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    1995年 第16卷 第S1期    刊出日期:1995-12-31
    Transition from Photocatalytic Reaction of Inorganic Interfaces to Nanostructured Functional Assemblies
    Xiao Liang-zhi, Bai Yu-bai, Li Tie-jin
    1995, 16(S1):  1-6. 
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    Near the turn of this century, the human society will enter rapidly the information epoch in which the problems of energy and environment have been paid extensive attention, and the importance of light in those aspects has been recognized progressively. Here we thank sincerely our guide-deceased, Professor T'sai Liu-sheng,the member of Chinese Academy of Science,the representative of the experimental physical chemistry school in China. It was he who guided as onto the research on photocatalysis,and onto the reasearch on electrophotonic intelligent material later. It was he who estabilished the foundation of the subject-crossing on physics, chemistry and biology in our laboratory. It was he who taught as to follow the development of scientific frontier closely,try hard to adopt modern experimental techniques, and develop the international cooperation broadly. And it was also he who respected fully free-creativenevss and the spirits of advancement of the young, meanwhile, he encouraged the communication of researchers in different fields which is of great importance for those who conduct the interdisciplinary. His unique scientific ideas provided the essential premise for the science creativeness and generation of new thought and ideas. Goethe said that the combination of the wisdom of the older and the capability of the young can create miracle. It is true![1]

    Recent Progress in Photoelectrochemistry
    Akira Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  7-12. 
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    Anticipating forthcoming changes in the 21st century, a century predicted to be the "Age of Light",we are interested in light-related chemical phenomena. We are engaged in basic and applied research on the phenomena specifically occurring at a solid (semiconductor or metal) and a solution or gas upon the application of light energy to the interface. We are exploring these phenomena so that they can be put into practical use. The interface in such a heterogeneous system shows characteristics distinctly different from those of any one phase, which at times has given as the delight of observing an unexpected phenomenon.

    Preparation of Nanoparticulate [PMo11Cu(H2O)O39]5--n-C18H37NH2 Film Using Langmuir-BIodgett Method
    PENG Xiao-gang, ZHANG Xin-tong, LI Lin-song, QIN Zhu-jie, XIAO Liang-zhi, LI Tie-jin, Shen Chao
    1995, 16(S1):  13-16. 
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    Nanoparticulate [PMo11Cu(H2O)O39]5--(PCuMo11)-n-C18H37NH2 composite monolayer can be formed at the air-liquid interface using nanoparticulate PCuMo11 as the subphase. The area extrapolated to π=0 is 0.27 nm2 per hydrocarbon chain of the monolayer. The collapse pressure is about 3.5×10-1 N. The composite monolayer was deposited on the solid substrate using the LB technique. The XPS characterization of the composite monolayer showed that in the film the directional alignment of PCuMo11, molecules was in the direction of Cu atoms close to the amino groups of the octadecylamine moleculos.

    Preparation of Nanometer-sized Particles of η-Al2O3
    ZHANG Chang-shuan, ZHANG Ji-jun, WANG Yun-tao, WANG Li-jun, LI Tie-jin
    1995, 16(S1):  17-20. 
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    Nanometer-sized powders of Al2O3, with particles in the range 3 to 10 nm, were prepared by sol-gel method. The size, morphology, electron diffraction pattern and crystal phase of the alumina were examined primarily by means of TEM and XRD.

    Multi-Functionalization of Vanadylorgano-phosphonate Through Intercalation
    Tomokazu Iyoda, Takashi Shimura, Kenichiro Nakamura, Kazuhito Hashimoto, Akira Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  21-24. 
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    The intercalation of various kinds of alcohols into vanadyl-organophosphate powder is investigated mainly by elementary analysis and X-ray diffraction measurement. Not only a series of fatty alcohols but also benzylalcohol derivatives are almost quantitatively intercalated with reasonable relationships between the size of the intercalators and the increasing layer spacing. Another useful preparative method for the host thin film is developed by electrochemical treatment of a conventional V2O5 thin film.

