acid modified carbon paste electrode was proposed and applied to the selective determination of estrogens. Basing on the similar considerations, we found that cholesterol has about the same structure as estrogens. The results of voltammetric measurement indicated that cholesterol at the modified carbon paste electrodes employing the oleic acid as the modifying reagent can yield a sensitive electrochemical response. A detection limit of 1.5×10-7mol/L cholesterol was estimated after a time of 4 min. by 1.5 order differential stripping analysis. The peak current is linearly proportional to the cholesterol concentration in the range of 3.O×10-5——5.0×10-7mol/L.

    Determination of a Nonionic Surfactant by Electrolysis at a Liquid/Liquid Interface
    DI Jun-Wei, GAO Xin
    1999, 20(S1):  161-161. 
    摘要 ( 198 )   PDF (66KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The market and application for nonionic surfactants continues to increase steadily in recent years. Many analytical methods for those substance have been introduced. In this paper a new electrochemical method based on electrolysis at a liquid/liquid interface has been proposed for determination of a nonionic surfactant,emulsifier OP(EOP).

    Determination of Trace Metoclopramide by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry with Nafion Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
    WANG Zhen-Hni, ZHANG Hong-Zhong, ZhOU Shu-Ping, DONG Wen-Ju, ZHANG Xiu-Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  162-162. 
    摘要 ( 211 )   PDF (65KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Metoclopramide[monohydrate of 4-amino-5-chloro-N-(2-diethylaminoethyl)-2-methoxybenzamide hydrochloride,MCP] is the active ingredient of many pharmaceutical preparations concermed with the modification of digestive behaviour. Studies describing the pharmacokinetics and disposition of MCP in humans indicated that the drug is rapidly and well absorbed following oral administration with peak time at about one hour. However,the bioavailability of MCP is very variable (32-97%) and this out of considerable inter-individual variation in metabolism. The difference in the bioavailability of oral MCP in different subjects has potential clinical importance since its antiemetic effect and central nervous system adverse effects correlate with the plasma concentrations. Therefore,the measurement of MCP plasma concentration is essential to optimize therapy and to avoid toxic concentrations.

    Self-assembled Monolayer and Multilayer Films with Polyoxometalates on Gold Electrodes
    DONG Shao-Jun, CHENG Long, NIU Li
    1999, 20(S1):  163-163. 
    摘要 ( 171 )   PDF (52KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Polyoxometalates (POMs) are a distinctive class of inorganic metal-oxygen cluster compounds which are unique in their topological and electronic versatility. They have been found applications in fields as diverse as catalysis, analysis, medicine,biochemistry,material science etc. Extensive studies of their properties are fairly important.

    Protein Structural Characterization by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with Electrochemistry
    WANG Er-Kang
    1999, 20(S1):  164-164. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (53KB) ( 52 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The structure characterization of native and unfolded enzymes and redox proteins like hemoglobin(Hb), myoglobin(Mb), cytochrome c and beef liver catalase etc. by STM on an electrochemically prepared HOPG surface has been studied with the help of electrodeposition. The capability of electrochemical method to prepare stable Hb samples for STM image and for unfolding of this protein has been successfully developed. STM images show an oval-shaped pattern for the native structure of Hb and two dimers consisting of one Hb molecule is clearly discerned. The dimension of folded molecule is determined as 6.4×5.3×0.7 nm3.

    Simultaneous Determination of Copper, Lead and Cadmium by Oscillopolarography
    LU Ming-Zhang. ZHENG Hong, XIONG Lian-Cheng
    1999, 20(S1):  165-165. 
    摘要 ( 160 )   PDF (57KB) ( 26 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Copper, Lead and Cadmium determination is important for preventive medicine in environmental for food,water,blood,urine,air and so on,Which play a very important role in health,Including,human's toxic harmful symptoms:tenderness, pain,dizziness, fever, fatigue, loss of appetive, liver,neurosis and brain disease.There have been a lot of methods dealing with the measurements of Copper, Lead and Cadmium in Health Laboratory Technology,among wich atomic absorption spectrometry is considered to be the best one,but the proposed oscillopolarography method can be satisfactorily applied to the simultaneous' determination of Cu(Ⅱ),Pb(Ⅱ) and Cd(Ⅱ) in water sample with out any pre-treatment.

    Selective Determination of Vitamin B2 at Electrochemically Activated Glassy Carbon Electrode
    Kang Shi, Kwok-Keung Shiu
    1999, 20(S1):  166-166. 
    摘要 ( 220 )   PDF (24KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrochemically activated glassy carbon electrodes were applied to the preconcentration and electroanalysis of Vitamin B2 (VB2) in multivitamin preparation. Voltammetric peak currents showed linear response for VB2 concentrations in the range between 0.1 to 3.0 M with a large slope of 12.2 AM-1 and a correlation coefficient of 0.996. The reproducibility of the voltammetric measurements was usually less than 7% RSD for five replicate measurements. Common vitamin and metal species did not interfere the determination.

    Preconcentration and Determination of Metal Species at Polypyrrole Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes
    SONG Fa-Yi, SHIU Kwok-Keung
    1999, 20(S1):  167-167. 
    摘要 ( 204 )   PDF (32KB) ( 55 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Metal species can be extracted/preconcentrated onto electropolymerized polypyrrole film electrodes without deliberate incorporation of chemically active counterions. Silver species preconcentrated on polypyrrole film can be determined electrochemically. The effects of polypyrrole film coverage, electropolymerization conditions,solution composition and the presence of other species have been investigated. Experimental results showed that the anodic peak current for incorporated silver species was proportional to silver concentration in solution in the range from 2 to 150 μM. The detection limit was estimated to be about 0.2 \μM (20 ppb). Most of the metal ions studied, including Ni, Cd, Pb, Zn and Fe, did not show obvious interference on the determination. Cu and Hg were also extracted onto polypyrrole film electrodes. Polypyrrole film electrodes were reuseable. The mechanism involved in the preconcentration was also investigated.

    The Study of Polarography Analysis of Molybdenum, Sulfur and Phosphorus in Additives for Oil Saving
    ZHANG Zhi-Hong, LIU Zhuang
    1999, 20(S1):  168-168. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (75KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Because of the importance in industry, organic Molybdenum compounds have been advanced rapidly in synthesis research and application. The additive foroilsaving is one of organic Molybdenum compounds it is necessary to determine the contents of Molybdenum(Mo), Sulfur(S) and Phosphorus(P) for study of the properties of additives because of antioxygenation of S and recorrodibility and regrindibity of P. Many methods for determination of Mo in additives, such as absorptiometry or differential spetrophometry, have been reported in recent years.

    A Study on Determination of TI by Differential Potential Stripping Method
    ZHENG Jian-Bin, ZHANG Xiu-Qi, FU Ye-Wei, GENG Yu, GAO Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  169-169. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (51KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    So far,there are many methods of determination for Ti in reference. Recently, the promotive mechanism of oscilligraphic polargraphic current is studied by Zhang, and the results indicate that polargraphic current can be enhanced highly with SDBS and TX-200. In this paper,the possibility of the determination of TI in high pure In is studied with differential potential stripping method. The good results are achieved.

    Polarographic Determination of Nitrite Ions Based On Nitrosation Reaction
    CHEN Li-Guo, ZI Yan-Qin, DONG Cun-Zhi
    1999, 20(S1):  170-170. 
    摘要 ( 198 )   PDF (57KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Polarographic and votammetic determinations of nitrite ions have been reported. We have already used methylene blue and azure I as reagents to determine the nitrite ions in diluted hydrochloric acid medium. The sensitivity and selectivity are higher than that of using the method of references.

    Electrochemiluminescence Sensor Having a Pt Electrode Coated Doubly with Ru(bpy)32+-Modified Chitosan and Silica Gel Membranes. Influence of the Introduction of Functional Groups into the Silica Gel on the Substrate Selectivity
    ZHAO Chang-Zhi, Naoyoshi Egashira, Yoshiaki Kurauchi, Kazuya Ohga
    1999, 20(S1):  171-171. 
    摘要 ( 198 )   PDF (68KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Considerable research efforts are being devoted toward the development of chemical sensors and biosensors based on the so卜gel technology. We have prepared an ECL-optic sensor having a Pt electrode coated doubly with a Ru(bpy)32+-modified chitosan and silica gel membrane. In the present paper we would like to report on the substrate selectivities of ECL electrode having a silica gel layers modified with amino or alkyl groups. The new ECL electrode were prepared by the same method as reported previously, except that organotrialkoxysilanes were added to the silica-sol precursor solution. Experimental results at an applied potential of 1.10 V vs. Ag/AgCI in 0.05 M phosphate buffer (pH 6.8) for a several substrates are summarized as follows.

    Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Copper in Globular Gold Film by Potentiometric Stripping Analysis
    YANG Pei-Hui, FENG De-Xiong, ZHANG Rong-Zhong
    1999, 20(S1):  172-172. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (57KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Diffusion Coefficient (DR) is one of important parameters for metal and alloy. Diffusion Coefficients of metal were determined by many methods, among them radioactive isotope tracer technique was dominant, but these determination techniques were more complicated. We had studied potentiometric stripping analysis with a globular goldfilm as -a working electrode and derived the transition stripping time equation which was verified experimentally, The equation is applied to determine diffusion coefficients of metal in globular goldfilm simply and quickly in this paper.

    Microbe Modified Carbon Paste Electrode for Determination of Trance Amount of Gold (Ⅲ)
    HU Rong-Zong, FU Jin-Kun, ZHANG Wei-De, WANG Jian-Hua, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  173-173. 
    摘要 ( 214 )   PDF (59KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrochemical analysis of trace amount of metal ions can be improved by the stripping analysis using chemically modified electrodes. Here we introduce a novel method for preparation of microbe-modified carbon paste electrode for determination of gold(Ⅲ). The preparation method is simple and the electrode obtained is both stable and sensitive in determination of trace amount of gold(Ⅲ).

    Flow Injection Analysis with BAW Detection
    YAO Shou-Zhuo, SU Xiao-Li, NIE Li-Hua, LI Wei-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  174-174. 
    摘要 ( 282 )   PDF (62KB) ( 55 )  
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    A new flow injection analysis technique is described. It is based on the use of a new kind of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) detector in combination with gas diffusion separation. The method is characterized by its high selectivity, promising sensitivity, favorable throughput, good precision and simple construction, which make it an attractive alternative to the conventional analytical methods.

    Disposable Anodic Stripping Voltammetric Sensor for Heavy Metal Analysis in Environmental Samples
    Jung-Yeun Choi, Jongman Park
    1999, 20(S1):  175-175. 
    摘要 ( 233 )   PDF (40KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A disposable sensor was developed for anodic stripping voltammetric analysis of heavy metals utilizing the HgO-modified composite electrode technique. It was prepared by integrating a HgO-modified electrode, Ag/AgCl reference electrode and carbon counter electrode on a polycarbonate strip by screen printing technique.

    Chromatography and Separation Sciences
    Simultaneous Determination of N-Methyltyramine and Synephrine in Citrus Junos by HPLC
    LI Lai-Sheng, WU Fang-Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  176-176. 
    摘要 ( 224 )   PDF (50KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The Citrus junos belongs to Rutacea. It contains N-Methlytyramine(I) and Synephrine(Ⅱ). The HPLC method of Synephrine had been reported. In this paper, an HPLC method for simultaneous determination of N-Methlytyramine and Synephrine were developed.

    Analysis of Organic Pollutants in Surface Water by Solid-Phase Extraction and Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry
    YANG Wei-Fang, LI Jing, LI Ye, YAN Bo
    1999, 20(S1):  177-177. 
    摘要 ( 220 )   PDF (49KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is an emerging chromatographic sample preparation technique. The novel extraction technique can reduce the time and volume of organic solvents required, and alleviate problems associated with the formation of emulsions as compared to conventional liquid-liquid extractions. This study was designed to apply SPE vacuum manifold to determine organic pollutants in surface water of Huan River binding with GC-MSD system.

    The Exploration of Organic Matter's Pollution Distribution Feature in Huan River
    LI Jing, YANG Wei-Fang, LI Ye, YAN Bo
    1999, 20(S1):  178-178. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (53KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    We determined the kinds, compositions and relative contents of the major organic pollutants of the background section, the reduction section and the control section in Huan river by GC-MS(Shimadzu QP-5000,Elastic quartz DB-1 capillary column, 30m×0.25mm), the concentration of CODcr and BOD5 as well. The water samples were extracted by dichloromethane, concentrated by hot bath below 40℃, then they can be analysed. The instrument used temperature program and pressure program, the split radio was 30:1.

    Determination of Catecholamine Concentration by Reverse-Phase Liquid Chromatography with Elecrtrochemical Detector in Plasma
    ZHANG Yan-Wan, LONG Cun
    1999, 20(S1):  179-179. 
    摘要 ( 201 )   PDF (67KB) ( 52 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The plasma catecholamine include mainly norepinephrine(NE),epinephrine(E) and dopamine (DA). The catecholamines(CA) are nervous mediator which are synthesized and release from sympathetic system. It is significant for diagnosing disease and researching surgical stress in clinic that determine the concentration of catecholamine in plasma.The analytic method had traditionally radioactive enzyme, fluorescent spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC). This paper describe an analytical technique that determine the concentration of NE, E and DA in plasma using HPLC-ED. The method is sensitive, fast and accuracy,and can be applied for the clinical diagnosis and laboratory research.

    Determination of Nonelectroactive Cations by Capillary Electrophoresis with Amperometric Detection
    FU Chong-Gang, LIU Dao-Jie, FANG Yu-Zhi
    1999, 20(S1):  180-180. 
    摘要 ( 200 )   PDF (56KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Capillary electrophoresis with amperometric detection(CE/AD) is a highly efficient and sensitive technique capable of separation and determination of charged analytes in ultrasmall-volume samples. However, the extension of CE/AD application was limited due to the requirement for the analytes inherently possessing electroactivity. Several approaches have been proposed to improve the applicability of the technique such as indirect detection, sample derivatization and utilization of a variety of chemically modified electrodes.

    Simultaneous Determination and Pharmacokinetics of Magnolol and Honokiol in Body Fluid and Tissue of Wistar Rat by A Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    YUAN Cheng, DU Kun, ZHU Li-Qing, ZHANG Li-Ming, WANG Jing-Xiang
    1999, 20(S1):  181-181. 
    摘要 ( 226 )   PDF (55KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography method for simultaneous determined magnolol and honokiol in serum and urine of rat were builted.

    A Mixed Retention Model of Reversed Phase HPLC
    LI Chong-Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  182-182. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (56KB) ( 56 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The retention behavior of solutes in reversed phase chromatographic system, especially containing hydrophobic ions in mobile phase, has been studied by many authors, but the silanol effect on alkyl-modified silica surface was neglected. Actually, because of stereo hindrance, numerous unreacted (residual) silanol groups, which can interact with some solutes, are left within the bonded phase after the silica surface has be modified. A mixed retention model, which considers adsorbed hydrophobic ions on the bonded phase can decrease the hydrophobicity and mask residual silanol groups, is proposed, based on hydrophobic distribution of neutral solutes, ion-pair distribution of ionic solutes and coulombic attraction between cationic solutes and the dissociated silanols.

    Separation and Determination of Four Amino Acids by Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography
    ZHANG Yu-Xia, YE Ying-Zhi
    1999, 20(S1):  183-183. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (61KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The most methods used to determine amino acids developed in the past were via pre- or post-column derivatization of the analytes to produce a fluorescent reagent in order for detection of them by measuring the fluorescence. The detection of underivatized amino acids is also accomplished by indirect methods. In this work, micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography(MECC) based on sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) was developed for the direct determination of the four amino acids, histidine,tyrosine, tryptophan and phenylalanine, by using UV-detector. The apparatus used was Model 3850 capillary electrophoresis system (ISCO,USA) with a 60cm 0.05mm I.D.fused-silica capillary,where was a detection window at a position 35 cm from the injection end of the capillary. And the detection performed by on-column measurement of ultraviolet absorption at 210nm. SP4600 integrator was used for the data acquisition and processing.

    Partitioning of Some Amino Acids in an Aqueous Surfactant Two-Phase System
    WU Ying, TONG Ai-Jun
    1999, 20(S1):  184-184. 
    摘要 ( 266 )   PDF (45KB) ( 65 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Surfactants have found widespread uses in separation science, such as cloud-point extraction and coacervation with certain surfactants, two-phase separation has been studied and practiced for the separation of metal chelators,small organic molecules as well as biomacromolecules.

    Supercritical Fluid Extraction Gas Chromatographic Determination of Organophosphous Pesticides in Vegetables and Fruits
    WANG Jian-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  185-185. 
    摘要 ( 200 )   PDF (50KB) ( 29 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Analytical methods for organophosphous pesticide residues (OPPs) have their main applications in the control of food for human consumption,especially in the control of fruits and vegetables, since they are generally produced using direct application to those pesticides.

    Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration of Anionic Surfactants by Ligand Exchange Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
    CHEN Zi-Lin, LIN Jin-Ming, UCHIYAMA Katsumi, HOBO Toshiyuki
    1999, 20(S1):  186-186. 
    摘要 ( 216 )   PDF (46KB) ( 56 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    CMC (Critical Micelle Concentration) is an important parameter of surfactant. It has been reported that it changes with ionic strength, temperature, additives, etc. Therefore, it could not be overestimated to develop the determination method of CMC of surfactants. Recently,current method using CE instrument and CE method have been reported. This paper presents an new method for determining CMC of anionic surfactants by ligand exchange micellar electrokinetic chromatography.

    Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration of Surfactant in Organic Solvent by Capillary Electrophoresis
    LIN Jin-Ming, NAKAGAWA Masamitsu, UCHIYAMA Katsumi, HOBO Toshiyuki
    1999, 20(S1):  187-187. 
    摘要 ( 196 )   PDF (56KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In this work, some uncharged hydrophobic compounds, such as p-arylacetophenones, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and steroids have been separated by micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) using organic solvents and surfactants.

    Chromatographic Separation Study of Gases Containing Argon and Nitrogen and Oxygen
    SHUI Guang-Hou, LIU Li, ZHANG Jian-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  188-188. 
    摘要 ( 163 )   PDF (59KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Based on different affinities and different diffusing rates on stationary phases among components, a group of gas chromatographic methods are presented for the separation and analysis of gases containing argon and oxygen and nitrogen at ambient temperature.

    Chromatographic Determination of n-Butane in the Iso-butane Gases
    SHUI Guang-Hou
    1999, 20(S1):  189-189. 
    摘要 ( 251 )   PDF (56KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new rapid gas chromatographic method has been developed for the analysis of n-butane in the iso-butane gases.

    Separation and Purification of Sesquiterpene Lactones from a Plant, Carpesium Triste var. Manshuricum KITAMURA
    KIM Mi-Ran, SUH Bo-Ram, KIM Jae-Gil, KIM Young-Ho, KIM Dae-Keun, MOON Dong-Cheul
    1999, 20(S1):  190-190. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (51KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Carpesium triste var. manshuricum K. is a plant which is rarely distributed in Korea, and it has long been used as traditional medicinal herb for its antipyretic, analgesic, vermifugic, insectifuge,pain-relief,and antiinflammatory properties. Several sesquiterpene lactones were isolated from the genus Carpesium.

    Determination of Paeoniflorin in Total Glucosides of Peony Root by HPLC
    WANG Xiang-Wen, ZHU Jin, GU Wen-Qing
    1999, 20(S1):  191-191. 
    摘要 ( 315 )   PDF (59KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The crude drug of Radix Paeoniae Alba has been used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine as an analgesic, an antispasmodic,an astringent, and a sedative for the treatment of a variety of painful afflictions. A modern way of using Radix Paeoniae Alba is the application of Total Glucosides of Peony Root (TGPR), which is the ethanol extract from the crude drug. Our interest in this work is to develop a method to determine one of the main effective components, Paeoniflorin, in TGPR by HPLC. Although several HPLC methods for the determination of Paeoniflorin were reported before,our method has the advantages of simplicity, rapidity and accuracy.

    Systematic Analysis of 47 Abused-drugs by Solid-phase Extraction and Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry
    LI Li, ZHOU Yong-Xin, LUO Yi, HU Xu-Ying, LIU Yin-Tang
    1999, 20(S1):  192-192. 
    摘要 ( 205 )   PDF (57KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The drug-abuse is one of the most serious social problems in the world today. Abused drugs can produce dependence and are often misused or overdosed. Some drugs are continuously causing severe poisoning and deaths. In these cases, a great variety of drugs are involved. Comprehensive drug screening is therefore needed. Suitable sample preparation is an important prerequisite for GC-MS detection of biosamples. The major disadvantage of liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) is emulsion formation,which leads to lower recoveries. And also LLE methods are tiresome and displayed problems of variable recoveries. Solid-phase extraction (SPE) has several advantages over LLE, it gives good recoveries, reproducibilities and speed.

    Combination of Flow Injection with Capillary Electrophoresis
    FANG Zhao-Lun, CHEN Heng-Wu, FANG Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  193-193. 
    摘要 ( 437 )   PDF (45KB) ( 30 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Sample introduction is a weak link in capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems, particularly when various pretreatments involving separation and modification of sample matrices are involved. Recently, the application of flow injection (FI) systems as a means of sample introduction and on-line sample pretreatment for CE has shown great potentials in improving the precision,reliability and throughput of CE systems. The advantages are discussed, illustrated by recent developments in the authors' group, including.

    A Method for the Determination of Temperature inside Capillaries for Electrophoresis
    ZHANG Hong-Yi, HU Zhi-De, WANG Rui
    1999, 20(S1):  194-194. 
    摘要 ( 198 )   PDF (54KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Several researchers have addressed the problem of measuring the temperature inside the capillary. Terabe measured the outside temperature of the capillary with a micro thermocouple and found the temperature to be 70℃ at 25 kV for a 200 μm I.D. capillary. Unfortunately, the exact temperature was difficult to measure using Terabe's method because of an incomplete touch of the capillary with the micro thermocouple.

    Analysis of Components of Fatty Acids and Determination of Methyl Hexade Canate in Honeycomb
    GUAN Zi-Feng, CAI Yun-Ping, MA Ming-Yang, ZHAU Wei-Cheng, XIAO Wei
    1999, 20(S1):  195-195. 
    摘要 ( 222 )   PDF (55KB) ( 57 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Honeycombs are nests of polistes olistes olivaceous, polistes japonicus saussure or parapolybia varia Fabricius. They can drive out wind, attack toxicity, kill microbe,restrain ache, accelerate blood coagulation, strengthen heart beats and reduce blood pressure.They have been used as the important ingredient in the treatment of cancer in recent years. Honeycomb contains a number of chemical ingredient, mainly of beewax, resin and volatile oil.Though honeycomb have been widely used in the medicine,the components of fatty acids in honeycomb oil and the controlling method of quality of honeycomb have not been reported. GC/MS method for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of fatty acids in honeycomb oil have been adopted in this report and the method with analyzing methyl hexade canate in honeycomb are set up in order to exploit and use better honeycombs.

    The Characteristic Detection of Xenon by Photoionization Detector and the Dynamic Absorption of Xenon by Activated Carbon Fiber
    ZHANG Hai-Tao, DENG Ji-Yun, ZHANG Li-Xing, WANG Xu-Hui
    1999, 20(S1):  196-196. 
    摘要 ( 240 )   PDF (54KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Activated carbon fiber (ACF) is a new type absorber which has been developed since 1960's.ACF has many characteristics different from active charcoal such as high specific surface,narrow pore distribution, high adsorption capacity and adsorption efficiency. Photoionazition detector (PID) is a new type detector, which is applied, in chromatographic analysis in recent years, the detection limit of PID is high and the selectivity of PID is fine.

    Determination of Content and Impurities of Antitumor Drug Carboplatin by TLC Scanning
    HE Jian, CHEN Xi-Zu, JIN Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  197-197. 
    摘要 ( 193 )   PDF (64KB) ( 135 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Content and impurities of antitumor drug Carboplatin have been determined by thin layer chromatography(TLC) scanning. The results of TLC are similar to ones of liquid chromatography, so a new,easy and available method determining content and impurities of antitumor drug Carboplatin that has been found.

    AAS Determination of Trace Lead, Cadmium and Copper by Preconcentration with Phenylthiourea Chelating Cellulose
    CHEN Zhong-Lan
    1999, 20(S1):  198-198. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (42KB) ( 55 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Chelating Cellulose (CC) is of simple preparation, excellent nature and low cost. Phenylthiourea chelating cellulose (CC-PTU) is prepared with good chelating reagent (phenylthiourea)on cotton by indirect etherification method.

    Quantitative Analysis of Ginsenoside-Rgl in Radix Notoginseng and Sanqi Oral Liquid by HPLC
    DU Li-Yun, GUO Yong-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  199-199. 
    摘要 ( 152 )   PDF (50KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The paper deals with the determination of ginsenoside-Rgl in Radix Notoginseng(l), the dried roots of P. notoginseng, and Sanqi Oral Liquid(2).The calibration curves for ginsenoside-Rgl was linear over the range of 4 ug~20 ug. The regression equation of peak areas against weights was Y=121475X+8636(r=0.9999). The recovery assay of ginsenoside-Rgl was carried out by adding the standard compounds(2.0-4.0mg) to (2),which was treated according to the procedure described in preparation of sample solutions. The average recovery was 98.9%, its RSD being 1.6%(n=5). The precision of the chromatographic determination was evaluated by injecting the same standard sample repeatedly, its RSD being 0.83%. The method was simple, accurate, sensitive and reliable.

    Capillary Electrophoresis of Recombinant Human EPO
    LIU Xiao-Da, DING Xiao-Ping, WANG Quan-Li, Dong Fang-Ting, Ma Li-Ren
    1999, 20(S1):  200-200. 
    摘要 ( 216 )   PDF (58KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Capillary electrophoresis (CE) provides a new analytical tool for the separation of proteins, and almost all traditional modes of electrophoresis can be carry out in CE. But serious adsorption of proteins on capillary wall prohibited the proper separation. Three main approaches are used to overcome adsorption and control electroosmotic flow, (1) buffer of high or low pH,high salt concentration and additives, (2) pre-adsorption of neutral or charged macromolecules on the capillary wall and (3) chemically bonded coatings which are expected to give the best shield of silanol groups present on bare silica by vaious hydrophilic polymers. Capillaries coated with linear polyacrylamide represent the most successful approach available to date. Cross-linkage of polyacrylamide coating is desired to increase its stability.

    Study on Determination of multi-insecticides for Public Health with the Same Column by Gas Chromatography
    LIN Run-Guo, LIN Rui-Ming, ZOU Xiao-Feng, SU Xin, LI Zen-Lu, LU Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  201-201. 
    摘要 ( 212 )   PDF (66KB) ( 78 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In order to make readily the management of production and quality, we make a thorough study on determination of useful compositions of insecticide for public health producing of Guangxi. It is succeed for applying of analysis of eighteen component in thirty-eight products by gas chromatography(GC)and using one same packed-column.

    Separation of Enantiomers of 2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy) Propionic Acid and its Esters by HPLC
    SHI Jie-Hua, XU Xiu-Zhu
    1999, 20(S1):  202-202. 
    摘要 ( 213 )   PDF (63KB) ( 67 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    (±)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy) propionic acid and its esters are the important intermediates of the preparation of herbicides such as fenoxaprop, quizalofop-P, fluazifop-P-butyl,fenthiaprop, haloxyfop and so on, especially, (+)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy) propionic acid and its esters using as intermediates of the preparation of super-high efficient herbicides.Presently, the separation of the enantiomer of 2-substituted phenoxy propionic acid and its esters had been reported.

    Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Study of the Adduct Formation of Tris(β-diketonato)lanthanoids with Heteroamines
    Takashi Ito, Kiyotaka Nakaya, Natsumi Ugawa, Yuko Hasegawa
    1999, 20(S1):  203-203. 
    摘要 ( 252 )   PDF (81KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A remarkable enhancement of the extraction of lanthanoids(Ⅲ)(Ln) with β-diketones in the presence of a Lewis base, so-called synergistic effects, would be caused by the adduct formation of the β-diketonates with the Lewis base. The trend of the variation of the adduct formation constants across the lanthanoid series may be different among β-diketones used. It has also been observed that the trend across lanthanoid series and also the values of the enthalpy change in the adduct formation of the 2-thenoyltrifluoroacetonates(TTA) with 1,10-phenanthroline(phen) are very similar to those with 2,25-bipyridyl(bpy), although the values of the adduct formation constants with the former are larger than those with the latter.

    Quantitative Relationships Between the Structure of Benzenes, Phenolic Compounds and Their Retention Data in Reversed Phase PRP-1 Column
    Sung Kwang Lee, Dai Woon Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  204-204. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (44KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The reversed phase chromatographic behaviors of benzenes and phenolic compounds in PRP-1 column were investigated using quantitative structure-retention relationships(QSRRs).

    High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Separation and Determination of Ciprofloxacin and its Metabolites in Urine
    Deok-Hoi Kim, Sung Kwang Lee, Young Hun Park, Dai Woon Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  205-205. 
    摘要 ( 186 )   PDF (37KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An improved HPLC procedure was described for separation of ciprofloxacin and its four metabolites in urine using the reversed phase chromatography. For determination of the optimum condition, the effect of ion pairing reagents was investigated as a view point of its type and concentration.

    Characterization of Diesel Soot Particles Using Field-Flow Fractionation
    Won-Suk Kim, Sun-Hui Kim, Seungho Lee, Dai Woon Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  206-206. 
    摘要 ( 157 )   PDF (50KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Diesel engines have advantages over gasoline engines as they have higher thermal efficiency (thus producing less CO and hydrocarbons) and higher durability. Despite these merits, heavy-duty diesel engines are regarded as one of major sources of air-polluting particulate matters (soot) which are mainly fine carbonaceous particles. Environmental effects of diesel soot depend on the size and size distribution of the soot particles.

    Strategies for Sensitive and Selective Determination of Metal Ions by Ion-pair Reversed-phase HPLC
    Emiko Kaneko, Takashi Kurasawa, Toru Takahashi, Takao Yotsuyanagi
    1999, 20(S1):  207-207. 
    摘要 ( 167 )   PDF (58KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The ability of reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) has led to its widespread use in the determination of trace metal ions. The object of this study was to develop a superior ion-pair (IP) -RP-HPLC for charged metal chelates, with particular interest in injection solvent and mobile phase composition containing counterion.

    Electrostatic Retention Mechanism of 2,2'-Dihydroxyazobenzene-Metal chelates on Octadecylsilanized Silica Stationary Phase
    Takashi Kurasawa, Toru Takahashi, Emiko Kaneko, Takao Yotsuyanagi
    1999, 20(S1):  208-208. 
    摘要 ( 259 )   PDF (51KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The chelating agent 2,2'-dihydroxyazobenzene (DHAB), as shown in Fig. 1, was superior to the determination of trace metal ions by HPLC with ion-pair partition mode. Among the DHAB-metal chelates, only the cationic DHAB-aluminium 1:lchelate,[AIL]+, is fluorescent. Thus this chelate is expected to be applicable for selective and sensitive determination of aluminium ion by HPLC. However, the retention behavior of[AlL]+ on octadecylsilanized silica stationary phase was not well understood. The interaction between[A1L]+ and octadecylsilanized silica stationary phase has been investigated.

    Mechanistic Evaluation of the Resolution of Racemic N-Acyl-1-arylaminoalkanes on (-Acidic Chiral Stationary Phases
    Jae Jeong Ryoo, Sung Hyun Im, Kwang-Pill Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  209-209. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (32KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Evaluation of a chiral separation mechanism of a racemic compound is very important to the development of more efficient CSP for a better resolution of the racemic compound. Racemic N-acyl-1-arylaminoalkanes were resolved on the three different Pirkle type (-acidic chiral stationary phases(CSPs), phenylglycine DNB CSP(CSP 1),norephedrine DNB CSP(CSP 2), and phenylglycinol DNB CSP(CSP 3).

    Separation and Characterization of Environmental Particulates Using Gravitational SPLITT Fractionation
    Seungho Lee, Hee-Young Park, Woon-Jung Kim, Sung-Gwon Yang, Chul Hun Eum
    1999, 20(S1):  210-210. 
    摘要 ( 180 )   PDF (49KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Continuous SPLITT (Split-flow thin cell) Fractionation (CSF) is a preparative separation technique that is useful for fractionating particulates and macromolecular materials into two fractions. CSF is carried out in a thin ribbon-like channel equipped with two splitters at the channel inlet and outlet.

    Enantiomeric Separation of 2,4-Dinitrophenyl Amino Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis with β-Cyclodextrin Derivative
    Kwang-Pill Lee, Young-Mi Song, Jae Jeong Ryoo, Jae Wook Ryu
    1999, 20(S1):  211-211. 
    摘要 ( 194 )   PDF (34KB) ( 53 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Enantiomeric separation of DNP-amino acids has been performed by capillary electrophoresis with β-cyclodextrin(CD) and 2,3-di-O-methyl-β-CD. Enantioselectivity of β-CD exhibited superior to that of the 2,3-dimethylated β-CD.

    Determination of Three Carbamate Residuces in Peanuts by RP-HPLC
    LI Gui-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  212-212. 
    摘要 ( 200 )   PDF (27KB) ( 29 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A RD-HPLC method of determination of three carbamate residues in peanuts was established. Sample was extracted with ethyl acetate, separated by acetonitrile, then the oil was removed by petroleum ether, the proteins were precipitated by alcohol-water(4+l). The treated Sample was analyzed in a Radil-pak C18 Column with a mobile phase of methanol-water (55+45),the RSD, recovery, and detection limit in this method are obtained, 0.18%, 85% and 0.2mg/L, respectively. The method is simple, rapid and sensitive. It has been applied for routine analysis of carbamate residues of Sevin,Carbendazim and Diuron.

    Determination of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds by HPLC with a Hydrophilic Polymer Column and Conductometric Detection after Trace Enrichment by Solid Phase Extraction
    Masami Shibukawa, Masaaki Takekoshi, Koichi Oguma
    1999, 20(S1):  213-213. 
    摘要 ( 219 )   PDF (51KB) ( 60 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Quaternary ammonium compounds containing at least one long alkyl chain act as cationic surfactants and are widely used as fabric softeners, disinfectants and human hair cosmetics. After usage, the surfactants are generally discharged via waste water treatment facilities to surface waters. Hence they can disturb the ecological balance due to their toxicity to aquatic organisms. In this context reliable analytical methods for determination of quaternary alkylammonium compounds are required in the analysis of environmental samples as well as in the quality control of manufactured products.

    Determination of Interfacial Reaction Parameters in Ion-Association Extraction by Total Reflection Induced Thermal Lens
    Hirofumi Kawazumi, Takeshi Kaieda, Toshihiro Ueha, Teiichiro Ogawa
    1999, 20(S1):  214-214. 
    摘要 ( 166 )   PDF (65KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Studies on adsorption kinetics and reaction mechanism at liquid-liquid interfaces are very important for not only classical solvent extraction analysis but also modern nano-science. For this purpose, we should develop versatile techniques that have in-situ, real time and highly sensitive feature. An interfacial thermal lens (TL) technique has been developed for monitoring the formation of Fe(Ⅱ)-4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline (DPP) complex at a benzene-acetate buffer interface.

    The Application of High-Speed Countercurrent Chromatography on the Separation and Purification of Isoflavones from Radix Pueraria
    CAO Xue-Li, TIAN Yu, ZHANG Tian-You, LI Xin
    1999, 20(S1):  215-215. 
    摘要 ( 220 )   PDF (56KB) ( 97 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    High-speed countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC) is a special liquid-liquid partition chromatography without solid support matrix. It eliminates irreversible adsorption of sample in the conventional chromatographic method and has been successfully used for analysis and separation of various kinds of natural products.

    Application of pH-Zone-Refining Countercurrent Chromatography in the Preparative Separation of Alkaloids from Traditional Chinese Medicine
    YANG Fu-Quan, CAO Hai-Feng, ZHANG Tian-You
    1999, 20(S1):  216-216. 
    摘要 ( 247 )   PDF (66KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    pH-Zone-refining countercurrent chromatography (CCC) is a recently developed new preparative separation method based on conventional CCC. The method uses a retainer base (or acid) in the stationary phase to retain the analyses in the column and an eluent acid (or base) to elute the analyses according to their pKa values and hydrophobicities. It produces a succession of highly concentrated rectangular peaks with minimum overlap similar to those observed in displacement chromatography. pH-zone-refining CCC has important advantages over the conventional CCC including an over 10-fold increase (up to 10 gram or more) in sample loading capacity, high concentration of fractions, and concentration of minor impurities. pH-zone-refining CCC has been successfully applied to the preparative separation of a variety of compounds including both acidic and basic derivatives of amino acid, hydroxyxanthene dyes, peptides, alkaloids, indole auxins, structural, geometrial and optical isomers.

    Recent Advances in Countercurrent Chromatography
    ZHANG Tian-You
    1999, 20(S1):  217-217. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (70KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Countercurrent Chromatography (CCC) is a special form liquid-liquid partition chromatography which entirely eliminates the use of solid support matrix. Its development began in the mid-1960s and first introduction of CCC is in 1970. In its early stage of development, the method was hindered by a limited mobile flow rate since the application of higher flow rates resulted in excessive loss of the stationary phase from the column.

    Comparative Analysis Method of Oils in Emulsions by HPLC and GC
    Ik-Soo Kim, Byoung-Kee Jo, Sang-Duk Lee, Chun-Mong Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  218-218. 
    摘要 ( 237 )   PDF (30KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    On analyzing some kinds of oils (mineral oils, squalane and esters etc.), the existing analysis method which separates using silica-chromatography and identifies them has some problems, that is, long time-consuming and low efficient. To solve these kinds of problems, in this study, we have analyzed 15 kinds of oils by HPLC and GC and compared experimental data in emulsions like cream and lotion. By these test results, we have known that GC (Varian 3400 system, DB-5; 5% diphenyl 95% dimethyl polysiloxane, FID) can analyze some hydrocarbons and esters with lower carbon number even if it takes long time to analyze them, but HPLC (Waters 2690 pump, 410 detector, HAIsil Silica 5jam, Nova-Pak Cl8 column) can analyze esters and hydrocarbons much faster than GC. However, the detector of HPLC was less sensitive than that of GC.

    Nontraditional Extraction Systems
    Petrov B. I., Vaygant N. E., Egorova L. S., Martyushov A. V.
    1999, 20(S1):  219-219. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (57KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Extraction systems with water and organic phases can be differentiated due to varied formation causes systems with limited mutual solubility of water and organic solvent are more often, energy of interaction between water and organic molecules is not more than 2RT.

    Supercritical Fluid Chromatographic Separations of PAHs Using Methanol Modified Carbon Dioxide Mobile Phase.
    Dongjin Pyo
    1999, 20(S1):  220-220. 
    摘要 ( 183 )   PDF (41KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An analytical method is described for separating polyaromatic hydrocarbons using modified supercritical carbon dioxide and pure carbon dioxide. The effects of adding methanol in supercritical carbon dioxide mobile phase were studied. The modifier, methanol affected especially in the retentions of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

    Extraction of Microcystins From Cyanobacteria Using Aqueous Methanol Modified Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
    Dongjin Pyo, Hyundoo Shin
    1999, 20(S1):  221-221. 
    摘要 ( 161 )   PDF (37KB) ( 59 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new method for the fast extraction of microcystins RR and LR in cyanobacterium was developed using carbon dioxide supercritical fluid. The microcystins were successfully extracted with 90% aqueous methanol modified CO2. The method developed here has several advantages over solid phase extraction sample preparation technique for the analysis of microcysins.

    Determination of Pidotimod in Human Plasma by RP-HPLC
    LI Xiao-Qing, WEI Jun, YAN Ping, XIE Jian-Wei
    1999, 20(S1):  222-222. 
    摘要 ( 216 )   PDF (46KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Pidotimod, a synthetic dipeptid, has been shown to affect in a positive way some immune functions in humans. It induces an increase in the expression of interleukin-2-T-lymphocyte receptor and can play an important role as an immunostimulating agent, improving immunodefences. The speration and determination of pidotimod in plasma was achieved by using Zorbax Rx-Cl8 colunm. with a guard column.

    Organic Profiles and Pattern Recognition Analysis for Clinical Applications
    Kyoung Rae Kim
    1999, 20(S1):  223-223. 
    摘要 ( 204 )   PDF (68KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Efficient gas chromatographic (GC) and capillary electrophoretic (CE) profiling methods were combined with simple pattern recognition methods for the correlation between urinary organic profiles (organic acids,polyamines and nucleosides) and uterine cervical cancer.For the urinary organic acid profiles, free organic acids were recovered by dual solid-phase extraction (SPE) in anion-exchange and normal-phase partition modes after methoximation of keto acids in alkalinized urine samples, followed by conversion to tert.-butyldimethylsilyl derivatives for the direct analysis by dual-capillary column GC.

    Simultaneous Capillary Electrophoretic Analysis of Flavonoids and Phenolic Acids in Plants
    Kyoung Rae Kim, Saanglim Ryu, Sookie La, Jung Han Kim, Sangjun Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  224-224. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (39KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An efficient capillary electrophoretic method is described for the simultaneous determination of hydroxylated and methoxylated flavonoids and phenolic acids present in plant extracts. The separation of samples injected in pressure injection mode was carried out using fused silica capillary in boric acid buffer (alkaline pH) containing SDS as pseudostationary phase and methanol as organic modifier with direct UV detection at 220nm.