    Quartz Crystal Microbalance Study of Q-State PbS Particle Formation in Lead Arachidate Langmuir-BIodgett Films
    WU Yu-qing, XU Wei-qing, ZHAO Bing, TAO Yan-chun, WU Ying, LI Bo-fu
    1995, 16(S1):  25-28. 
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    The formation of Q-state PbS particle in lead arachidate (PbAr) Langmuir-Blodgett films has been monitored using the quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) measurement. The study showed that the mass uptake of PbAr films with different thicknesses on exposure to hydrogen sulfide was consistent with that expected for the quantitative conversion of Pb2+ in the films to PbS and the corresponding conversion of PbAr to arachidic acid. Mass uptake measurement on PbAr films extensively exposed to H2S gas showed the arachidic acid molecules left after Q-state particle formation could be quantitatively converted to PbAr by immersing the film in a stirred aqueous solution containing lead ions. Subsequent reexposure of the film to H2S increases the mole fraction of PbS in the film.

    The Effects of Methylene Blue on the Optical Properties of Nanometer-sized CdS Organosol
    WU Xiao-chun, ZOU Bing-suo, XU Ji-ren, TANG Guo-jing, ZHANG Gui-lan, CHEN Wen-ju
    1995, 16(S1):  29-32. 
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    The inverse micelle system of nanometer-sized CdS doped with Methylene Blue(MB) was synthesized and characterized by using absorption and fluorescence spectra. The results show that MB molecules were absorbed onto the surface of CdS nanoparticles and interacted with surfactants when its concentration was lower than 4×10-6 mol/L. From the comparison of their spectra, MB molecules by adsorption have a strong quenched fluorescence emission of CdS nanoparticles with surface defect states. All responses and main mechanism are ascribed to the charge transfer between the CdS organosol and Methylene Blue molecules.

    Assembly of Fe2O3 Nanoparticles with Polymer Microspheres by Encapsulated Copolymerization
    DU Hui, KAN Shi-hai, ZHANG Guo-fu, LIU Feng-qi, TANG Xin-yi, LI Tie-jin
    1995, 16(S1):  33-36. 
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    Inorganic nanoparticles Fe2O3 in diameter of 3-5 nm have been assembled with polymer microspherer and then encapsulated in copolymer of St/BA/AA by polymerization process. Fe2O3 encapsulated microspheres can obtained through interaction between surface groups of the two component particles and by adjusting the pH value in the emulsion. Pre-treatment of the composite particles using a certain amount of surfactant before polymerization can give a good encapsulation.

    A Photoluminescence Study of CdS Nanocluster Assembly
    DU Zu-liang, ZHAO Wei-li, MA Guo-hong, ZHU Zi-qiang
    1995, 16(S1):  37-40. 
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    The behavior of the photoluminescence of CdS nanocluster varying with time irradiated by radiation of different wavelengthes has been studied. The results show that when the assembly was irradiated with 370 nm radiation (transition(1sh-1se transition). the emission of surface states was reduced and the related machanism was discussed.

    Thermal Stability and Thermal Behavior of Nanoparticle a-Fe2O3-stearate Alternating Langmuir-BIodgett Multilayer
    PENG Xiao-gang, LI Lin-song, ZHANG Yan, BAI Yu-bai, LI Tie-jin, YU Zhan-jun
    1995, 16(S1):  41-45. 
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    Thermal stability and thermal behavior of nanoparticulate α-Fe2O3-stearate alternating Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer have been studied through temperature dependent FTIR spectroscopy. The results show that this multilayer has an excellent thermal stability. From 60℃ to 150℃,the alkyl chains in the multilayer can keep "all trans" configuration and the Fe2O3 nanopar-ticle multilayer film structure still remains an order structure. From 200℃ to 220℃, the film undergoes a phase transition from solid to liquid. Tins high melting point is due to the high molecular weight (at least 105 atomic weight units for one nanoparticle) and the stearate ions are chemically bonded to it.

    Two-dimensional Raman Imaging Analysis of Microcrystal Diamond Film
    Toshihiro Minabe, Kazuhito Hashimoto, Akira Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  46-49. 
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    Two-dimensional distributions of the impurity carbon (sp2-bonded carbon), crystallinity, and tensile stresses in a(Ⅲ) oriented diamond crystal of a diamond thin film were studied by using Raman imaging microscopy. The amount of the impurity carbon was more in the center of (Ⅲ) plane than in the circumference of the plane. The crystallinity and tensile stress were also higher in the center than in the circumference. Based on those two-dimesional distributions, we discuss the boundary structure between diamond carbon and sp2-bonded carbon in CVD diamond.