    Gas Chromatographic Profiling and Screening for Phenols as O-Isobutoxycarbonyl Derivatives in Aqueous Samples
    Kyoung Rae Kim, Hyub Kim
    1999, 20(S1):  225-225. 
    摘要 ( 244 )   PDF (47KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An efficient gas chromatographic method is described for the simultaneous profiling and screening of phenol and substituted 49 phenols including nitrophenols, chlorophenols, alkylphenols, catechol and hydroquinone present in aqueous samples.

    Improvement of Particle Separation in Hollow Fiber Flow Field-Flow Fractionation
    Won Ju Lee, Byoung-Ryul Min, Myeong Hee Moon
    1999, 20(S1):  226-226. 
    摘要 ( 216 )   PDF (39KB) ( 62 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Flow field-flow fractionation (FIFFF) normally runs at a rectangular channel system constructed with two parallel blocks having permeable ceramic walls. In this work, a hollow fiber as another separation chamber for FIFFF system is utilized for the separation of nanoparticles and the separation efficiency in hollow-fiber flow field-flow fractionation (HF-FIFFF) has been greatly improved by experimentation.

    Size Characterization of Pharmaceutical Microspheres by Flow Field-Flow Fractionation
    Myeong Hee Moon, Keum-mi Kim
    1999, 20(S1):  227-227. 
    摘要 ( 202 )   PDF (43KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Flow field flow fractionation (FIFFF), one of the subtechniques in FFF family, is a separation technique that can be applied for the separation and characterization of particulate materials, biological macromolecules, and water soluble polymers. Separation in FIFFF is carried out in an empty channel by the interaction of applied field from an external source with flow. Retention of particles or macromolecules in FIFFF is governed by the relative protrusion of sample materials to the differential flow streamlines. Thus in FIFFF, particle size can be readily calculated from the experimental fractogram by theory or calibration.

    Interfacing ASE and HPLC for the Determination of PAH in Soil
    CHEN Chien-Wen, WANG Yun-Yuan, Gaston J. C. Wu
    1999, 20(S1):  228-228. 
    摘要 ( 200 )   PDF (29KB) ( 62 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A method is developed to couple an accelerated solvent extraction system (ASE) with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for the analysis of PAH in soil samples. The resolution of HPLC is well maintained while the advantages of ASE, fast extraction, less solvent consumption and ease of operation,are well expressed. The precision and accuracy of this method are verified by a series of analysis of reference material and the precision of retention from multiple injection indicates minimum loss of chromatographic resolution by the interface of this technique. Detection limits for the studied PAH range from 0.07 ng/Kg to 0.21 ng/Kg with fluorescence detector.

    A Quantitative Method by Gas Chromatography for Dibenzothiophene and Its Degrading-Products after Biodesulfurition
    CHANG Zhi-Dong, JIANG Cheng-Ying, YAO Ning, LIU Hui-Zhou
    1999, 20(S1):  229-229. 
    摘要 ( 195 )   PDF (52KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The petroleum is one of the most important industrial materials which contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sometimes nitrogen, sulfur and phosphor are also in it. When these oils that contain sulfur are refined or combusted, sulfur dioxide is produced, which is main air pollution today, the environmental conditions become worse and worse, it is significant to remove sulfur especially hetero-sulfur from petroleum.

    Isolation of a Strain of Desulfurizing Bacteria by Analyzing Degrading-products
    JIANG Cheng-Ying, CHANG Zhi-Dong, YAONing, WANG Rong, LIU Hui-Zhou
    1999, 20(S1):  230-230. 
    摘要 ( 254 )   PDF (62KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    All fossil fuels contain inorganic and organic sulfur compounds. The presence of sulfur contributes to corrosion of production and refining equipment, and burning these high-sulfur products emits sulfur oxides to the atmosphere, which to be responsible for acids rain. Environmental regulations throughout the world are drawn up more and more stringently. The microbial desulfurization process has been given much attention by researchers.

    Trace Detecting of Anionic Copolymer in System of Protein + Surfactant + Water
    YU Jiang, CHANG Zhi-Dong, LIU Hui-Zhou, CHEN Jia-Yong
    1999, 20(S1):  231-231. 
    摘要 ( 172 )   PDF (53KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Polymeric surfactants are used extensively in food and pharmaceutical industry. It can be used as a flocculant agent for separation of solid-liquid in the down-stream of chemical engineering, and also as an emulsifier/demulsifier in food industry. In order to understand the mechanism of adsorption of polymer towards particles, it is important to detect the adsorption amount of polymer on the surface of particles.

    Comparison of Microwave-assisted Extraction and Conventional Extraction Techniques for Quantitative Determination of Glycyrrhizic acid in Licorice Root by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    PAN Xue-JUN, LIU Hui-Zhou, JIA Guang-He, SHU Youn Yuen
    1999, 20(S1):  232-232. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (55KB) ( 30 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In the present study, a microwave-assisted extraction technique using microwave oven has been developed for the extraction of glycyrrhizic acid from licorice root. Licorice root was mixed with an appropriate solvent, such as ethanol, ethanol-water or ethanol-water-ammonia. The suspensions were irradiated under several seconds, but not allowed to boil.

    The Process Analysis of the Synthesis of Cyclohexyl Methyl Dichlorosilane by Gas Chromatograph
    ZHANG Rong-Hua, ZHU Zhong-Liang, LI Yi-Jiu, ZHOU You-Fu, NI Ya-Ming
    1999, 20(S1):  233-233. 
    摘要 ( 273 )   PDF (59KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    For the preparation of the cyclohexyl methyl dichlorosilane(CMD),it has been reported by Speier⑴ that the mixture of cyclohexene is sealed in a glass ampule and heated in boiling water. Endo disclosed a method in which the hydrosilylation is at 70℃ under irradiation. The present paper proposes a method for preparation of CMD under normal condition without high pressure and irradiation. The restriction on the manufacture facilities and apparatuses can be relieved and productivity can be remarkably enhanced, which permit the decrease of a manufactory cost. In order to improve the working efficiency and investigate the mechanism of the reaction, process analysis is employed based on gas chromatograph with valuable results obtained.

    Speciation Analysis of Organotin Compounds by Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Flame Photometric Detector using Quartz Surface-induced Tin Emission
    JIANG Gui-Bin, LIU Ji-Yan
    1999, 20(S1):  234-234. 
    摘要 ( 215 )   PDF (60KB) ( 52 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The growing concern about the fate of organotin in the environment created an imperative need for the development of faster, more sensitive and reliable methods for speciation analysis of organotin compounds. A novel method has been developed in our laboratory for the extraction and determination of butyltin species in water by solid phase microextraction (SPME) combined with capillary gas chromatography-flame photometric detector(GC-FPD).

    A Novel Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis for the Detection of Gene Mutation Using Immobilized Oligonucleotides-Polyacrylamide Conjugate
    Yoshiki Katavama, Yoshihisa Ozaki, Toshihiro Ihara, Mizuo Maeda
    1999, 20(S1):  235-235. 
    摘要 ( 204 )   PDF (68KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It has been found that small mutations of certain genes are the definitive origin of many heritable disorders and cancers with striking development of recent molecular biology. Such new findings have taken close-up of the importance of gene mutation assays based on the difference of DNA base sequences in diagnostic or medical field Capillary electrophoresis can be a good candidate for an ideal method on such gene analysis, because the methods can be performed with trace amount of samples, high resolution and shorter running time. We have established an effect of oligonucleotide, which was introduced onto capillary inner surface, on the recognition of an overall sequence of sample DNA fragments as an affinity ligand.

    Mechanism of Homogeneous Liquid-Liquid Extraction
    Masaaki Tabata
    1999, 20(S1):  236-236. 
    摘要 ( 237 )   PDF (57KB) ( 57 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Extraction mechanism and solvent structure were studied for the solvent extraction of cationic porphyrin (5,10,15,20-tetrakis(l-methyl-pyridinium-4-yl) porphyrin; H2(tmpyp)4+, and its metalloporphyrins (MP(n+2)+-) into an acetonitrile phase separated from a 1:1 (v/v) mixture of acetonitrile with water by addition of sodium chloride, where Mn+ denotes Zn2+, Cu2+,Co3+, Fe3+, and Mn3+, and H2P4+ is the free base form of H2tmpyp4+. The separated acetonitrile phase contains a lot of water (4.53 mol dm-3) and sodium chloride (2.49×10-2 mol dm-3) that afford to extract the highly charged chemical species of the above porphyrin or metalloporphyrins with perchlorate ion (X-). The extracted chemical species dissociate in the acetonitrile phase.

    Separation and Transport of Lithium of 10-5 M in the Presence of Sodium Chloride Higher than 0.1 M
    SUN Hai-Ping, Masaaki Tabata
    1999, 20(S1):  237-237. 
    摘要 ( 196 )   PDF (56KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Lithium is an important element for lithium battery and clinical treatment of manic depression. Thus,rapid and accurate methods for the determination of lithium and its separation and collection of lithium in recycle are receiving a great concern. Because of the high concentrations of Na+ in sea water and blood, very high Li+/Na+ selectivity is required for the separation and determination of Li+ at concentration less than 10-4 M (700 ppb) in a large excess of Na+. We report here the methods of separation, transport and determination of lithium as low as 10-5 M (M=mol dm-3) in the presence of Na+ more than 0.1 M by using a water-soluble octabromoporphyrin; H2P4-) synthesized in our laboratory.

    Analysis of Air Toxic Compounds by Using Chromatography and Computer-Assisted FTIR Intelligent Method
    XU Guo-Wang, ZHANG Yun, ZHANG Yu-Kui, WEI Fu-Sheng
    1999, 20(S1):  238-238. 
    摘要 ( 150 )   PDF (65KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In the Title Ⅲ of Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990,a list of 189 air toxic compounds were identified to be controlled from stationary source emissions,which means that US EPA must have the capability to quantitatively measure the emissions of these pollutants. FTIR is considered to have great potential in measurement emissions of substantial number of toxic organic air pollutants of interest to US EPA. However,not much of the FTIR work was conducted for stationary source emissions, and too little is known about its applicability and reliability for monitoring toxic air pollutant source emissions. US EPA needs a worldwide international cooperation to understand the advantages and disadvantages of FTIR and signed the cooperative agreement with us in 1994:Research on FTIR (Including its Utility) for Monitoring Toxic Air Pollutants in Stack Gas Emissions (Contract No.:CR822820-01).

    Chiral HPLC of Amino Acids Using Chemically Modified Chitosan as the Stationary Phase
    Yoshiaki Kurauchi, Atsushi Yoshida, Kumi Kuroda, Takanori Inoue, Kazuya Ohga
    1999, 20(S1):  239-239. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (55KB) ( 58 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The chiral recognition ability of chitosan is enhanced by chemical modifications. For example, chitosans modified with phenylcarbamate or cyclodextrin were used as good stationary phases for the chiral HPLC separation of aromatic alcohols or amino acid derivatives2>, respectively. We report here the preparation of chitosans having an a -amino acid moiety in the glucosamine unit and their chiral recognition behavior toward a -amino acids under ligand-exchange chromatographic separation mode.

    Enantioseparation of α-Amino Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis Using L-Cysteine-Modified Cyclodextrins as Chiral Selectors
    JIN Yang, Naoyoshi Egashira, Takanori Inoue, Yoshiaki Kurauchi, Kazuya Ohga
    1999, 20(S1):  240-240. 
    摘要 ( 195 )   PDF (55KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is a powerful separation technique that was used in a wide range of analytical chemical applications. Cyclodextrins(CDs) are the most commonly used chiral selectors in chiral capillary electrophoresis at the present time. Under neutral conditions, however, native CDs are neutral and usually applicable only for the enantioseparation of charged analyses. To overcome this defect we modified α- and β-CD with a L-cysteine moiety and used the CD derivatives as chiral selectors for the separation of a-amino acid enantiomers by the ligand exchange mode.

    Determination of Atmospheric Methyl Bromide by Gas Chromatography
    ZHONG Jin-Xian
    1999, 20(S1):  241-241. 
    摘要 ( 148 )   PDF (26KB) ( 75 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The bromomethane is an important substance for the destruction of ozone layer. Its source from mankind release is mainly agricultural use as soil fumigant and pesticide. Khalil et al. derived an annual increase of (3±1)% for the globe their content in the atmosphere during 1988-1992 through a detailed analysis of an extended series of sampling of CH3Br.

    Determination of Heavy Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Drinking Water, Ambient Air, Soils, Sediments and Food Stuffs by HPLC Method with Fluorescence Detection
    Dmitry B. Gladilovich, Natalia A. Majorova, Jaroslav S. Kamentzev
    1999, 20(S1):  242-242. 
    摘要 ( 212 )   PDF (53KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The methods for the determination of some heavy PAH in different objects by HPLC method with fluorescence detection have been developed. The following conditions for the separation of PAH have been chosen:The column 150 mm length, internal diameter 2.1 mm filled by reversible-phase sorbent Zorbax ODS (5 μ),mobile phase acetonutrile/water (80:20), the injected volume of sample concentrate 10 μ L, the velocity of mobile phase 200 μ L.min. The excitation region is 290-300 nm, the emission one is 350-420 nm. Under condition chosen the limit of detection are 5 pg for benz(a)pyrene,10 pg for pyrene and chrysene3 pg for benz(k)fluoranthene, and 20 pg for anthracene. The dynamic range is 3 order of magnitude. The reproducibility of peak highs is better than 5%.

    The Detection of Arylamines in Leather-An Interlaboratory Experience
    CHAN Chi-Kin
    1999, 20(S1):  243-243. 
    摘要 ( 262 )   PDF (65KB) ( 54 )  
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    Germany introduced in 1994 a ban on the import of coloured goods containing azo-dyes that can release carcinogenic aryl amines. Naturally the move aroused great concern from exporters in China and Hong Kong, in particular manufacturers of textile and leathery products.

    Determination of Chlorine Ion Constant in Magnesite by the Microcoulome Method
    HU Xiao-Jing, BAI Ling
    1999, 20(S1):  244-244. 
    摘要 ( 206 )   PDF (48KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Magnesite is widely used in industry and agriculture. In the clauses of some foreign trade contract, it is one of the important inspecting terms to determine Cl- content (generally, C1- content ≤ 0.01%). So far, there is no any good analysis standard and method. In this paper, We present a new and easy method to determine the low content of chlorine ion by microcoulome method. The experiment results show that the method is reliable, fast, and the determining range it can be used for is 0.0002%-1%.

    Determination of Aromatics in Mixed Benzene by Capillary Gas Chromatography
    BAI Ling, CAO Jian-Hua, MU Ming-Ren
    1999, 20(S1):  245-245. 
    摘要 ( 234 )   PDF (44KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A method for determining content of aromatics in mixed benzene by capillary gas chromatography has been developed. The method, using FFAP capillary column with program temperature and split injection mode, has separated at least 130 contents from mixed benzene. 29 kinds of aromatics and some non-aromatics such as paraffin, double-ring dienes are identified by MS. The results show that alkyl benzene, olefinic benzene, indene, naphthalene and its derivatives are the main aromatic content in mixed benzene.

    Highly Multiplexed Capillary Electrophoresis:Going Beyond DNA Analysis
    Edward S. Yeung, PANG Ho-Ming, XUE Gang, GONG Xiao-Yi
    1999, 20(S1):  246-246. 
    摘要 ( 193 )   PDF (38KB) ( 79 )  
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    Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is now a mature technique for analytical separations. In its various modes, impressive performance has been demonstrated for ionic as well as for neutral compounds. The Human Genome Project provided the impetus for developing multiple capillary systems.

    Preparation of High Performance Alumina PLOT Columns and Analysis of Light Hydrocarbons
    ZHAO Guo-Hong, WU Xing-Yang, LEI Xiao-Qiang
    1999, 20(S1):  247-247. 
    摘要 ( 209 )   PDF (50KB) ( 89 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    With the introduction of new capillary column coating technique.It has been realized to prepare gas chromatograph of very high resolution. There has been continued interest in extending the use of GSC adsorbent to capillary chromatography. Currently the film built up on the inner surface of the capillary column can be quite homogeneous and the separation efficiency of the column is increased as well. There have been numerous papers that describe the preparation of PLOT columns in detail. However, Owing to the complexity of the preparation of porous layer for capillary GSC. It is still urgently need to extensively study the preparation process in order to get desired capillary columns of high quality and good reproducibility. This paper describe a new coating method of high performance PLOT columns with alumina by means of liquid phase deposition other than dynamic or static coating techniques. The selectivity, reproducibility and separation power of the column in analysis of light hydrocarbons were examined.

    Intersection Point Rule for the Retention and Mobile Phase Composition of the Homologues in Reversed-Phase Capillary Electrochromatography
    WANG Yi-Hong, WANG Fu-An, WANG Cheng-Zhao, CHEN Hai-Song, JIANG Yuan-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  248-248. 
    摘要 ( 248 )   PDF (57KB) ( 45 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Capillary Electrochromatography is a kind of micro-separation techniques newly developed in resent years. It is of both high selectivity of HPLC and high efficiency of capillary electrophoresis. This subject is being studied widely now. However, still many imperative problems need to be explored in the respect of retention rule. In this paper,based on the retention rule in RP-HPLC, the intersection point rule for the retention of homologues and the volume fraction of the organic modifier in the mobile phase in the reversed-phase capillary electrochromatography (RP-CEC) was derived, and was testified by a lot of experimental data.

    Separation and Determination of bis (2,2,6,6- Tetramethyl-4-Piperidyl) Maleate and Its Reaction Solution with Ion Suppression Chromatography
    NIU Jun-Feng, WANG Fu-An, CHEN Hai-Song, SONG Jian-Chi, ZHAI Sheng-Li
    1999, 20(S1):  249-249. 
    摘要 ( 218 )   PDF (64KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Bis (2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl) maleate (BPM) is a kind of intermediate for newer hindered amine light stabilizer, being of high value for study and application. However, the report about the analysis of BPM and its reaction solution has not been seen till now. In the synthesis reaction solution of BPM, besides great quantity of solvent,xylene mixture, ethyl benzene, there are a little unreacted dimethyl maleate (DMM), 2,2,6,6,-tetramethyl-4-piperdinol (TMP) and BPM. BPM is weekly alkaline polyfunctional organic compound, dissociating easily in aqueous solution. When analyzing it with common liquid chromatography,some problems such as trailing peaks, asymmetric peaks, low resolution, unstable retention time will appear. In this paper,the ion suppression chromatography (ISC) technique was successfully used in BPM synthesis process to separate and analyze,quantitatively the raw material, reaction solution and product. The experimental result is of a certain value in guiding the study on BPM synthesis.

    The Parameters of Intersection Point Equation Between Retention and Carbon Number for Homologues in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
    ZHUO Li-Hong, WANG Fu-An, CHEN Hai-Song, JIANG Yuan-Li, ZHU Ji-Qin
    1999, 20(S1):  250-250. 
    摘要 ( 189 )   PDF (54KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) techniques have been developing rapidly, now much attention has been paid to the research for its thermodynamic basis. Based on thermodynamic theory, we have derived the straight linear relationship between the logarithm of capacity factor and carbon number for homologues in SFC. There is a common intersection point among the ln k' vs. n straight lines of homologues at different temperatures. We can determine the intersection point equation of homologues in SFC.

    The Rule of the Separation Factor Changing with Carbon Number for Fullerenes in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
    CHEN Hai-Song, ZHUO Li-Hong, LI Yao, WANG Fu-An, WANG Yi-Hong
    1999, 20(S1):  251-251. 
    摘要 ( 207 )   PDF (69KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    At present a big part of fullerenes are produced from high pure graphite electrode, and the products are mixtures of C60, C70 etc. Because they are of very similar structure, their physical and chemical properties are very similar,so the separation of the mixture is one of the most interesting subjects. Recently,HPLC is generally applied to do this work, and this method is now still in the phase of research and development. Based on the work of other people and on thermodynamic theory of chromatography, a quantitative relationship model between the separation factor and carbon number of fullerenes in HPLC is proposed in this paper,and verified successfully by different author's experimental data in different papers.

    Preparation and Evaluation of Calix[8]arene Bonded Silica Stationary Phase for High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    XIAO Xiang-Zhu, FENG Yu-Qi, DA Shi-Lu, ZHANG Yan
    1999, 20(S1):  252-252. 
    摘要 ( 181 )   PDF (59KB) ( 27 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In recent years, calix[n]arenes (n=4,5,6,7,8) as stationary phase have been introduced into the field of chromatography. In our previous works, we have synthesized, characterized and evaluated two different silica-bonded calix[n]arenes (n=4,6) stationary phase, on which the chromatographic behavior of PAHs, positional isomers,nucleosides and bases was investigated. In this paper we report the preparation of calix[8]arene bonded silica stationary phase, and characterization of its structure and chromatographic behavior.

    Preparation and Characterization of Zirconia-Magnesia Support Modified by Alkylphosphonic Acid for Liquid Chromatography
    FENG Yu-Qi, ZHANG Qing-He, DA Shi-Lu, ZHANG Yan
    1999, 20(S1):  253-253. 
    摘要 ( 226 )   PDF (64KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Interest in zirconia as a chromatography support has increased considerably recently because of its chemical inertness and its promise as a useful support. We have reported the preparation of spherical zirconia and characterization of its chromatographic behavior. However, the zirconia was found unsatisfactory for its chromatographic efficiency, probably owing to the poor pore structure of it. In this paper, we for the first time report the preparation of alkylphosphonic acid modified zirconia-magnesia stationary phase, and characterization of its structure and chromatographic behavior.

    Study on the Mathematical Pattern of Micro-components in Famous White Spirit Jiannanchun by Gas Chromatography
    CHEN Zhi-Li, HE Qiao-Sang, FENG Jian-Yue
    1999, 20(S1):  254-254. 
    摘要 ( 231 )   PDF (63KB) ( 32 )  
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    Following the widespread improving living standard, the consumption of white spirit is having a great increase day by day. Because of the spirit vary in quality, a reliable scientific method is desired to distinguish genuine from sham white spirit. The more common method for determination of spirit is to use sense organ by judge. The results are often effected with the judge's experience, health situation and environmental conditions. In our research, the micro-components with a special flavor of ten samples of the 38% alcohol Jiannanchun are determined by capillary GC, and the quality model are established by mathematical cluster analysis. It was verified with known genuine from sham white spirit,the results are satisfied us.

    Study on the Identification of Genuine from Sham Cigarette by Using Gas Chromatography-Mathematical Cluster Analysis
    FENG Jian-Yue
    1999, 20(S1):  255-255. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (62KB) ( 30 )  
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    Cigarette smoking is harmful for your health. In order to decrease the toxic components in cigarette, the research of cigarette components is causing more and more attention. In previous research, studies on small molecular and volatile components that largely come into the lungs and air have not paid enough attention. We try to research the volatile components in Hongtashan cigarette by adsorption wire-GC with high sensitivity. The mathematical pattern for quality of the cigarette has been established by chemical pattern recognized technology. It is satisfactory that the known genuine from sham cigarette are tested and verified by our method.

    Analysis for the Isomers of Naphthylamine by Reversed-Phase HPLC with Temperature Controlled
    XIAO Ru-Ting, LI Nai-Xuan, WU Zhi-Dong, GE Ming, DONG Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  256-256. 
    摘要 ( 226 )   PDF (73KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Generally, the analysis of isomers by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) requires the liquid-solid adsorption chromatography (LSC) since few satisfactory separations of isomers can be achieved by regular reversed-phase chromatography. Because the moisture absorption from air by the mobile phase will change markedly the separable property of isomers on LSC system, the analysis of isomers by LSC is still a troublesome problem.

    Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene - Promising Column Packing Material for Preconcentrationand HPLC Analysis of Organic Compounds
    V. A. Davankov, M. M. Ilvin, M. P. Tsyurupa, N. A. Penner, P. N. Nesterenko
    1999, 20(S1):  257-257. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (72KB) ( 52 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Hypercrosslinked polystyrene, first introduced by Davankov and Tsyurupa, is obtained by an extensive crosslinking of polystyrene (or styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers) in a dissolved (or highly swollen) state. In the case that the cross bridges are conformationally restricted, a spacious, rigid, open-structure network forms that provides the material with a complex of unusual properties,such as, the ability to swell in any kind of liquid, strongly adsorb all organic compounds both from aqueous and gaseous media. Manufactured by Purolite Int. (UK), the hypercrosslinked materials Macronet Hypersol MN have found large scale application as absorbents with unprecedented capacities, e.g., for waste water detoxification, sugar syrup decolonization, etc.

    Miniaturization of Slab Gel Electrophoresis Using Thermal Lens Microscope and its Application to Genetic Diagnostics
    ZHENG Jin-Jian, Odake Tamao, Kitamori Takehikot, Sawada Tsuguo
    1999, 20(S1):  258-258. 
    摘要 ( 230 )   PDF (66KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Slab gel electrophoresis is the most widely used separation method for DNA fragments, proteins and carbohydrates, and miniaturization of this process is expected to provide fast, inexpensive and convenient analyses. However, two problems concerning the miniaturization of gel electrophoresis have to be solved:the separation performance and spatial resolution of the detector. We demonstrated that the separation performance was improved by using a discontinuous gel in which a concentrating gel was used to stack the sample to a sharp band, and using thermal lens microscope (TLM), which is highly sensitive and has a spatial resolution of micron level even in light scattering matrices as a gel, such sharpened separated bands were successfully detected. In this paper, we developed a miniaturized slab gel electrophoresis apparatus, demonstrated high speed separation of DNA fragments, and applied it to genetic diagnosis of coronary heart disease.

    Use of Artificial Neural Networks to Determine the Gas Chromatographic Retention Index data of Alkylbenzenes on Squalane (SQ)
    YAN Ai-Xia, HU Zhi-De
    1999, 20(S1):  259-259. 
    摘要 ( 219 )   PDF (57KB) ( 36 )  
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    Quantitative structure-property relationships (QSARs) quantify the connection between the structure and properties of molecules and allow the prediction of properties from structural parameters. Models of relationships between structure and retention index of aLkylbenzenes were constructed by means of a multilayer neural network using Extended Delta-Bar-Delta (EDBD) algorithms1'1. The 78 group data (taken from reference) belong to 33 alkylbenzenes under different temperatures on SQ. Considered,each of them has a same part of phenyl, each was uniquely presented by a set of numeric codes of 6 numbers depending on its substituents. Some examples were shown in Table 1. A set of six numbers and the temperature were used as input parameters to predict the retention indexes. The data were randomly divided into two sets:training set (60 members) and testing set (18 members) The structures of networks and the learning times were optimized. The best structure of network is 7-4-1 and the optimum learning times is about 750 epochs.

    Analysis of Organic Pollutants in Aqueous Samples by Supercritical Fluid Extraction Combined with Solid Phase Adsorption
    YOU Jing, WANG Guo-Jun
    1999, 20(S1):  260-260. 
    摘要 ( 254 )   PDF (65KB) ( 37 )  
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    The application of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) to prepare samples in analytical laboratories is a rapidly expanding area. In comparison with traditional extraction methods, SFE have many advantages, such as short time, low consumption, low pollution, high precision and high selectivity. SFE of analytes from aqueous samples has received little attention as compared with the SFE of solid samples. Since it is difficult to prevent the coextraction of water with the contaminants, which would result in the plugging of the restrictor, generally, SFE is combined with solid phase adsorption (SPA) in treating aqueous samples.

    New Gas Chromatograph Column and Transformation Oven for Transformer Oil Analysis
    WANG Guo-Jun, OU Qing-Yu
    1999, 20(S1):  261-261. 
    摘要 ( 235 )   PDF (45KB) ( 47 )  
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    A new gas chromatograph column and a transformation oven for analysis of transformer oil are described in the present paper. The transformation oven is made using a metallic capillary with the length of 3cm. The analysis of seven compounds, including H2, CO, CH4, CO2, C2H4, C2H6 and C2H2, in the transformer oil be completed with only one column and by only one injection using this method. Figure 1 is the GC chromatogram of seven compounds in the transformer oil. Table 1 shows the transformation rates of CO and CO2 in different transformation temperatures and column temperatures, respectively. The transformation oven designed has high transformation rate, long life and thus can reduce the cost of the instrument.

    Affinity Chromatography with Triazine Dyes Immobilized onto Poly(styrene-divinylbenzene)(PSDVB) Microbeads
    SHEN Li, XIONG Bo-Hui, CONG Run-Zhi, WANG Jun-De
    1999, 20(S1):  262-262. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (62KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Recently high-performance liquid affinity chromatography (HPLAC) has been developed very rapidly. There are many materials used as affinity sorbents. The rigid PSDVB microbeads are widely used because of their chemical stability in the entire pH range.

    Rapid Separation of Proteins with Monodisperse Porous Polystyrene-Divinylbenzene(PS/DVB) Chromatographic Packings
    XIONG Bo-Hui, SHEN Li, CONG Run-Zi, WANG Jun-De
    1999, 20(S1):  263-263. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (71KB) ( 59 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It has been recognized for half a century that stagnant mobile phase mass transfer is a dominant limitation in liquid chromatography. The resolution is seriously affected at high mobile phase velocity. One approach to solve this problem is to eliminate the pores. Through the use of 1~2 μm non-porous particles it has been possible to carry out protein separations an order of magnitude faster,albeit at the expense of diminished loading capacity and high operating pressure. A second alternative is to cause liquid to flow through the particles. Because convective transports is much more rapid than that achieved by diffusion, these materials can also be used at an order of magnitude higher velocity for mobile phase in protein separations.

    Capillary Gas Chromatographic Determination of Beverage Containing No Alcohol Made by All-bacterium Zymosis
    ZHANG Jin-An, SHI Jing-Jiang
    1999, 20(S1):  264-264. 
    摘要 ( 168 )   PDF (59KB) ( 36 )  
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    Beverage made by all-bacterium zymosis is the advanced one, which contains a lot of nutritious constituents like amino acids, vitamins and so on. Amino acid is a requisite nutrition for human being. Hence, the measuring of amino acid in all kinds of food is of great importance in evaluating food quality. Among many methods dealing with the measurements of amino acid, capillary gas chromatography is more often used because of its good rapidity, sensitivity, selectivity and so on.

    Separation of Naproxen Enantiomers by Chiral Stationary Phase Method of High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    XU Xiu-Zhu, SHI Jie-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  265-265. 
    摘要 ( 221 )   PDF (45KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Separation of enantiomers is a very urgent problem in biochemical medicine and unsymmetry synthesize. High performance liquid chromatography is a powerful means in separation of enantiomers. In this study chiral stationary phase method of high performance liquid chromatography was used to separate Naproxen enantiomers, the derivative of (RS)-2-(6-methoxyl-2-naphthyl) propionic acid (namely mixed acid sample). Photodiode array detector was used to do qualitative analysis.

    Analysis of Organic Pollutants in Dye Waste Water
    XU Gen-Liang
    1999, 20(S1):  266-266. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (43KB) ( 33 )  
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    There are many noxious, harmful and difficulty biological resolved pollutants in dye waste water which will harm the water environment if it is drained off directly. Analyzing compositions and contents of organic pollutants in dye waste water is the important basis to define the control and harness technology of waste water. In this study, reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography was used to analyze quantitatively waste water of nitrify and reduction stages of 3-Amino-4-methoxyl aniline、waste water of 2, 6- DichIoro-4-nitro-aniline and waste water at upper reaches and below reaches of factory general waste drains in dye chemical plants.

    New Absorption Measurement Technique for a Super-thin Cell and its Application as a CE Detector
    YANG Peng-Yuan, XU Chong-Feng
    1999, 20(S1):  267-267. 
    摘要 ( 171 )   PDF (54KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    There are some increasing needs to consider the light absorption of a super-thin optical path. For example, in the areas of microelectronics and mechanics system (MEMS),it is possible now to fabricate an absorption flow cell in a few nm or μm scale for the optical path. In the other area of molecule separation, chemists and biochemists often apply the high-performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) to separate proteins and other big bio-molecules. The commonly used detector in HPCE is based on the UV-VIS light absorption, and has a thin cell in a diameter of 20-50 μm with the detection limit of 10-5 to 10-6 mol/L. It is understood that the problems associated with such a thin absorption cell are the low sensitivity and worse signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. These problems restrict many useful applications of the super-thin cell in various purposes of light absorption measurements.

    Preparation and Evaluation of Oxidized Polysaccharide Coated Capillary for CE
    SHENG Li, FANG Mei, ZHAO Rui, LIU Guo-Quan
    1999, 20(S1):  268-268. 
    摘要 ( 187 )   PDF (67KB) ( 101 )  
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    Polysaccharide with molecular weight of 100KD was oxidized by periodic acid and covalently bound onto the surface of capillary. The electroosmotic flow of the coated capillary decreased at pH 4-8. Basic proteins can be separated by high-performance electrophoresis with the coated capillary with good reproducibility.

    The Methodological Studies on the Determination of Propofol by HPLC
    WANG Guo-Lan, ZHOU Li-Chun, YU Li
    1999, 20(S1):  269-269. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (40KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Propofol injection is a new veinal narcotic medicine which was produced by Finland Leiras company. The former method examined of propofol is by GC method. Now a new HPLC method was developed for the determination of propofol. The method is rapid, accurate and stable.

    HPLC Examination of Polyene Phosphatidylcholine and Relative Substance in Yishanfu Capsules
    ZHOU Li-Chun, ZHANG Tong, WANG Wei
    1999, 20(S1):  270-270. 
    摘要 ( 295 )   PDF (46KB) ( 43 )  
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    Yishanfu Capsules is a new medicine which was produced by Beijing RHONE-POULENC RORER company. The active substance in Yishanfu Capsules is Polyene Phosphatidylcholine. Generally polyene Phosphatidylcholine is examined by TLC method. Now A new HPLC method was developed for the determination of Polyene Phosphatidylcholine and Relative Substance in Yishanfu Capsules.

    Studies on Extraction and Separation of Flavonoids Effective Constituents in Natural Plant Panzerina
    ZOU Shu-Xian, YAO Jun-Xue, GUO Lan-Fen
    1999, 20(S1):  271-271. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (50KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Panzerina belongs to Labiate Panzerina Plant which was totally applied to medical treatment of gynaecological disease by mongolian doctor in Nei Monggol.

    Determination of Oxolinic Acid in Toasted Eel Tissue by Microwave Extraction and HPLC with Fluorescence Detection
    CHEN Meng, YUAN Dong-Xing, XU Peng-Xiang
    1999, 20(S1):  272-272. 
    摘要 ( 262 )   PDF (48KB) ( 56 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Oxolinic acid (OXA) is a synthetic quinolone antimicrobial agent extensively used to treat infections in fish farming. Determination of oxolinic acid residue in food products made from such fish is required for safety and trade export.

    Speciation Analysis of Mercury in Water and Human Urine Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry after Solid Phase Disk Extraction
    HU Guang-Lin, HUANG Li, CHEN Xi, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  273-273. 
    摘要 ( 167 )   PDF (81KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In recent years, there has been growing interest in the field of mercury speciation analysis. Mercury speciation analysis of water or urine matrices are necessary for solving various environmental, biological or clinical problems. Due to the complexity of sample matrices and the low levels of mercury species, an extraction step, such as liquid-liquid extraction or solid phase cartridge extraction, is required for Hg speciation analysis to isolate and enrich analyte species from sample matrices. As a new experimental configuration, disks or membranes for solid phase extraction (SPE) have been utilized in recent years for the preparation of many different organic and environmental samples. However,the literature survey revealed that solid-phase disk extraction has received little attention in the field of elemental speciation analysis.

    Determination of Mercury Species in Human Urine by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
    HU Guang-Lin, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  274-274. 
    摘要 ( 144 )   PDF (65KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Monitoring urine mercury levels is helpful to estimating the extent of occupational, environmental and everyday exposure to mercury. Furthermore,mercury speciation has received wide attention all over the world in the past decades because of the close dependence of the toxicity of mercury on its chemical species.

    Identification and Determination of Mercury Binding Proteins in Rabbit Serum
    HU Guang-Lin, ZHUANG Zhi-Xia, SUN Da-Hai, WANG Xiao-Ru, WEI Jin-Feng, YANG Shi-Lin
    1999, 20(S1):  275-275. 
    摘要 ( 186 )   PDF (48KB) ( 42 )  
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    The medicinal use of cinnabar (HgS) has a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) science. On the other hand, mercury is realized as a public hazard and toxicological effects associated with mercury containing compounds are well documented. Therefore, mercury speciation analysis of blood from subjects,who have taken HgS containing TCM for a certain time period, is urgently needed to objectively evaluate the drug effect and toxicity mechanism of cinnabar.

    High Capacity Electrochemical Suppressor for Ion Chromatography
    HU Rong-Zong, CHEN Zhi-Chuan, WU Jin-Tian, LI Xiao-Bo, ZHAO Jian
    1999, 20(S1):  276-276. 
    摘要 ( 165 )   PDF (67KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The suppressor column for Ion Chromatography (IC) is one of important parts in the IC system. The conventional suppressor column, packed with a suitable ion-exchange resin, must be regenerated periodically. This drawback has been overcome by introduction of the ion-exchange fiber suppressor (FS) and micro-membrane suppressor(MMS). However, since the operation of FS and MMS are based on the diffusion principle, some problems such as complex construction, higher-pressure drop along the column and valuable price arise. In order to overcome these weaknesses an electrochemical suppressor (ES), which is based on the electrochemical principle,was developed by us. Although ES is superior to FS and MMS in principle,structure and operating its suppression capacity is lower than MMS.

    Analysis of Codeine in Urine and Opiate Sample by Solid-Phase Microextraction (SPME) and Gas Chromatography——Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
    WANG Yi-Ru, WANG Xiao-Ru, Frank S. C. Lee, WANG-Bo
    1999, 20(S1):  277-277. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (66KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The growth of the illegal heroin use has stimulated widespread testing for its abuse. However, since the heroin metabolizes quickly in the human body and not reliably detected in urine,its metabolites are by necessity the analytical targets for the detection of its intake. Of the metabolites of street heroin,codeine is important one. Thus,the analysis of codeine in urine also become an important application for the detection of street heroin intake. There are extensive literature on the determination of codeine in biological samples using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry(GC/MS). In those methods,the analytes were isolated by liquid-liquid or solid-phase extraction from the urine. Such procedure suffers from the requirement of high purity solvent and time consuming.

    The Comparison of Different Stationary Phases for the Analysis of Methamphtamine by Solid-phase Microextraction (SPME) and Gas Chromatography——Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
    WANG Yi-Ru, WANG Xiao-Ru, Frank S. C. Lee
    1999, 20(S1):  278-278. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (61KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Methamphtamine is a kind of drug used as central nervous system stimulants, which has been widely abused. The drug is analyzed both for therapeutic value and in forensic medicine and toxicology. Though liquid-liquid extraction and solid-phase extraction are two kinds of common extractant method for the analysis of methamphtamine in urine,they both need high purity solvent. Recently, Lord reported the method optimization for the analysis of amphetamines in urine by head-space solid-phase microextraction. Compareing with the liquid-liquid extraction and solid-phase extraction, solid-phase microextraction has the advantages of more simple, quick operation, high efficiency and solvent free.

    Diastereoisomeric Separation of (R,S)-l,l'-Binaphthalene-2,2'-Diol-Mono-[(-)-Menthyl] Carbonate by RP-HPLC
    RUAN Yuan-Ping, CHEN An-Qi, LIU Wen-Yuan, ZHENG Jin-Li, HUANG Pei-Qiang
    1999, 20(S1):  279-279. 
    摘要 ( 177 )   PDF (58KB) ( 43 )  
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    (R)-l,l'-binaphthalene-2,2'-diol-mono-[(-)-menthyl] carbonate (1) and (S)-l,l'-binaphthalene-2,2'-diol-mono-[(-)-menthyl] carbonate (2) are two new compounds synthesized from racemic binaphthol by diastereoselective crystalization after derivatization with (-)-menthyl chloroformate. Reduction of these monoesters would afford pure enantiomers of binaphthol, which are important C2-symmetrical compouds for asymmetric catalysis and the starting material for many other important chiral binaphthyl compounds.

    Enantiomeric Resolution of N,β,γ-trisubstituted-y-Lactams by HPLC on Chiralcel OB Column
    RUAN Yuan-Ping, HUANG Pei-Qiang, GAO Jing-Xing
    1999, 20(S1):  280-280. 
    摘要 ( 237 )   PDF (51KB) ( 27 )  
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    Many enantiomeric N,β,γ-substituted-γ-lactams are important intermediates for the asymmetric synthesis of biologically active alkaloids and >β-hydroxy-γ-amino acids. In this study,three N,β,γ-substituted-lactams,i.e. trans-l-benzyl-4-benzyloxy-5-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (1), trans-l-benzyl-4-hydroxy-5-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (2) and 3-acetyloxy-1-phenyl-pyrrolidine-2,5-dione (3), were synthesized in both racemic and optically active form in our laboratary. This paper reports the chromatographic resolution of these γ-lactams by HPLC on Chiralcel OB column (25 cm×4.6 mm I.D.).The results are showed in Table 1.