    Modification of TiO2 Microporous Electrode with Chemical Bath Deposited Quantum-Size CdSe Particles
    SHEN Yao-chun, LU Zu-hong, WEI Yu
    1995, 16(S1):  50-55. 
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    The transparent titanium dioxide (TiO2) electrodes have been modified with cadmium selenite (CdSe) particles by means of chemical deposition method. The sensitization of TiO2 electrode with CdSe particles extends both the optical absorption spectrum and photocurrent action spectrum into the visible region. Furthermore, compared with CdSe bulk materials, a blue shift up to 0.24 eV in both absorption spectrum and photocurrent action spectrum of CdSe/TiO2 electrode was observed and explained in terms of quantum-size effect.

    A Study of the Application of Photoexcited TiO2 Particle to Cancer Treatment
    Yoshinobu Kubota, Masahiko Hosaka, Kazuhito Hashimoto, Akira Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  56-62. 
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    The purpose of the present paper is to introduce such a new application of photoexcited TiO2 to the area of biology that has been investigated in our laboratory. The behavior of cultured celles on the photoexcied TiO2 electrode surface and the cell killing effect of photoexcited TiO2 particles are described. And the possible application of this cell killing effect of photoexcited TiO2 particles to cancer treatment is discussed.

    Fluorescence Behavior of Anthracene in Composite System of PBA/PS
    LIU Feng-qi, BAI Yu-bai, ZHANG Xin, DU Hui, LI Tie-jin, TANG Xin-yi
    1995, 16(S1):  63-66. 
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    The fluorescence emission behavior of anthracene (An) wrapt in the film cast from poly (butyl acrylate)/polystyrene composite emulsion prepared by seed emulsion polymerization was determined. The result shows that the emission spectra are sensitive to the environment of the probe An. The volatilization of solvent under film-forming will enhance the luminous emission.The heat treatment to film will weaken the fluorescence and shift the signals towards higher frequency.

    Step Morphology of Liquid Phase Epitaxial GaAs Determined by Atomic Force Microscopy
    LU Yin-cheng, CHEN Yong, CAI Sheng-min, LIU Zhong-fan
    1995, 16(S1):  67-70. 
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    Single, double and triple growth spirals were observed on liquid phase epitaxy(LPE) grown layers using atomic force microscopy (AFM). Spiral growth arises from the motion of growth steps in a spiral fashion. The LPE grown GaAs Layers show quite a different step morphology as compared with cleaved GaAs crystals. The step treads are atomically flat planes in the cleaved crystals. but are generally not atomically flat planes and rather bow upwards in the LPE layers. The mechanism arousing this difference is unclear.

    Surface Manipulation of Conjugated Carbon Materials with Scanning Probe Technique
    Jiang L., Iyoda T., Hashimoto K., Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  71-74. 
    摘要 ( 211 )   PDF (849KB) ( 67 )  
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    The atomic force microscope (AFM) was used to manipulate surface structures of conjugated carbon materials (graphite and C70) in the nanometer scale with real space resolution. Soliton superlattice was directly observed on both graphite and C70 single crystals surface. The tip-induced dynamic structural changes were also investigated. 丁he manipulations of both sp3-like line defects on the lattice of graphite and individual C70 molecules on defect-free surface or at molecular layer edges were suggested.

    Studies on the Process of Molcular Recognition directed Self-Assembling between Melamine and Light Active Barbituric Acid Derivatives
    YANG Wen-sheng, LU Ran, CHAI Xiang-dong, CAO Yun-wei, REN Yan-zhi, JIANG Yue-shun, TANG Xin-yi, Li Tie-jin, FU Lian-she, SUN Gui-fen, ZHANG Hong-jie, J.M.Lehn
    1995, 16(S1):  75-77. 
    摘要 ( 340 )   PDF (594KB) ( 54 )  
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    The process of molecular recognition directed self-assembling between two complementary molecular components. 5-(4-dodecyloxybenzylidene)-2,4,6-(1H, 3H)-pyrimidinetrione (B) and 4-amino-2,6-didodecylamino-l,3,5-triazine (M),was studied using fluorescence spectroscopy. It was found that it took more than 1200 h for this process to reach the equilibrium.This means that there must be other kinds of noncovalent interactions besides hydrogen bonds.This system has a positive cooperativity and B is proved to be as both the fluorescence probe and molecular components of the self-assembling.