    Separation of Morphine, Caffeine, Methamphetamine and Codeine by High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis
    CHEN Wei, CHEN Xi, JIA Li, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  281-281. 
    摘要 ( 155 )   PDF (72KB) ( 37 )  
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    Drug abuse is a serious and growing social problem, thus developing methods for simultaneously detecting various illicit drugs are of considerable importance. Methamphetamine and opiate are illicit drugs consumed commonly. As morphine, codeine and caffeine are main constituents presenting in the opiate, we can confirm the abuse of opiate by detecting morphine, codeine and caffeine in metabolin.

    Determination of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine by High-Performance Capillary Electrophoresis with UV Detection
    CHEN Wei, CHEN Xi, SUN Zhen-Hua, WANG Xiao-Ru, WANG Bo
    1999, 20(S1):  282-282. 
    摘要 ( 251 )   PDF (76KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Methamphetamine and amphetamine are well-known illicit drugs that have'a potent central nervous system stimulating effect. It is reported that methamphetamine is more addictive than heroin. The abuse of amphetamine and methamphetamine is increasing because they can be easily manufactured. There have been increasing interested in the development of analysis methods for methamphetamine and amphetamine. The determination of methamphetamine and amphetamine by gas chromatography (GC),GC-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), polarization fluoroimmunometry and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) have been reported. Recently, Kuroda and Trenerry have reported the separation of these two compounds by CE.

    Determination of Azithromycin by Antibiotics-Microbial Assay and HPLC
    GAO Yan-Xia, ZHANG Jing, ZHANG Zhe-Feng, ZHU Jian-Ping, XING Liang-Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  283-283. 
    摘要 ( 158 )   PDF (54KB) ( 33 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Quality of Azithromycin was determined using Antibiotics- Microbial assay and HPLC. The analytical results demonstrsted that both methods were accurate.

    Simultaneous Determination of Pyridaben and Clofentezine in Wettable Powder by HPLC
    WANG Duo-Jia
    1999, 20(S1):  284-284. 
    摘要 ( 281 )   PDF (42KB) ( 36 )  
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    A 12% Pyridaben-clofentezine wettable powder is a newly developed acaricide which used to control mite and spawn with high efficiency and safety. Field trials demonstrated that pyridaben mixed with clofentezine will improve the efficacy of pesticide significantly. The method for simultaneous quantitative analysis of pyridaben and clofentezine within 10 min was studied in order to control the product quality strictly and quickly in the production process.

    Simultaneous Analysis of Some Metal Ions in Piperidinedithio-carbamate Chelates by Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography
    Won Lee, Seung Hoon Bahog, Eun Kyang Kim
    1999, 20(S1):  285-285. 
    摘要 ( 156 )   PDF (45KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Simultaneous analysis of Ni(Ⅱ), Pd(Ⅱ), Co(Ⅱ),Cu(Ⅱ) and Hg(Ⅱ) in piperidinedithio-carbamate(PDTC) chelates were investigated by reversed phase HPLC. The optimum conditions for the separation of PDTC metal chelates were examined with respect to the pH, extraction solvent and mobile phase strength. The metal ions in mixtures at trace level, chelated with PDTC, were successfully separated on Novapak Cl8 column using methanol/water(75:25) mixture as mobile phase. PDTC metal chelates were eluted in an acceptable range of capacity factor value (0

    Chiral Separations of Five Organic Catalysts by Cyclodextrin-modified Capillary Zone Electrophoresis
    ZHANG Xin-Xiang, HONG Feng, CHANG Wen-Bao, Cl Yun-Xiang, LI Yue-Lan, GUAN Ye-Di
    1999, 20(S1):  286-286. 
    摘要 ( 178 )   PDF (58KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Chiral separation is very important and become a significant task of analytical chemistry in many fields. Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is a technique undergoing rapid development for chiral separation at the present time. With its high efficiency, simple operation, and extremely small sample volume,CE has become a powerful tool for chiral separation. There are many chiral selectors, such as cyclodextrins (CDs), proteins, chiral surfactants, antibiotics, bile salts, using in CE chiral separation. CDs has been most wildly used in them. Cyclodextrin (CD) is a cyclic sugar made of certain glucose units in which each has 5 chiral centers and it shows the shape of cavity with a big end and a small end. The inside of CD is hydrophobic and the outside is hydrophilic. The chiral selectivity of CD comes from the formation of host-guest compound between CD and analytes. The differences of the hydrogen-bond and the other interactions between CD and two enantiomers cause enantio-selectivity.

    The Effect of Secondary Chromatography on Quantitative TLC
    Irena Vovk, Mirko Prosek
    1999, 20(S1):  287-287. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (55KB) ( 27 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Most of TLC analysis are performed in the UV and visible spectral region by measuring reflectance with a slit-scanning densitometer or a CCD camera (1-3). However, such measurements are restricted only to the surface of the TLC plate and do not take into account the vertical sub-surface concentration distribution governed by secondary chromatography (4-7) within the sorbent. It is therefore important to investigate effects connected with secondary chromatography in order to reveal their origin, and to. estimate their impact on the results of TLC measurements and their reproducibility.

    Headspace Gas Chromatographic Determination of Methanol in Artificial and Bad Wine
    Li Chang-Hai, WANG Wei-Xia
    1999, 20(S1):  288-288. 
    摘要 ( 209 )   PDF (36KB) ( 41 )  
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    A method was developed for determining methanol in variety of artificial alcohol and bad wine by gas chromatography. The methanol in samples need not extract and chromatograph.

    The Residue Analysis of Cyhalothrin and Fenvalerate in Tomato Jam
    ZHANG Qin, HUANG Yong-Liang, ZHENG Di-Mei
    1999, 20(S1):  289-289. 
    摘要 ( 189 )   PDF (66KB) ( 41 )  
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    A specific chromatography with packed glass column for determining the residue of cyhalothrin and fenvalerate in tomato jam has been set-up in the analysis process. The method has a good resolution and sensitivity. The average recoveries are 90.5 and 94.0% respectively, and the coefficients of variation are 3.8 and 1.1% respectively, and the detected lowest concentrations are 0.002 and 0.001 mg/kg respectively, for the two pesticides.

    Effective Mutual Separation of Europium(Ⅲ) from Gadolinium(Ⅲ) by Using ODS Modified with Bis(l,l,3,3-tetramethylbutyl) phosphinic acid——Extraction Chromatography in HGlyc Acid-HN03 System
    WANG Qiu-Quan, HUANG Ben-Li, Kin-ichi TSUNODA, Hideo AKAIWA
    1999, 20(S1):  290-290. 
    摘要 ( 186 )   PDF (68KB) ( 40 )  
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    It is well known that lanthanides is one of the most difficult groups of elements to be separated in the periodical table because of the so-called lanthanide contraction. Among lanthanides,the 4f orbital of gadolinium(Ⅲ) is half-filled——4f7,such a stable configuration leads to the effects from coordination field weaker on gadolinium than that on the adjacent lanthanides, and the stabilities of gadolinium(Ⅲ) complexes somewhat lower than those of europium(Ⅲ) in some cases.

    Improved Mutual Separation of Some Metal Ions by Introducing Sulfur Atom in Bis(l,l,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phosphinic Acid
    WANG Qiu-Quan, Masayuki Yoshinaga, Sohei Ikeda., Kin-ichi Tsunoda, Hideo Akaiwa
    1999, 20(S1):  291-291. 
    摘要 ( 195 )   PDF (51KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Hard and Soft Acids and Bases Principle (HSAB Principle) of Pearson, Jensen, Davies and Hartley, which consider a metal ion as a Lewis acid and a monodentate ligand as a Lewis base, had been used to evaluate the interaction between a central metal ion and the donor atom of a ligand.

    Evaluation of Dissolved Species of Rare Earth Elements in Environmental and Biological Samples by Cation Exchange Chromatography and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrum
    WANG Qiu-Quan, LIU Jian-Li, HUANG Ben-Li, YANG Li-Min, GUO Xu-Ming, WANG Xiao-Ru, YUAN Dong-Xing
    1999, 20(S1):  292-292. 
    摘要 ( 161 )   PDF (65KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    As the separation and purification methods of rare earth elements(REEs) were well developed,REEs have been widely used at present in many fields of industry and agriculture. The widespread application of REEs as the additives in fertilizers will inherently lead to their residues in environment, accumulation in organism,and entering into a food chain. The bioavailability and toxicity of REEs mainly depend on its dissolved species which can be partly assimilated by plants and animals,thus, the speciation of REEs in environment and organisms becomes more and more important today.

    Lower limit and Non-linearity of Calibration in the Determination of Cations by Ultralow Background Conductance Suppressed Ion Chromatography
    Dong Soo Lee, Bo Kyung Lee, Kyu-Ja Whang
    1999, 20(S1):  293-293. 
    摘要 ( 149 )   PDF (59KB) ( 33 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Non-linear calibration is one major drawback of suppressed conductivity ion chromatography and thus, it has been subjected to intensive investigations over the last two decades. The investigations are mostly confined to anion chromatography using weak base eluents like carbonate because the extent of non-linearity is proportional to dissociation constant, Ka, of the suppressed eluate.

    A Theoretical Study on the Relationships between Kohlrausch' Regulating Function and Moving Chemical Reaction Boundary
    CAO Cheng-Xi, CHEN Wen-Kui
    1999, 20(S1):  294-294. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (77KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In 1897, Kohlrausch formulated an electrophoretic mathematics model. By using the model conjoined with divergence theorem, electroneutrality condition and some assumptions, for instance constant relative mobility and no diffusion and convection, He derived the so-called beharrliche function,viz.,Kohlrausch' regulating function1. The function shows that, for a steady-state boundary, the sums of the ionic concentrations divided by their mobilities on either side homogeneity solutions of a boundary are the same values and instead constant as a function of time and location. The regulating function is of university importance. It is found the function is of validity for moving boundary electrophoresis, isotachophoresis (ITP), zone electrophoresis(ZE) and isoelectric focusing (IEF),including capillary electrophoresis(CE).

    Isolation of Lectins from the Kidney Bean, Phaseolus valgaris L
    SONG Li-Jun, LIN Yu-Juan, CAI Jian-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  295-295. 
    摘要 ( 168 )   PDF (42KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    From the seeds of red kidney bean (Phaseolus valgaris L.), two protein constituents named PV3 and PV5 have been isolated and purified by extraction with PB buffer, S-Sepharose Fast Flow column chromatography (Fig.l).

    Microwave Assisted Solvent Extraction of Poly Vinyl Chloride for Analysis of Plasticizers by Gas Chromatography (GC/FID)
    Michael D. Miller
    1999, 20(S1):  296-296. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (41KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Analysis of plasticizers in poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is critical to ensuring that finished products have the specified performance characteristics. The analytical process requires solvent extraction of the sample followed by gravimetric and/or GC/FID analysis. The traditional Soxhlet apparatus used for sample preparation is time consuming, uses large volumes of solvent, and is costly. Microwave Assisted Solvent Extraction (MASE) utilizes small solvent volumes and control of extraction solvent temperatures above normal atmospheric boiling points, dramatically shortening the time and cost required to extract plasticizers from PVC.

    Enantiomeric Recognition of Continuous Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Rod Prepared by In Situ Method
    ZHOU Jie, HE Xi-Wen, GAO Zhi
    1999, 20(S1):  297-297. 
    摘要 ( 167 )   PDF (75KB) ( 35 )  
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    Molecularly imprinted polymers have been successfully utilized as tailor-made separation media possessing a predetermined selectivity in liquid chromatograph for amino derivatives, drugs and so on. To date, most of molecularly imprinted polymers have been obtained as blocks. However, it is necessary to prepare the columns of molecular-imprinted polymers by tedious, time-consuming and not economical procedures. In this paper, using R-l-(l-naphthyl)ethylamine(R-NEA) as template and methacrylic acid as functional monomer, a continuous molecularly imprinted polymer rod was prepared by in situ polymerization method,in which polymerization was carried out in a stainless steel tube full with a reaction mixture solution. Thus a column packed with molecular-imprinted polymer was obtained by a sing-step procedure without any tedious steps.

    Molecular Spectroscopy
    Determination of Calcium in Human Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluids by Spectrophotometry Based on Amino G Acid Chlorophosphonazo
    MA Hui-Min
    1999, 20(S1):  298-298. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (73KB) ( 37 )  
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    Calcium ions play a key role in a number of physiological processes including blood coagulation, secretion, muscular contraction and intercellular communication. Hence, the monitoring of calcium in body fluids is of great importance in the diagnosis and prevention of various diseases. There have been a lot of methods dealing with the measurements of calcium in human serum and cerebrospinal fluids, among which atomic absorption spectrometry is considered to be the best one, but spectrophotometric methods are more often used because of their simplicity and low cost.

    Study on Coupled Chemiluminescene Reaction of Ru(l,10-PhenanthroIine)32+-Methanol-Ce(Ⅳ)
    HAN He-You, HE Zhi-Ke, LI Xiao-Yan, LING Lian-Sheng, ZENG Yun-E
    1999, 20(S1):  299-299. 
    摘要 ( 208 )   PDF (44KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It was reported that some hydroxyl/carbonyl carboxylic acids can enhance the chemiluminescence light emission intensity of Ru(phen)32+(Phen=1,10-phenanthroline) with Ce(Ⅳ). Further studies showed that methanol can also enhance the light emission intensity. In sulfuric acid medium, methanol was oxidized by eerie sulfate, the rate of oxidation depended directly on the concentration of cerium(Ⅳ) and methanol. The reaction rate changes inversely with sulfuric acid. The reaction occurs without the intermediate formation of a complex.

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Arsenic
    1999, 20(S1):  300-300. 
    摘要 ( 184 )   PDF (31KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A sensitive and selective method is developed for the spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of arsenic. The method is based on the reaction of arsenate with acidified molybdate and vanadate to form molybdovanadoarserate complex which then interacts with cationic dye, rhodamine B to form an ion-pair.

    Mixed Micellar Medium for Sensitive Detection of Titanium(Ⅳ) with Bromopyrogallol Red by Kinetic Spectrophotometric Technique
    HUANG Xi-Rong, ZHANG Wen-Juan, XU Gui-Ying, WU Xia
    1999, 20(S1):  301-301. 
    摘要 ( 157 )   PDF (53KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Micelles, microemulsions, vesicles, etc., are organic microheterogeneous media. Their potential in kinetic analyses has received considerable attention.

    Relation between Molecular Structure and Low Temperature Behavior of Diesel Oil
    FENG Xin-Lu, SHI Yong-Gang, LI Zi-Cun
    1999, 20(S1):  302-302. 
    摘要 ( 173 )   PDF (62KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Recently years, it has been developed that near infrared spectroscopy to analyze the quality indexes of fuel and it has been a study stress on researching the relation between molecular structure of petroleum product and its performances. In this paper, authors have analyzed the methyl and methylene of diesel oil by using NIR and have researched the relation between these structural groups and the solid point of diesel oil. Study result has shown that effect of methyl and methylene of diesel oil on the low temperature behavior is consistent with the theory study.

    Influence of Cavity Size on Luminescence Behavior of 8-Hydroxyquinoline in Aqueous Cyclodextrins Solution
    CHENG Cun-Gui, HU Xiao-Clun, LOU Qi-Zheng
    1999, 20(S1):  303-303. 
    摘要 ( 139 )   PDF (56KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Cyclodextrins are the hydrolyzate of starch hydrolyzed by the acid or amylase. When the numbers of glucose monomer are 6,7 and 8, the cavity size of α-, β-, and γ- cyclodextrin are 0.57nm, 0.78nm and 0.95nm.

    Chiral Recognition of Cyclodextrin Supramolecular System of D, L-ephedrine
    CHENG Cun-Gui, SHI Cheng, YUAN Yi-Zhong
    1999, 20(S1):  304-304. 
    摘要 ( 183 )   PDF (58KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    One of the important properties of cyclodextrin is that it can combine many guest molecules to form inclusion complexation and separate inclusion guest molecules from solution. The change of micro-circumstance leads to the change of certain physical and chemical properties of the guest molecules.

    Photoluminescence Properties of Conjugated Alternating opolymers
    BAI Feng-Lian, ZHENG Min, ZHU Dao-Ben
    1999, 20(S1):  305-305. 
    摘要 ( 219 )   PDF (41KB) ( 25 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new type of high efficiency light emitting alternating copolymer with hole transport and conjugated aromatic units has been designed and synthesized. The chemical structures of the six copolymers are shown in Scheme 1.

    Study on Color Reaction of 4-(H-acidazo)-l-phenyl-3-ethylpyazolone with Thorium
    HUANG Zhang-Jie, TANG Dan-Yu, YANG Guang-Yu, YIN Jia-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  306-306. 
    摘要 ( 127 )   PDF (54KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new reagent 4-(H-acidazo)-l-phenyl-3-methylpyazolone(HPMP) has been synthesized and it color reaction with thorium(Ⅳ) was studied. In the presence of pH=4.6 HAc-NaAc buffer solution and CPB medium. HPMP can reacts with Th(Ⅳ) to form a 2:1 complex. The maximum absorption is at 555nm with molar absorptivity of 2.44× This method can be applied to the determination of thorium in ores with satisfactory results.

    Alkoxy Derivatives of Diantipyrylphenylmethane As New Analytical Reagent For The Spectrophotometric Determination of Vanadium(V)
    HUANG Zhang-Jie, YIN Jia-Yuan, YANG Guang-Yu, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  307-307. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (57KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Five new alkoxy derivatives of diantipyrylphenylmethane were synthesized and identified. They are diantipyryl-(o-methoxy)-phenylmethane(DAoMM), diantipyryl-(p-methoxy)-pheny-hlmethane (DApMM), diantipyryl-(o-ethoxy)-phenylmethane(DAoEM), diantipyryl-(m-ethoxy)-phe-nylmethane (DAmEM), diantipyryl-(p-ethoxy)-phenylmethane(DApEM). Their color reactions with Vanadium(V) were studied and five new supersensitive spectrophotometries for the determination of Vanadium(V) were established.

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Cobalt with 2HB-5NPH in Presence of Surfactant after Separation with Amberlite IRC-718
    CHA Ki-Won, PARK Chan-Il
    1999, 20(S1):  308-308. 
    摘要 ( 168 )   PDF (28KB) ( 27 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    2-Hydroxybenzaldehyde-5-nitro-pyridylLydrazone(2HB-5NHP) was synthesized and its application in the spectrophotometric determination of metal ions was studied in the presence of surfactants.

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Rhodium(Ⅲ) with Molybdate-Ethyl Rhodamine B-PVA124 System
    LI Chong-Ning, LI Zu-Bi, WANG Jia-Lin, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  309-309. 
    摘要 ( 162 )   PDF (46KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Rhodium(Ⅲ) can be determined with various Chromogenic agents such as Malachite green and Rhodamine 6G. In most methods the sensitivity is very poor. The colour reaction of rhodium(Ⅲ)-molybdate-ethyl rhodamine B(ERB) system has not been reported to date.

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Ruthenium with Molybdate and Ethyl Rhodamine B
    LI Chong-Ning, LI Zu-Bi, DU Chao, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  310-310. 
    摘要 ( 170 )   PDF (45KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Spectrophotometric determination of trace Ru(Ⅲ) with molybdate had been reported by references. Its sensitivity is much better. However, the colour reaction of ion-association complex of Ru(Ⅲ)-molybdate-rhodamine B(ERB) system has not been reported till now.

    Catalytic Spectrophotometric Determination of Rhodium in The Rhodium-Potassium Periodate-Ethylrhodamine B
    LI Zu-Bi, WANG Jialin, DU Chao, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  311-311. 
    摘要 ( 151 )   PDF (52KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The method of kinetic spectrophotometry for determination of trace Rh(Ⅲ) had been reported by reference. We have discovered that trace the Rh(Ⅲ) catalyze the decolorating oxidizine reaction of ethylrhodamine B by potassium periodate on heating in phosphoric acid and sodium chloride medium, the reaction rate on log(A0/A) values is linear over relatively range of concentration of Rh(Ⅲ). Hence a new catalytic spectrophotometric method for determination of trace Rh(Ⅲ) has been established. The method is simple,rapid and reproducible. The method has been used to determine trace Rh(Ⅲ) in actual samples with satisfactory results.

    Highly Sensitive Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Tin with the Tungstate——Basic Dyes——Poly (vinyl-alcohol)System
    DU Chao, LI Zu-Bi, LI Chong-Ning, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  312-312. 
    摘要 ( 158 )   PDF (43KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A few new spectrophotometric methods for the determination of trace amounts of tin(IV) have been developed based on the reaction of tin(Ⅳ) with tungstate and basic dyes(BD), which consists of rhodamine B(RB),butylrhodamine B(BRB) and nile blue(NB),to form ion-associations complexes of the kind in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA).

    Ultrasensitive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Trace Bismuth with Tungstate and Rhodamine 6G
    WANC Jia-Lin, LI Zu-Bi, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  313-313. 
    摘要 ( 186 )   PDF (45KB) ( 27 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Bismuth can be determined with various chromogenic agents, such as xylenol orange and Bromopyrogallol red-Ethyl violet. In most of the methods, the sensitivity is very poor. The spectrophotometric determination of tellurium(IV) as ion-association complex of the tellurium with tungstate and nile blue in aqueous solution in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) has been reported.

    Colour Reaction of the Ion-associated Complex of Rhodium-Tungstate-Butylrhodamine B System
    LI Zu-Bi, LI Chong-Ning, DU Chao, XU Qi-Heng
    1999, 20(S1):  314-314. 
    摘要 ( 161 )   PDF (40KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Spectrophotometric determination of rhodium(Ⅲ) has been studied in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA). Rhodium(Ⅲ) reacts with sodium tungstate to form a tungstorhodic acid complex. The ion-association complex of tungstorhodic heteropoly species with butylrhodamine B(BRB) is formed in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol.

    Quantitative Determination of the Free Anthraquinone in the Mongolian Medicine Shun Qioral Solution by the Orthogonal Function Spectrophotometry
    XU Liang, BAGENNA, WANG Qing-Hu, SUN Cheng-Yuan
    1999, 20(S1):  315-315. 
    摘要 ( 169 )   PDF (42KB) ( 81 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Mongolian Medicine Shun Qi oral solution is made from seven kinds of drugs such as Fructus Jujubae,Fructus Chebulae, Natrii Sulfas, Trona Venenum etc. It has special efficacy in recovering peristalsis of stomach and intestine and relieving constipation and treatment of fullness in the chest and abdomen after abdominal operration of gynaecology and obstetrics.The Fruefus Jujubae is one of the main meteria medica and the anthraquinone is its active component.

    Potential - Resolved Electro Chemiluminescence of Luminol
    LIN Xiang-Qin, CUI Hua, SUN Yu-Gang
    1999, 20(S1):  316-316. 
    摘要 ( 169 )   PDF (56KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Since the electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) of luminol was first reported in 1929 by Harvey, a number of papers have been published for mechanistic and analytical studies of luminol ECL.

    Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Boron in Soil
    WU Fang-Ying, LI Lai-Sheng, HE Guo-Shang
    1999, 20(S1):  317-317. 
    摘要 ( 159 )   PDF (64KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    There is increasing interest in the determination of boron in several fields,for example, boron is an essential trace element in the physiology of plants.

    Quantitative Determination of Closantel-Na by Internal Standard-Derivative Method Using FTIR Spectroscopy
    WANG Xi-Gui, WU Yun Ge Qi-Mu, WU Hong-Yin, FAN Hai-Yan
    1999, 20(S1):  318-318. 
    摘要 ( 149 )   PDF (65KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Closantel-Na is an anti-parasite drug. Researches have proved that Closantel-Na has obvious function of resisting parasite for domestic animal. Ministry of agriculture stipulates that the content of Closantel-Na is determined by the titrimetry. In this paper, the content of anti-parasite drug——Closantel-Na was measured by internal standard-derivative method using pressed KBr disk technique in FTIR spectroscopy.

    Synthesis of Several Benzothiazolyl Triazene Reagents and Its Color Reaction with Cadmium
    GONG Chu-Ru, JIN Chuan-Ming, HU Zhong-qiu, YANG Ming-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  319-319. 
    摘要 ( 138 )   PDF (55KB) ( 60 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The triazene reagents were used for the determination of cadmium, mercury and zinc. Some reagents containing diazoaminoazobenzene have been reported.

    Studies on the Color Reaction of a New Reagent l-(4-Nitrophenyl)-3-(5-Nitro-2-pyridyl)-Triazene with Cadmium
    JIN Chuan-Ming, YANG Ming-Hua, GONG Chu-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  320-320. 
    摘要 ( 184 )   PDF (47KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The triazene reagents containing heterocyclic radical were used for the determination of metallic ions with a good sensitivity and selectivity.

    FTIR Study on the Thermal Ageing of Chlorinated Natural Rubber from Latex
    YU He-ping, LI Si-Dong. ZHONG Jie-Ping, WEI Yong-Cai, PENG Zheng
    1999, 20(S1):  321-321. 
    摘要 ( 265 )   PDF (61KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Chlorinated Natural Rubber (CNR) which has good properties of film forming, corrosion-resisting, anti-leakage and anti-combustion and is broadly used in the production of ship paint, container paint,corrosion-resistant paint, adhesive and additive in ink is prepared by the chlorinated modification of NR through solution or latex process. Because of the defects of high equipment investment and cost, environmental hazards and doing harm to workers' health, many countries have prohibited from producing CNR through tetrachloromethane solution process, so the latex process has good prospects in widespread application. There are many reports on the preparation structure and chlorinated mechanism of CNR.But the reports on the thermal ageing of CNR from latex are few. In this paper the dynamic thermal ageing of CNR from latex at 25~360℃ was studied by Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR) method.

    Synthesis of 2-(Benzothiazolylazo)-7-(4-Nitrophenylazo)-Chromotropic Acid and Its Colour Reaction with Titranium
    XIA Xin-Quan
    1999, 20(S1):  322-322. 
    摘要 ( 159 )   PDF (56KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A chromogenic reagent 2-(Benzothiazolylazo)-7-(4-Nitrophenylazo)-Chromotropic Acid (BTANPACA) was synthesized and its colour reaction with Ti(Ⅳ) was studied spectrophotometrically.

    The Interaction of Methylene Blue with DNA
    LI Wen-You, XU Jin-Gou, GUO Xiang-Qun, ZHU Qing-Zhi
    1999, 20(S1):  323-323. 
    摘要 ( 163 )   PDF (56KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The binding of small molecules to DNA is useful in clarifying the protein-nucleic acid interaction, drug-DNA interaction, structure and function of nucleic acids, and in rational drug design. Methylene blue (MB) is one of a number of tricyclic heteroaromatic compounds that are known to interact with DNA.

    Laser Spectroscopy on Water Surface
    OGAWA Teiichiro
    1999, 20(S1):  324-324. 
    摘要 ( 147 )   PDF (81KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The water surface has unique properties, which are different from those in the bulk and have exceptional scientific and environmental importance. Surface tension has been measured, but is not versatile for a molecular point of view. Recently laser spectroscopy has appeared as a sensitive tool to investigate water surface on a molecular basis. There are three major laser techniques to study the water surface:the photoionization, the second-harmonic and sum-frequency generation, and the laser-induced fluorescence. Recent progresses in these fields are overviewed based mainly on investigations carried out in my group.

    Detection of Single Molecule on Water Surface by Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
    ZHENG Xue-Ying, LI Yao-Qun, HARATA Akira, OGAWA Teiichiro
    1999, 20(S1):  325-325. 
    摘要 ( 140 )   PDF (63KB) ( 30 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In the past decade,several research groups have succeeded in observing single molecule in liquid, and more recently at silica surface in the near-field mode as well as at polymer-air interface in far-field mode. Due to the significance of air-water interface in surface chemistry, we prospect that research works on single molecule detection (SMD) of the air-water surface could open a new era in surface photochemistry and photophysics.

    A New Absorbance Ratio Derivative Spectrophotometry for the Simultaneous Determination of a Binary Mixture Containing Phenol and Resorcin
    XU Jia-Liang, TANG Xiao-Dong, JIANG Xiang-Dong
    1999, 20(S1):  326-326. 
    摘要 ( 119 )   PDF (66KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It is the most important problem of spectrophotometric analysis to determine two or more components in the same sample simultaneously without previous separation. In this respect, the absorbance derivative spectrophotometry is an analytical technique of great utility and offers greater selectivity than normal spectrophotometry. Recently, Salinas et al developed the absorbance ratio derivative spectra. The absorption spectrum of the mixture is divided by the absorption spectrum of a standard solution of one of the two or more components, and the first derivative of the ratio spectrum is obtained. The concentration of active component is then determined from a calibration graph obtained by measuring the amplitude at point corresponding to the minimum or maximum wavelength. In this way, the sensitivity of method is greatest.

    Study on the Properties and Applications of the Silver-catalyzed Oxidation Reaction of Guaiacol
    HUANG Xiang-Yuan, ZHANG Chen-Feng, JI Ming-De
    1999, 20(S1):  327-327. 
    摘要 ( 151 )   PDF (69KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Guaiacol has been used to determine the activity of peroxide enzyme and uranium. In this paper, we lucubrate the reaction between guaiacol and ammonium persulfate and the reaction mechanism in the presence of silver's catalysis and the activator's behaviour. Based on these, we establish a new catalytic kinetic spectrophotometric method for silver determination and the results are satisfactory when applying to determine silver in the offscum of plumbum-zinc mine after extracting zinc.

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Norfloxacin Using Alizarin Red
    LI Hua-Kan, WANG Min, FENG Li
    1999, 20(S1):  328-328. 
    摘要 ( 194 )   PDF (44KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Norfloxacin is effective antibiotics against a broad range of vegetative Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. This drug is widely used as preservation in pharmaceutical formulations. In the past, norfloxacin products were determinated by using various methods, Such as spectrophotometry, HPLC and fluorescence. This paper describes an investigation of the charge transfer reaction between norfloxacin as donor and alizarin red as acceptor, leading to the determination of norfloxacin and the application of the method to suppository.

    Study of UV and CD Spectra of Chiral Phenylalanine Bridged Zinc Porphyin Dimer with 1,4-Diaminobutane
    TIAN Xuan, LU Man, LIU Hai-Yang, HU Xi-Ming
    1999, 20(S1):  329-329. 
    摘要 ( 139 )   PDF (55KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Supermolecular chemistry is the chemistry involved molecular bond. A Seris of function studies on supermolecular recognition, assembly, reaction and catalysis etc.

    The Enhancement Effect of Brij-35 on β-CD-hemin Catalyzed Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide with N,N-dimethylaniline and 4-aminoantipyrine as Substrates
    HUANG Ying-Ping, MAO Lu-Yuan, LIU Zhi-Hong, HUANG Hou-Ping, CAI Ru-Xiu
    1999, 20(S1):  330-330. 
    摘要 ( 258 )   PDF (69KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Various mimetic enzyme have been used as catalyst instead of peroxidase in determination of hydrogen peroxide based on the reaction.

    Study on Highly Selective Photochemical Fluorescence Method Based on Monitoring the Photodegradation Intermediate
    LIU Zhi-Hong, MA Wan-Hong, CAI Ru-Xiu
    1999, 20(S1):  331-331. 
    摘要 ( 146 )   PDF (72KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    General methods for phenol and substitutive phenol in mixing samples could only determine total amount due to the similarity of their UV/vis and fluorescence spectra characteristics.In this paper a highly selective photochemical fluorescence (PCF) method for 2,6-dimethylphenol determination was developed. The method was based on monitoring the photodegradation intermediate of 2,6-dimethylphenol on nanosize meter TiO2 surface. The fluorescence intensity of the intermediate was enhanced in CHCI3 medium and there has a linear relationship between the fluorescence intensity and concentration of 2,6-dimethylphenol. While other phenolic compounds such as phenol,4-methylphenol,o-aminophenol and so on did not interfere.

    5-(6-Nitro-2-Benzothiazoleazo)-8-Aminoquinoline as a Sensitive Reagent for the Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt and Nickel
    ZHAO Shu-Lin, LI Shu-Ting, CHEN Ju
    1999, 20(S1):  332-332. 
    摘要 ( 151 )   PDF (70KB) ( 47 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Since 8-aminoquinoline has (N,N) as its chelating atom,it is more selective than 8-hydroxyquinoline and 8-mercaptoquinoline. So recently, derivative of 8-aminoquinoline has attracted much attention as analytical reagent. In this work, a new type of 8-aminoquinoline derivative 5-(6-nitro-2-benzothiazoleazo)-8-aminoquinoline (NBTAQ) has been synthesized and tested as a possible chromogenic reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of cobalt and nickel. The result shows that in the presence of the cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) and borax buffer solution, cobalt and nickel react with the reagent to form 1:2 blue complexes, respectively. The absorption peaks of Co-NBTAQ and Ni-NBTAQ complexes were located at 650 and 615 nm, respectively, and the apparent molar absorbtivities are 9.21×l04(Co) and 1.13×l05 (Ni) The methods adhere to Beer's law for 0-0.32 μg. Ml-1 of cobalt and 0-0.24 μg. Ml-1 of nickel and the colour system is stable for no less than 24 h. The experimental variables affecting colour formation and the possible interference of co-existing ions were thoroughly studied. The optimum conditions established were incorporated in the recommended procedures.

    Study on the Determination of Vitamin K4 by Chemical Deoxygenation Micelle-Stabilized Room Temperature Phosphorimetry
    DONG Chuan, YUAN Wen, SHUANG Shao-Min, JIN Wei-Jun, LIU Chang-Song
    1999, 20(S1):  333-333. 
    摘要 ( 178 )   PDF (65KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Vitamin K4(acetomenaphthone) is widely used as a haemoglutinin. Numerous studies focus on its determination, including UV, electrochemical and HPLC etc. HPLC has superseded other methods, but it requires lengthy and complex sample preparation.

    The Application of β-Cyclodextrin Supramolecular System to Determining Four Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Room Temperature Phosphorimetry
    DONG Chuan, YUAN Wen, GAO Chun-Guang, LIU Chang-Song
    1999, 20(S1):  334-334. 
    摘要 ( 151 )   PDF (61KB) ( 72 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    β-cyclodextrin(β-CD) supramolecular system has been widely utilized in many fields including environmental chemistry, food industry, pharmaceutical chemistry etc. In the area of analytical chemistry, Liu Chang-Song and coworkers established p-cyclodextrin induced room temperature phosphorimetry(CD-RTP) by chemical deoxygenating technique. Guest molecules are complexed and rigidified by the hydrophobic cavity of β-CD, enhanced RTP emission can be observed after the solution is deoxygenated. Bromocyclohexane contains the bulky hydrophobic cyclohexyl and heavy atom bromide, it is an ideal perturber molecule. In this paper, β-CD/phosphors/Bromocyclohexane supramolecular system is utilized to determine four polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) such as acenaphthene, fluorene, phenanthrene,7,8-benzoquinoline.

    Study on the Inclusion Complex of Major Component of Rhubarb with Cyclodextrins
    LI Xiang-Jun, LIAN Jun, SHUANG Shao-Min, PAN Jing-Hao
    1999, 20(S1):  335-335. 
    摘要 ( 200 )   PDF (64KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The inclusion complexes of major component of rhubarb using cyclodextrins as host molecules have been studied by phase solubility method. Rhubarb (rheum officinale Baill.),a common Chinese traditional medicine, has antibacterial, diminish inflammation and resist decrepitude effect etc,its further use is limited due to its low solubility.

    Characterization of Inclusion Complex of Rutin with β-Cyclodextrin
    SHUANG Shao-Min, PAN Jing-Hao, GUO Si-Yuan, LI Lin
    1999, 20(S1):  336-336. 
    摘要 ( 152 )   PDF (67KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Numerous studies on inclusion phenomenon of cyclodextrin(CD) have attracted considerable attention and are widely used in pharmaceutical industry and analytical separations.Drug carrier represents one of the most important applications of the CD.

    A Study on the Chromogenic Reaction of Copper (Ⅱ) with the New Reagent N-Butyl-N'-(Sodium p-Aminobenzene Sulfonate) Thiourea
    WEI Xin-Jun, HOU Feng-Lian, MA Dong-Lan
    1999, 20(S1):  337-337. 
    摘要 ( 133 )   PDF (72KB) ( 34 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The research shows that the chromogenic reaction of copper(Ⅱ) with N-Butyl-N'-(Sodium p-Aminobenzene Sulfonate) Thiourea(BPT) is highly sensitive in an acid medium. The operation is simple and easy:it needs no extracting, and the selectivity is better. The proposed method was used to determine copper in lead minerals with satisfactory results.

    Study on Inclusion Complexes of Amoxicillin with Dimethyl-β-Cyclodextrin by Fluorimetry
    MA Li-Hua, CHEN Liang
    1999, 20(S1):  338-338. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (58KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    It is estimated that at least 10% of orally administered drugs can form inclusion complexes with CDs and nearly half of them can be improved in the aspects of their physical and chemical properties. CDs have been used in drugs either for complexes or as auxiliary additives such as solubilizers, diluents or tablet ingredients to improve the solubility, stability and bioavailability of drugs, deodorize and detoxicate drugs,and control release of drugs.

    New Optical Chemical Sensors Based on Surface Piasmon Resonance
    JIN Qin-Han, MU Ying, ZHAO Xiao-Jun, WNANG Zhen, ZHANG Han-Qi
    1999, 20(S1):  339-339. 
    摘要 ( 149 )   PDF (51KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A kind of new optical chemical sensors based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) have been developed recently in this laboratory. Traditionally, the sensors based on SPR are making use of a coupling prism coated with a thin gold film and performed by varying the incidence angle with a goniometer.

    Studies on Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors in Optical Immunosensing
    MU Ying, ZHAO Xiao-Jun, WANG Zhen, ZHANG Han-Qi, JIN Qin-Han, XU Han-Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  340-340. 
    摘要 ( 182 )   PDF (54KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A novel optical biochemical sensor based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has been developed for immunosensing. The new device is a relatively simple and inexpensive one designed on the basis of fixing angle of incidence and scanning wavelength in the range of 400-800 nm. While the BIAcore SPR sensing method is to fix wavelength and modulate angle of incidence light, which need an expensive and complicated apparatus.

    Electrochemiluminescence of N-(4-amino-hexyl)-N-Ethyisoluminol at Carbon Electrode
    CHEN Xi, CHEN Wei, JIA Li, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  341-341. 
    摘要 ( 178 )   PDF (79KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In recent years,there has been increasing interest in the development of electrochemi-luminence (ECL) in HPLC for the analysis of various biological substances because of its high sensitivity. ECL is a detection technique based on electrolytically generated chemilumi-narscence.

    Electrogenerated Ru(bpy)32+ Chemiluminescent Reactions with Amines Compounds
    CHEN Xi, CHEN Wei, JIA Li, WANG Xiao-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  342-342. 
    摘要 ( 269 )   PDF (66KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The chemiluminescence (CL) using Ru(bpy)32+ has become an attractive detection method for biochemical substances,such as amines or amino acids. The sensitivities for their determinations are limited because pre-electrolysis for Ru(bpy)32+ to Ru(bpy)33+ is necessary for CL determination, and Ru(bpy)33+ is easily reduced by co-exist substances in buffer solution. Recently, we developed an electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) flow system for Ru(bpy)32+ in-situ applications.

    Study on Colour Reaction of Tungstogermanic Acid and Basic Organic Dyes
    CHENG Guang-Xiang
    1999, 20(S1):  343-343. 
    摘要 ( 131 )   PDF (82KB) ( 33 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    At the present time, the derivative of fluorones,the ion-association complexes of heteropoly acid-basic dyes etc, have been applied to the spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of germanium. By the use of above methods the ion-association complexes will result in a better stable and selective absorbance.

    Luminescence Behavior of Room Temperature Phosphorescence Probe 6-Bromo-2-naphthyl Sulfate in Organized Media
    YUAN Wen, JIN Wei-Jun, WEI Yan-Sheng, ZHANG Su-She, LIU Chang-Song
    1999, 20(S1):  344-344. 
    摘要 ( 137 )   PDF (67KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Recent years, fluorescence and room temperature phosphorescence probes have become the powerful tools in exploring microenvironmental characteristics of organized media or conformation changes of biological macromolecules such as DNA and protein and interaction mechanism between them and drugs.

    Study on Conformation of Escherichia Coli Alkaline Phosphatase by Intrinsic tryptophan Room Temperature Phosphorescence Probe
    ZHANG Hai-Rong, NIU Cheng-Gang, DONG Chuan, JIN Wei-Jun, LIU Chang-Song
    1999, 20(S1):  345-345. 
    摘要 ( 154 )   PDF (74KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Room temperature phosphorescence(RTP) probe is a powerful tool for studying the kinetics and relationship between the conformation change and physiological function of protein because some slow kinetic processes of protein in solution just occur the same time scales as phosphorescence lifetime and it susceptibly indicates microenvironment properties. RTP of Escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase(AP) comes mainly from tryptophan residues (Trp-109). It is well known that the deeper Trp-109 is embedded, The stronger phosphorescence emitting is, and the longer its lifetime is. The current work is a preliminary study of the conformation changes of AP, the local microenvironment of Trp-109 and the quenching kinetic natures in the unfolded processes of AP in the presence of different denaturants.

    Computation on IR of Radical Intermediates of Isoprene Reacting with OH Radical
    ZHOU Zhi-Gang, DAI Qian-Huan, WANG Dian-Zuo
    1999, 20(S1):  346-346. 
    摘要 ( 159 )   PDF (57KB) ( 26 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The radical reactions of isoprene, the most abundant natural volatile organic compounds(VOC), is important to understand the atmospheric activities of isoprene and to evaluate the role of VOC in atmospheric pollution. Isoprene reaction with OH radical is such important radical reaction as its contribution to the isoprene decomposing in natural atmosphere. Meantime its radical products also make big contribution to other atmospheric reactions.

    The Theoretic Study on UV Bands of DNA Adducts from syn-Dibenzo[a,l]Pyrene Dieolepoxide with Different Conformations
    ZHOU Zhi-Gang, DAI Qian-Huan, WANG Dian-Zuo
    1999, 20(S1):  347-347. 
    摘要 ( 185 )   PDF (53KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The low-temperature fluorescence spectroscopy(LTFS) and fluorescence line-narrowing spectroscopy(FLNS) are useful tool to study the DNA adducts from various PAHs. The results of analysis on DNA adducts of metabolites of carcinogenic agents suggested that the existence of multiple conformations. It is believed that the conformation of DNA adducts is important to its carcinogenesis. So we theoretically computed the wavelength of the DNA adducts and study the conformations of the adducts together with experimental results try to know the relationship of conformations of adducts and its genotoxity.

    A Fluorescence Probe Study on the Chiral Microenvironment of Bile Salt Organized Media
    XIE Jian-Wei, ZHANG Shu-Zhen, LIU Chang-Song
    1999, 20(S1):  348-348. 
    摘要 ( 211 )   PDF (60KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Bile salt aggregation in aqueous solution has been an active area of research, with primary emphasis on the physiological role of bile salts in lipid solubilization. More recently, bile salt media has attracted attention as an alternative to conventional micellar reagents for separations and luminescence analysis, especially for applications in chiral separations. In this study, pyrene and chiral molecular l,1'-bi-2-naphthol as fluorescence probe were used to study chiral microenvironment of bile salt organized media.

    Recent Progress in Highly Sensitive Photothermal Spectroscopy
    Tsuguo Sawada
    1999, 20(S1):  349-349. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (95KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    There are a wide variety of photothermal (PT), photoacoustic(PA) and related phenomena because a material under light illumination always generates heat triggering the phenomena. The heat subsequently makes local temperature rise, the material and its surroundings expand to emit acoustic waves, refractive index inside and outside of the material change, and so on.

    In-Situ SHG Investigations on the Aggregation Behaviors of Some Amphiphilic Dyes at the Water Surface:Effects of Aliphatic Tails
    Yasuro Niidome, Takashi Nakano, Hiromitsu Ayukawa, Sunao Yamada
    1999, 20(S1):  350-350. 
    摘要 ( 181 )   PDF (67KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The optical second harmonic generation (SHG) has been powerful for in-situ characterization of surface (interface) structures. In this paper, we describe applications of the SHG technique for structural characterization of monolayer assemblies of some amphiphilic dyes formed at the water surface. Previously, we reported the number of aliphatic tails of the amphiphilic ruthenium complexes profoundly affected the monolayer structures, as studied by the SHG technique.

    On the Coloring Reaction of Dibromomethyl Carboxyazo with Iron
    YU Jing-Hua, LIU Xue-Dong
    1999, 20(S1):  351-351. 
    摘要 ( 176 )   PDF (44KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The reagents of unsymmetrical carboxyazo group as coloring agents are often used in the spectrophotometric determination of calcium, barium and aluminum, but rarely used in that of iron. Dibromomethyl carboxyazo is a new coloring agent, and can be used in the determination of barium. It is not found that the agent is used in that of other elements.

    Catalytic Kinetic Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Iron with Dibromomethyl Carboxyazo
    YU Jing-Hua, ZHAO Guo-Qiang
    1999, 20(S1):  352-352. 
    摘要 ( 163 )   PDF (51KB) ( 42 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The method determining trace elements by catalytic kinetic spectrophotometry has been reported. The catalytic kinetic determination using unsymmetrical carboxyazo group as reagent is not found.

    Studies on the Dual-wavelength Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Copper with 5-(5-nitro-2-pyridylazo)-2,4-diamino-toluene
    ZHOU Yan-Mei, LI Li-Qing, LI Yong-Hong, GUO Yi-Peng
    1999, 20(S1):  353-353. 
    摘要 ( 133 )   PDF (40KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new dual-wavelength spectrophotometry has been developed for the determination of copper(I) with 5-(nitro-2-pyridylazo)-2,4-diamino-toluene.

    Determination of Riboflavin by Flow Injection Analysis with Chemiluminescence Detection
    LI Li-Qing, ZHOU Yan-Mei, TAO Xiu-Jun, FENG Man-Liang, LU Jiu-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  354-354. 
    摘要 ( 211 )   PDF (46KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An analytical method consisting of flow-injection sampling and chemiluminescence detection for determination of riboflavin is described. It is based on the chemiluminescence reaction of potassium permanganate-sodium sulfite-riboflavin system.

    Study on Chemiluminescence System of Potassium Permanganate-Sodium Hydrosulfite-Aminopyrine
    LI Li-Qing, WU Yuan-Yuan, QIN Bin, FENG Man-Liang, LU Jiu-Ru
    1999, 20(S1):  355-355. 
    摘要 ( 171 )   PDF (44KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new flow injection Chemiluminescence method for the determination of aminopyrine was studied. It is based on the chemiluminescence reaction of potassium permanganate-sodium hydrosulfite-aminopyrine. The main factors which affect the determination were investigated. Under the most favorable conditions. The linear range for the determination of amimopyrine was 2.0×10-7~8.0×10-5g/mL,the determination limit was 6.0×10-8g/mL,the relative standard deviation was 1.8% for 11 mesurements to 4.0×10-6g/mL aminopyrine standard solution. This method has been applied to the determination of aminopyrine in medicine.

    Synthesis of New Reagent 2,3,7-Trihydroxy-9-Camphenal-6-Fluorone and Its Study on the Determination of Ti(Ⅳ) in Alloy Steel with Spectrophotometry
    LI Xian-Chun, WANG Dun-Qing, HE Ron-Gan
    1999, 20(S1):  356-356. 
    摘要 ( 197 )   PDF (64KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In recent years, a lot of research has been done on trihydroxy fluorone and benzene fluorone, generally through adding different groups on the No. 9 position or adding same group on different position. We tried to add camphenal on No. 9 position by using derivative of terpene, and succeeded. The product's name is 2,3,7-trihydroxy-9-camphenal-6-fluorone(namely CAF), and we found the CAF can be used to determine Ti(Ⅳ) in alloy steel.

    Study on the Colour Reaction of Rare Earth with 8-hydroxyquinoline in Paraffin Phase and its Applications
    QUO Lan, WAN Yi-Qun, SHEN Ling-Xia
    1999, 20(S1):  357-357. 
    摘要 ( 187 )   PDF (51KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Paraffin phase spectrophotometry is a new solid phase spectrophotometry. In this paper, RE-8-hydroxyquinoline colour reaction in paraffin phase has been studied. In the medium of NH4Cl-NH3(PH=9.0), the coloured complex of RE-8-hydroxyquinoline can be quantitatively extracted with paraffin. Beer's law is obeyed in the range of 0 to 80ug RE2O3/50ml. The new method has been applied to the determination of micro amount rare earth elements in Sc2O3 with satisfactory results.

    Determination of Mn(Ⅱ) Using l-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol Solid Liquid Extraction Spectrophotometry
    WAN Yi-Qun, GUO Lan, SHEN Ling-Xia
    1999, 20(S1):  358-358. 
    摘要 ( 211 )   PDF (46KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A procedure is described for the spectrophotometric determination of Mn(Ⅱ) after extraction with molten paraffin. The complex of Mn(Ⅱ) with l-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol can be extracted quantitatively into paraffin in the range of PH=8.5~10.0. After solidified paraffin is dissolved in CHC13, the absorbance is determined at 570nm. Beer's law is obeyed in the range of 0 to lOug Mn/lOml. The linear regression equation is A=0.0032+0.0486C, the relative coefficient r=0.9997.

    Study of the Bonding in Cu(Ⅱ)-Complexes with Aromatic α,?-Dicarboxythioethers by means of i.r., xps and u,v.-vis Spectroscopy
    DU Jun, WANG Jian-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  359-359. 
    摘要 ( 178 )   PDF (60KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    There have been many reasearch reports concentrated on the electrochemical properties of the thioether acid componds due to their special structure with the ioniziable RCOO0 group and sulfur atom engaged in the coordination with metal atoms (they belong to non-aromatic system).

    Simultaneous Determination of the Main Component Variations During the Oxalic Acid Electrolysis Process by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
    QIU Jiang, HANG Hai-Feng, CHEN Lei, YE Qin, ZHANG Si-Liang
    1999, 20(S1):  360-360. 
    摘要 ( 169 )   PDF (60KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    During the electrosynthesis of glyoxylic acid through oxalic acid, the main components in the electrolyte are oxalic acid, glyoxylic acid,glyoxal, and glycollic acid. To optimize and control the manipulated parameters, it is necessary to determine the concentrations of the reactant,product and by-products. Generally, the chemical titration methods were used to determine the total acid,total aldehydes, oxalic acid, and glyoxal, respectively. The glycollic acid contents was estimated by subtraction. These analytical methods are tedious and time-consuming.

    A Novel Kinetic Method for the Determination of Cobalt(Ⅱ) in Vitamin Bl2
    LI Zhu-Yun
    1999, 20(S1):  361-361. 
    摘要 ( 146 )   PDF (57KB) ( 29 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Cobalt(Ⅱ) in NaOH(a.q.) can catalyze the decolorizing reaction resulting from the oxidation of dibromohydoxylphenylfluorone(DBH-PF) by H2O2(a.q.). A new catalytic spectrophotometry for determining trace Cobalt(Ⅱ) was obtained. The method has been used to determine trace Cobalt(Ⅱ) in Vitamin B12 samples. The sensitivity of this method is higher than the references, and the selectivity of the method is better than the references too.

    Flavonoids From Onychiurn lucidum
    ZHENG Xing, LIAO Duan-Fang, YU Lin, ZHU Bing-Yang
    1999, 20(S1):  362-362. 
    摘要 ( 212 )   PDF (71KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Onychium is a small genus comprising about 10 species of the Sinapteridaceae family. Onychium, which is distributed in eastern Asia, is used in Chinese tradictional medicine for enteritis, jaundice,flu and fever and as toxicide. The compounds so far isolated from Onychium were including:flavonoids, indanoids,chalcone and diterpenoids. The phytochemistry study on Onychium lucidum has not been reported.

    A New Glucoside From Peucedanum ledebourilloides
    ZHU Bing-Yang, ZHENG Xing, LIAO Duan-Fang
    1999, 20(S1):  363-363. 
    摘要 ( 157 )   PDF (63KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Peucedanum ledebourilloides, a well-known traditional medicine belonging to Umbell ferace family, used to take the place of Saposhnikovia divaricata to treat arthrits and stop pain et al.

    On Colour Reaction of Vanadium(V) with Diantipyryl Phenylmethane in Presence of Tween60
    LIN Hui-Song, YANG Ru-Gang, ZHANG Qing-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  364-364. 
    摘要 ( 216 )   PDF (72KB) ( 53 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Aromatic derivatives of diantipyrylmethane is a valuable spectrophotometric reagents with higher sensitivity in determining trace V(V).In this paper,the colour reaction of DAPM with V(V) in the presence of Tween60 was studied. This system's sensitivity is as much again as the former reporter's.This method can be applied to the determination of trace V(V) in samples of hair and pennut kernel.

    Analysis of GAIC by Ultraviolet Ray Spectrophotometer and X-ray Diffraction
    LI Mei, LI Ji-Hui, HU Hai-Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  365-365. 
    摘要 ( 153 )   PDF (46KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A Sulfuric acid-acetic acid-graphite intercalation compound (described as GAIC) is expandable graphite. It is new inorganic material flexible graphite produced from the expendable graphite can be used as a sealing material,etc. It plays a key role in some realms.

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Microamounts of Ruthenium Using 2-(3,5-Dichloro-2-Pyridylazo)-5-Dimethylaminophenol and its Application
    ZHANG Guang, WANG Gui-Fang, LIU Gen-Qi
    1999, 20(S1):  366-366. 
    摘要 ( 241 )   PDF (45KB) ( 39 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Binary component colour systems of spectrophotometric determination of Ru using heterocyclic-azo reagents have been reported, but their apparent molar absorptivities are low.

    A New Analytical Method for the Lanthanide Ions Using the Luminescence Enhancement by the Treatment of o-Phenanthroline on the Solid Medium
    Hyuk Jeong
    1999, 20(S1):  367-367. 
    摘要 ( 150 )   PDF (32KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new analytical luminescence method for the lanthanide ions was studied using the luminescence enhancement by the treatment of the o-phenanthroline on the solid medium, such as TLC and nylon membrane. Compared to the specific emission intensity of the ion, if the ion solution is spotted on the solid medium,the luminescence intensity was extremely enhanced.

    A Study on the Color Reaction of Nickel with a New Chromogenic Reagent 1- (5-Nitro-2-Pyridylazo) - 2.7 - Dihydroxy - naphthalene and its Application
    SUN Jia-Juan, BAI Yu-Wei, ZHAO Wei, LIU Bin
    1999, 20(S1):  368-369. 
    摘要 ( 172 )   PDF (98KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    There has been study on heterocyclicazo reagent for the determination of microamount of nickel,but no study on the color reactron of nickel with a new chromogenic reagent 1- (5 -nitro - 2 - pyridylazo) - 2.7 - dihydroxy - naphthalene (5- NO2 - PADN). So, here is a systematic study on condition under which the color reaction takes place. It proved that within PH 5.5~6.5,the maximnm absotption of the reagent lies at 460nm, that of the 2:1 turquoise chelate by 5 - NO2 - PADN with nickel (Ⅱ) together is 650nm, and the apparent absorptivity is 1.02×105 L · mol-1 · cm-1. The proposed method can be applied in the standard steel and the determination of microamounts of nickel in ore with satisfactory results.

    Synthesis of l-(5-Nitro-2-Pyridylazo)-2.7-Dihydroxy-naphthalene and its Color Reaction with Cobalt (Ⅱ)
    LIU Bin, BAI Yu-Wei, WANG Xiao-Ling, SUN Jia-Juan
    1999, 20(S1):  370-371. 
    摘要 ( 177 )   PDF (101KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Pytrdylazo reagent is an important chromogenic reagent. PAN is typical one. The new reagent, l-(5-nitro-2-Pyridylazo)-2.7-dihydroxy-naphthalene (5-NO2-PADN) has been synthesized by to take up -OH and -NO2 groups at the PAN, and it was confirmed with IR and elements analysis.

    Studies on Synthesis of l-(p-azophenyl)-3-(5-Nitro-2-pyridyl)-Triazene and Its Color Reaction with Cadmium (Ⅱ)
    BAT Yu-Wei, LIU Bin, SUN Jia-Juan, WANG Xiao-Ling
    1999, 20(S1):  372-373. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (94KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A heterocyclic triazene is one kind reagent which was scarcely investigated.

    Recent Advances in Instrumental Analysis of Ancient Fiber Materials and Dyestuffs
    Masanori SATO
    1999, 20(S1):  374-374. 
    摘要 ( 141 )   PDF (56KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Due to the archaeological excavations in Japan, several kind of organic substances have been found. Since they are usually degraded for the long elapse of time, it is generally difficult to distinguish the materials consisting reminded substances. Nevertheless the situation for the analysis of ancient organic materials are ameliorated by the progress of analytical instruments.

    Experimental Conditions Optimization and Sample Contamination Avoidance for the Fluorescence Measurement of Subsurface Soil or Rock Extracts
    LIU Lian-Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  375-375. 
    摘要 ( 156 )   PDF (56KB) ( 28 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A great effort has been made to reveal the correlation between the traces of hydrocarbons present in subsurface soil and the underground petroleum gas field. In recent years, fluorescence spectrophotometry has gained applications in chemical prospecting analysis.

    Catalytic Kinetic Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Iridium
    KUANG Yun-Yan, XU Qi-Heng, LI Zu-Bi
    1999, 20(S1):  376-376. 
    摘要 ( 166 )   PDF (62KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A kinetic spectrophotometric method for the determination of trace iridium (Ⅳ) has been established, which is based on its catalytic effect of the oxidative color reaction of diantipyryl-(o-chloro)- phenylmethane (DAoCM) with potassium periodate. It has been applied to the determination of trace iridium in ores.

    Study on the Nondestructive Analysis of Methanol, Ethanol and Methyl tert-butyl ether in Gasoline by Principal Component Analysis Near Infrared Spectroscopy
    ZHANG Jin-Sheng, LI Li-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  377-377. 
    摘要 ( 288 )   PDF (62KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Methanol, ethanol, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and other oxygenates can be added to gasoline to increase octane number and to reduce emission. Concentration of these oxygenates are specified and regulated to ensure acceptable commercial gasoline quality. Thus,the determination of these oxygenates in gasoline are of interest. The amounts of methanol, ethanol and MTBE have been determined by a gas chromatography.

    Simultaneous Determination of Cobalt and Nickel in Alloy Steel by Microwave Digestion Spectrophotometry
    ZHANG Jin-Sheng, LI Li-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  378-378. 
    摘要 ( 205 )   PDF (51KB) ( 81 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The determination of metallic elements in alloy steel is one of the main requirements in steel-iron industry and alloy steel processes. The knowledge of the composition of these elements in feedstocks is an important information for controlling the quality of alloy steel.

    Applications of Near Infrared Spectrometry Technique in Petroleum Products Analysis
    ZHANG Jin-Sheng, YIN Xue-Bo, LI Li-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  379-379. 
    摘要 ( 312 )   PDF (66KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has become a popular technique for process analytical chemistry and is being studied extensively in the petrochemical industry fields. NIR spectroscopy has several attractive properties:hardly any sample preparation is required,it is a nondestructive method, and it has a high signal-to-noise ratio. Furthermore, NIR spectroscopy has the possibility of remote sensing using optical fibers. All these advantages make NIR spectroscopy very suitable for on-line quality control in process analytical chemistry. In this paper some recent applications of NIR in analysis of petroleum products are reviewed.

    Decoloring Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Sulfur Dioxide
    SHEN Shuang-Long, CHEN Xiao-Ni
    1999, 20(S1):  380-380. 
    摘要 ( 270 )   PDF (58KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The discharge of sulfur dioxide (SO2) is one of the most important reasons of resulting in the environmental pollution. Current method for determination SO2 is fuchsine-formaldehyde spectrophotometry. This paper describes a decoloring spectrophotometry, which is based on azo dye being reduced in the presence of manganese (Ⅱ) as inducer and in weak acidic medium. It is shown that the result has better selectivity and higher sensitivity. This method was used to measure the content of SO2 in the air of northern china with satisfactory results.

    Determination of Conjugated Dienes in Petroleum Products by Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry
    XU Ya-Xian, ZHANG Long, LIU Yu, LU Ju-Zhuo
    1999, 20(S1):  381-381. 
    摘要 ( 261 )   PDF (60KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The paper is based on the method of determination of conjugated dienes in petroleum products by the combined method of chemical reaction with gas chromatography.

    Studies On Spectroscopy of RE Complexes and Their LB Films
    FU Chun-Yan, BAI Yan, CHEN Qing-Lin, LI Qing-Shan
    1999, 20(S1):  382-382. 
    摘要 ( 138 )   PDF (63KB) ( 56 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Two series of amphiphilic rare earth complexes are synthesized through molecular design and chemical modification of organic ligands.

    A Highly Sensitive Colour Reaction of Titanium and its Analytical Application
    DENG Gui-Chun, WANG Yong-Chun, ZANG Shu-Liang, DOU Yan-Mei
    1999, 20(S1):  383-383. 
    摘要 ( 152 )   PDF (29KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A highly sensitive colour reaction between titanium and p-Bromocar-boxyazo-m was described. The suitable conditions forming the β-type complex and the influences of acid media、temperature、organic solvents, and surfactants on the complex formation reaction were examined.

    Analysis of Rhenium in the Copper Smoke ash by Spectrophotometry
    DOU Yan-Mei, DENG Gui-Chun, WANG Yong-Chun, ZANG Shu-Liang
    1999, 20(S1):  384-384. 
    摘要 ( 197 )   PDF (30KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Perrhenate ions reacts with methyl violet in a buffer media of Na2HPO4-citric acid ranging from PH 2.0-3.0 containing ammonium Sulfate and tartratic acid forming a blue green ion-association complex and soluble in benzene.

    Indirect Determination of Glucose by its Photochemical Reaction Coupled with an Enzyme-Substituted System
    CAI Wei-Ping, CHEN Meng, WANG Xi-Sheng, ZHU Qing-Zhi, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  385-385. 
    摘要 ( 170 )   PDF (49KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The most widely used methods for the determination of glucose are based on the monitoring of hydrogen peroxide produced stoichiometricly during the oxidation of glucose by dissolved oxygen in the presence of glucose oxidase and/or peroxidase. Since glucose oxidase and peroxidase are expensive, their solutions are not very stable, and analytical procedures are troublesome, a rapid, sensitive and inexpensive method will attracted the attention of analysts in clinic chemistry.

    Study the Transition Metal and Semiconductor/Solution Interfaces by Confocal Microprobe Raman Spectroscopy
    REN Bin, LIU Feng-Ming, YAO Jian-Lin, LI Xiao-Qin, SHE Chun-Xing, XIE Yong, MAO Bing-Wei, TIAN Zhong-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  386-386. 
    摘要 ( 167 )   PDF (76KB) ( 33 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In the past two decades, practical application of surface Raman spectroscopy had been limited to a few metals, mainly,roughened Ag, Au and Cu, providing great surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) enhancement.

    Surface Raman Study of Cyanide Adsorption at Platinum Surface
    REN Bin, HU Wen-Yun, TIAN Zhong-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  387-387. 
    摘要 ( 183 )   PDF (82KB) ( 48 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Cyanide, a pseudohalide ion,is a very important anion with both practical and fundamental significance. It is advantageous to employ pseudohalide ions as specific adsorbates on an electrode surface to provide a wider double layer region, and it therefore becomes easier to probe the potential-dependent dynamics of the interface in the absence of complications from electrode-mediated reactions.

    Potential-Averaged Raman Spectroscopy for the Time-Resolved Study
    SHE Chun-Xing, REN Bin, HU Wen-Yun, TIAN Zhong-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  388-388. 
    摘要 ( 180 )   PDF (65KB) ( 38 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Raman spectroscopy, especially surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has long been used to study the interfacial phenomena, it provides a possible method to characterize a variety of surface and interfacial processes at molecular levels in detail.

    Combining SERS and Electrochemical Transient Technique to Study Structural Change of Coadsorbed Species at Au electrodes
    YAO Jian-Lin, LIU Feng-Ming, XIE Yong, SHE Chun-Xing, REN Bin, TIAN Zhong-Qun, CAO Pei-Gen, GU Ren-Ao
    1999, 20(S1):  389-389. 
    摘要 ( 144 )   PDF (66KB) ( 30 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Although surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is probably one of the most sensitive surface spectroscopic techniques, most of the previously electrochemical SERS studies have been carried out in steady state. Recently, much attention has been attracted to combine time-dependent SERS with electrochemical transient techniques to investigate the electrode/solution interfacial dynamics at molecular level[1,2]. Our previous studies indicate that thiourea (TU) can coadsorb with ClO4- at Au electrodes in steady state. In the present work, time-dependent SERS has been used to study the structural change with the potential step for the coadsorption system.

    Effects of the Roughening Procedures on Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering from Iron Electrodes
    CAO Pei-Gen, GU Ren-Ao, YAO Jian-Lin, XIE Yong, REN Bin, TIAN Zhong-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  390-390. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (75KB) ( 37 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    For about two decades, SERS has almost been restricted to the study of Ag, Au and Cu, which has impeded the wide application of Raman spectroscopy in surface science. Various efforts have been made in order to extend surface Raman spectroscopic studies to other metals, especially transition metals. In one of these approaches,particles or thin-layers of silver or gold are deposited on the surface of interest to enhance the Raman signal of species in the immediate vicinity.

    Surface Enhanced Raman Imaging of Adsorbate-Covered SERS Active Gold Nano-Particles
    XIE Yong, REN Bin, YAO Jian-Lin, HU Wen-Yun, TIAN Zhong-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  391-391. 
    摘要 ( 165 )   PDF (66KB) ( 29 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Surface enhanced Raman imaging (SERI), the combination of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and micro-Raman imaging, has recently been developed as a surface imaging technique. It offers the high sensitivity together with chemical information at high two-dimensional spatial resolution. For example, Yang et al. have reported the study of SERI distribution on a roughened silver electrode in two-dimension. Recently a particular interesting application of this technique in our lab was to image the gold nano-particles, which were deposited on glassy carbon (GC) surfaces.

    Excimer Emission of Pyrene-l-Butyric Acid in Aqueous Solution of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate below Critical Micelle Concentration
    LIN Li-Rong, JIANG Yun-Bao
    1999, 20(S1):  392-392. 
    摘要 ( 191 )   PDF (71KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Excimer emission of ionic pyrene derivatives in ionic surfactant solutions has been observed. However, the reports were concerning on the excimer emission of charged pyrene derivatives in the presence of oppositely charged surfactant, in those cases the excimer formation was reasoned as surfactant induced aggregation of fluorophore through both hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions.

    Fluorescence Probing in Aqueous Media by A New Dual Fluorescent Amine Substituted Aromatic Sulfonate, Sodium 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino)benzenesulfonate
    LIN Li-Rong, JIANG Yun-Bao
    1999, 20(S1):  393-393. 
    摘要 ( 138 )   PDF (75KB) ( 32 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Sodium 4-dimethylaminobenzenesulfonate(SDMAS), in which the electron acceptor is linked via a heteroatom, sulfur, to the phenyl ring, is the first amine substituted aromatic sulfonate that shows dual fluorescence.

    Sodium 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino)benzenesulfonate, A New Dual Fluorescent Dimethylaniline Derivative
    LIN Li-Rong, JIANG Yun-Bao, CHEN Guo-Zhen
    1999, 20(S1):  394-394. 
    摘要 ( 249 )   PDF (68KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electron-acceptor/para-substituted N,N-dimethylaniline (DMA) showing dual fluorescence was first reported in the late 1950 by Lippert et al for 4-(N,N-dimethylamino)benzonitrile (DMABN).

    Stustudy on Fluorometric Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Iron(Ⅲ)-Teterasulfonato-Phthalocyanine with Thiamine Hydrochloride as a Substrate
    CHEN Qiu-Ying, LI Dong-Hui, ZHENG Hong, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  395-395. 
    摘要 ( 172 )   PDF (64KB) ( 59 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Enzymatic determinations of H2O2 have drawn increasing interests due to their unusual sensitivity, selectivity and simplicity. However, natural enzymes have their potential deficiencies of unstability and high cost.

    A Novel Spectrofluorimetric Method for the Determination of Thiamine with Iron(Iii)-Tetrasulfonato-Phthalocyanine as a Catalyst
    CHEN Qiu-Ying, LI Dong-Hui, YANG Huang-Hao, ZHENG Hong, ZHU Chang-Qing, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  396-396. 
    摘要 ( 238 )   PDF (63KB) ( 30 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Spectrofluorimetric determination of thiamine by means of the so-called thiochrome (TC) method remains an interesting area for analytical chemists.

    Chemical Sensing and Molecular Recognition Based on Photoinduced Intramolecular Charge Transfer Dual Fluorescence
    JIANG Yun-Bao
    1999, 20(S1):  397-397. 
    摘要 ( 144 )   PDF (61KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Represented by 4-dimethylaminobenzonitrile (DMABN), the electron donor/acceptor substituted benzenes show photoinduced intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) dual fluorescence has been well-known.

    Determination of Nuleic Acids by Fluorescence Recovery of Red-Region Fluorescent Dye-Cationic Surfactant System
    LI Dong-Hui, ZHANG Chang-Gong, YANG Huang-Hao, CHEN Qiu-Ying, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  398-398. 
    摘要 ( 178 )   PDF (72KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The determination of nuclei acids is very important in many foundamental researches and clinical diagnosis. Since the first application of ethidium bromide (EB),a number of fluorescent dyes and their deriviatives have been developed for the study and determination of nucleic acids.

    A New Strategy for Detection of Anionic Surfactant in Aqueous Samples by Using Cationic Surfactant Induced Excimer Emission from 1-Pyrenebutyric Acid
    CHEN Hong, JIANG Yun-Bao, CHEN Guo-Zhen, ZHANG Ji-Fang, DAI Lan-Hua
    1999, 20(S1):  399-399. 
    摘要 ( 143 )   PDF (73KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Detection of anionic surfactants in aqueous samples has been an important subject in environmental science. In China, the national standard method for that purpose is based on the association of methylene blue and anionic surfactant, forming a neutral species which is subject to extraction by chloroform that leads to measurement sample for UV-Vis spectrophotometry.

    Intramolecular Charge Transfer Dual Fluorescence of p-N-hexyl, N-methylaminobenzoic Acid and p-N-hexyl, N-ethylaminobenzoic Acid in Cetyltrimethylammonium Media
    CHEN Hong, WANG Zun-Ben, JIANG Yun-Bao, CHEN Guo-Zhen
    1999, 20(S1):  400-400. 
    摘要 ( 197 )   PDF (73KB) ( 50 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Following our investigations of the intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) dual fluorescence of dimethylaminobenzoic acid (DMABOA) and diethylaminobenzoic acid (DEABOA) in cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and chloride (CTAB and CTAC) micelles,we proposed a new fluorescence sensing mode for anions and neutral species.

    Sensing Iodide in Aqueous Solution by the ICT Dual Fluorescence of p-Dialkylaminobenzoic Acids in CTAC Micelle
    CHEN Hong, JIANG Yun-Bao, CHEN Guo-Zhen
    1999, 20(S1):  401-401. 
    摘要 ( 213 )   PDF (51KB) ( 43 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    We have shown that the ICT fluorophores with longer alkyl substituents at the amino nitrogen atom of p-aminobenzoic acid, p-hexyl, methylaminobenzoic acid (HMABOA) and p-hexyl,ethylaminobenzoic acid (HEABOA), bind more strongly to CTAB and CTAC micelles and in CTAC micelle these fluorophores show higher ICT to LE fluorescence intensity ratio.

    Intramolecular Charge Transfer of p-N-hexyl, N-methylamino- and p-N-hexyl, N-ethylaminobenzoic Acids in the Presence of β-Cyclodextrin
    CHEN Hong, JIANG Yun-Bao, CHEN Guo-Zhen
    1999, 20(S1):  402-402. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (76KB) ( 47 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The investigations of intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) in aqueous cyclodextrin (CD) solutions have been very active in the past decades since these investigations could probe the microenvironment properties of the CD nanocavity and the effect of CD's microenvironment on the ICT process as well. In general, the effects of the microenvironment of CD nanocavity are discussed in terms of the micro-polarity and viscosity.

    A Novel Sensing System for Water in Organic Solvent Based on the ICT Dual Fluorescence of n-Dodecyl 4-Dimethylaminobenzoate
    ZHU Wei-Qun, CHEN Hong, LIN Li-Rong, JIANG Yun-Bao
    1999, 20(S1):  403-403. 
    摘要 ( 204 )   PDF (64KB) ( 35 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Water Content in organic solvent is one of the important quantity parameters for the solvent, in particular for those solvents for organometallic use. Thus a feasible method for monitoring water content in organic solvent would be of practical importance.

    Continuos Determination of Albumin and Globulin in Human Serum Utilizing A Red-Region Fluorescent Dye, Tetra-Substituted Sulphonated Aluminum Phthalocyanine
    YANG Huang-Hao, ZHEN Hong, ZHU Qing-Zhi, XU Jin-Gou, LI Dong-Hui, FANG Ying
    1999, 20(S1):  404-404. 
    摘要 ( 210 )   PDF (68KB) ( 43 )  
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    Quantification of protein and the ratio of albumin to globulin in human serum are of important significance in clinical assay for the diagnosis of diseases and the estimation of treatment.

    Study on the Determination of Meloxicam by Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry
    YOU Wen-Wei, LIU Yan, WANG Zun-Ben
    1999, 20(S1):  405-405. 
    摘要 ( 181 )   PDF (69KB) ( 34 )  
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    Meloxicam is a new non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). In contrast to other NSAIDs currently available,such as piroxicam, tenidap and indomethacin, it appears to have greater inhibitory activity against the inducible isoform of cyclo-oxygenase (COX-2), which is implicated in the inflammatory response,than against the constitutive isoform (COX-1).

    Magnetic Field Effects on Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy of Perylene
    ZHU Ya-Xian, DU Xin-Zhen, HUANG Xian-Zhi, JIA Ping-Fu, ZHANG Yong, YUAN Dong-Xing, Ka-Fai Poon, Michael H W Lam
    1999, 20(S1):  406-406. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (68KB) ( 58 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In the passed decade, great attention has been paid on the study of external magnetic filed effects on chemical reactions and relative phenomena. Our recent previous study show to molecular spectra of some system, such as α-bromonaphthalene in aqueous solution of β-Cyclodextrin, can be modified by external magnetic field effects.

    Near-IR Spetrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Protein in Human Serum with the Synthesized Cyanine
    ZHENG Hong, WU Min, LI Dong-Hui, CHEN Qiu-Ying, XU Jin-Gou, ZHU Chang-Qing
    1999, 20(S1):  407-407. 
    摘要 ( 172 )   PDF (51KB) ( 49 )  
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    Dye binding protein assays are commonly used in clinical tests and biochemical laboratories. The assays include Coomassie Brilliant Blue, Bromophenol Blue and Bromocresol Green methods.

    Determination of Nucleic Acids by the Enhancement of Fluorescence in Near-IR region
    ZHENG Hong, WU Min, LI Dong-Hui, CHEN Qiu-Ying, XU Jin-Gou, ZHU Chang-Qing
    1999, 20(S1):  408-408. 
    摘要 ( 145 )   PDF (53KB) ( 47 )  
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    The quantitative determination of nucleic acids is of interest since it is the basis of many investigations. Direct use of the natural fluorescence emission properties of nucleic acids for their determination has been limited because of the low fluorescence quantum yield of native DNA, thus an extrinsic probe must be employed.

    Determination of Micro Amounts of Proteins by Their Quenching Effect on the Rayleigh Light Scattering of Colloidal Silver Chloride
    ZHU Chang-Qing, LI Dong-Hui, ZHU Qing-Zhi, ZHENG Hong, CHEN Qiu-Ying, YANG Huang-Hao, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  409-409. 
    摘要 ( 194 )   PDF (64KB) ( 37 )  
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    It is of great importance to determine proteins in analytical biochemistry, clinical chemistry and foods assay.

    Fluorescence Immunoassay for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Using a Thermal Phase Separating polymer
    ZHU Qing-Zhi, YANG Huang-Hao, LI Dong-Hui, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  410-410. 
    摘要 ( 146 )   PDF (73KB) ( 43 )  
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    Department of Chemistry and the Key Laboratory of Analytical Sciences of MOE, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, P.R. China

    A Mimetic Antibody for Egg Albumin Based On Molecular Imprinting Technique
    ZHU Qing-Zhi, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  411-411. 
    摘要 ( 162 )   PDF (83KB) ( 49 )  
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    Biorecognition (such as antibody-antigen) is now highly developed and widely applied in the specific detection and measurement of numerous compounds of clinical, nutritional, environmental, industrial and general biotechnological interest.

    A Novel Thermal Phase-Separating Fluorescence Immunoassay System Using Iron-tetrasulfonatophthalocyanine as a Mimetic-Enzyme Label
    YANG Huang-Hao, ZHU Qing-Zhi, LI Dong-Hui, CHEN Qiu-Ying, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  412-412. 
    摘要 ( 149 )   PDF (76KB) ( 45 )  
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    Application of enzyme immunoassay is now very widespread, they play an important role in a variety fields.

    A New Way of Evaluation of Hydroxyl Radical-Scavenging Ability by Fluorescence
    GUO Xiang-Qun, MAO Yu-Xia, LIN You-Yu
    1999, 20(S1):  413-413. 
    摘要 ( 220 )   PDF (70KB) ( 39 )  
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    Hydroxyl radical has been implicated in a number of pathological conditions, including ischemia, reperfusion and aging,and is thought to be generated within cells and tissues where it can attack proteins, lipids, DNA, and other biomolecules, thus initiating secondary radical reactions that can produce irreparable cellular damage.

    An Anisotropy Probe for Protein Hydrodynamics
    GUO Xiang-Qun, Felix N. Castellano, Li Li, Henryk Malak, Joseph R. Lakowicz
    1999, 20(S1):  414-414. 
    摘要 ( 174 )   PDF (65KB) ( 31 )  
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    Fluorescence anisotropy decay measurements have been widely used to study the rotational dynamics of proteins, membrane-bound proteins and other macromolecules.

    Study on the Optical Spectra of 9,10-anthraquinone-2,6-disulfonic Acid Labeled Bovine Serum Albumin
    LI Fang, GUO Xiang-Qun, ZHU Qing-Zhi, ZHAO Yi-Bing, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  415-415. 
    摘要 ( 234 )   PDF (64KB) ( 44 )  
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    Photochemical fluorimetry (PCF) is an analytical technique based on a photochemical reaction, such as photoreduction, photooxidation, photoisomerization or photocyclization.

    A Novel Spectrofluorimetric Assay for Superoxide Dismutase Based on Epinephrine Autoxidation
    LIN You-Yu, GUO Xiang-Qun, FENG Tao, ZHENG Wei-Yun
    1999, 20(S1):  416-416. 
    摘要 ( 157 )   PDF (67KB) ( 31 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Superoxide radical (O2-) is generated in the univalent reduction of oxygen either chemically or enzymatically in living cells, and all of the other reactive oxygen species such as hydroxyl radical are derived from O2- directly or indirectly. They may attack important biomolecules and thus cause damage to living organisms.

    Determination of the Protein Labeled by Dyes Based on Direct Detection of Light Intensity Absorbed
    ZHAO Yi-Bing, WANG Dong-Yuan, GUO Xiang-Qun, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  417-417. 
    摘要 ( 193 )   PDF (46KB) ( 36 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A novel spectrometric technique of molecules based on direct detection of light intensity absorbed had been proposed. This paper describes the application of this technique for the determination of the protein labeled by dyes. The result showed that the sensitivity and detection limit of this method were better than that of UV-Vis determination for the same system.

    Determination of Inorganic Phosphate Based on the Fluorescence Quenching of Tb3+-Tiron Complex
    ZHAO Yi-Bing, WANG Dong-Yuan, GUO Xiang-Qun, XU Jin-Gou
    1999, 20(S1):  418-418. 
    摘要 ( 137 )   PDF (41KB) ( 33 )  
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    Phosphorus, in the form of organic or inorganic phosphate, is an important and widely distributed element in the human body. As a main part of phosphorus, inorganic phosphate was studied by many new determination methods.

    A Noval Software to Obtain VASSFS and NLVASSFS from 3D Fluorescence Data
    WU Jian-Ming, GUO Xiang-Qun, XIE Yong-Ming, ZHAO Yi-Bing
    1999, 20(S1):  419-419. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (51KB) ( 41 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A windows-based data-processing software, named "Fluowave",has been developed to obtain Variable-angle Synchronous Scanning Fluorescence Spectrum (VASSFS) and Non-linear Variable-angle Synchronous Scanning Fluorescence Spectrum (NLVASFS) from Three-dimension Fluorescence Spectrum Data,acquired from Hitachi F-4500 fluorescence spectrophotometer.

    Simultaneous Determination of Four Anthracene Derivatives by means of Non-linear Variable-angle Synchronous Fluorescence Spectrometry
    SUI Wei, WU Chun, Li Yao-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  420-420. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (64KB) ( 57 )  
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    Fluorescence spectrometry has not yet been widely applied to the simultaneous direct determination of several fluorescent components in mixtures, mainly because the fluorescence spectra of individual substances contain overlapped broad bands.

    Variable-Angle Synchronous Luminescence Spectroscopy for Elimination of Second-Order Scattering Light
    LI Yao-Qun, QIAN Fang, LI Zhao
    1999, 20(S1):  421-421. 
    摘要 ( 169 )   PDF (63KB) ( 41 )  
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    Various kinds of scattering light should be eliminated in fluorescence and phosphorescence analysis. Constant-wavelength and constant-energy synchronous scanning have the advantages of reducing first-order scattering lights. When excitation wavelength is far from emission wavelength, one should pay attention to second-order scattering light. We found second-order scattering light can be suppressed by using variable-angle synchronous luminescence spectroscopy (VASLS). In this paper, the principle and method of eliminating second-order scattering light will be presented.

    FPATH, a Program to Design the Optimum Scanning Route for Nonlinear Variable-angle Synchronous Fluorescence
    WU Chun, SUI Wei, LI Yao-Qun
    1999, 20(S1):  422-422. 
    摘要 ( 149 )   PDF (55KB) ( 33 )  
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    The non-linear variable-angle synchronous fluorescence (NLVASF) method was developed in order to achieve greater selectivity than other synchronous fluorescence methods. However the major difficulty impeding its practical application is how to select a suitable scanning route beforehand for optimum results.

    Composition Analysis of A Plastics Floor Board with Infrared Spectroscopy
    WANG Jing, YUE Xiu-Ying, SU Xu, XING Gui-Qin
    1999, 20(S1):  423-423. 
    摘要 ( 159 )   P