    Crystallization of Ammonium Nitrate Under Organised Monolayers at Air-Aqueous Interface
    BAI Yu-bai, Munger.G, Roger, M Leblanc
    1995, 16(S1):  78-82. 
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    The crystallization of NH4NO3 under compressed Langmuir monolayers of carboxybe-taine(C22N3COO-),C22H15N(CH2)3(CH2)3COO--[C22N3COO-] and dioleoyl-L-a-lecithin(DOPC) was studied by means of π-A. ΔV-A and fluorescence microscopy (FM). The surface pressure, surface potential and molecular area of C22N3COO- were decreased on the NH4NO3 solution subphase. The surface pressure and molecular area of DOPC was increased. The surface potential of DOPC was decreased. We can directly observe the surface crystallization of NH4NO3 by FM. The results revaled that C22N3COO- monolayer was the promoter of NH4NO3 surface crystallization. In contrast,DOPC monolayer was the inhibitor of the surface crystallization of NH4NO3.

    Synthesis of a New Self-Assembly Liquid Crystalline Polymer Through Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding
    TIAN Yan-qing, XU Xiao-he, ZHAO Ying-ying, TANG Xin-yi, LI Tie-jin, LI Chong-wu, PAN Ang
    1995, 16(S1):  83-86. 
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    A new side chain liquid crystalline polymer with biphenyl mesogenic group has been prepared. This polymer forms a bilayer smectic A phase through intermolecular hydrogen bonding according to the result of X-ray diffraction. Its phase transition was studied lining DSC and polarized optical microscopy. Infrared spectroscopic measurements show that cyclic dimeric hydrogen bonds of carboxylic acids are embedded in the bilayer.

    Ordering of Colloidal Spheres Floating on the Surface of Glycol Film
    WEI Qi-huo, GU Ning, LU Zu-hong, ZHOU Cai-hua, MING Nai-ben
    1995, 16(S1):  87-90. 
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    The ordering of polystyrene colloidal particles floating on the surface of glycol film, forming a two-dimensional system,was studied via an optical microscope. We have observed that the interfacial colloidal particles crystallized to form a two-dimensional triangular lattice with lots of point defects and grain boundaries. The interactions between the interfacial colloidal particles are also analyzed.

    Influence of La3+ on the Phase Behavior and the Pluidity of Phospholipid Bilayers
    LI Xin-min, ZHAO Bing, NI Jia-zuan, WU Ying, XU Wei-qing, CHEN Jian-Wen, HUANG Fen
    1995, 16(S1):  91-95. 
    摘要 ( 205 )   PDF (1114KB) ( 101 )  
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    The influence of La3+ on the phase behavior and the fluidity of the negatively charged phospholipid dipalmitoylphosphatidylglycerol(DPPG) bilayers was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and FT-Raman spectroscopy. La3+, induced a phase separation of DPPG bilayers, and formed three peaks. La3+ increased the phase transition temperature of the new peaks, broadened the half width of the DSC signal, and stabilized a gel phase relative to a crystalline phase of DPPG bilayers. La3+ was shown to increase interchain order and intermolecular ordering of the lipid lattice, and decreased the fluidity of DPPG bilayers.

    A Novel Structure Observed on the Phospholipid Langmuir-Blodgett Bilayer by Atomic Force Microscopy
    YUAN Chun-bo, ZHAO Bing, DING De-sheng, LU Zu-hong, LIU Ju-zheng
    1995, 16(S1):  96-98. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (718KB) ( 85 )  
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    A novel roundish objects were observed directly by means of atomic force microscopy to be formed on dimyristoylphosphatidylcholoine (DMPC) Langmuir-Blodgeet bilayer films. The roundish structure may be resulted from the aggregation of DMPC molecules because of the collapse of DMPC liposomes formed on the interface of water/organic phase when they lose the water support.

    Normal Alignment of π-conjugated Oligo-acene Amphiphiles by Langmuir-Blodgett Techique
    Ken-ichi Ishibashi, Tomokazu Iyoda, Kazuhito Hashimoto, Akira Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  99-102. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (831KB) ( 72 )  
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    Novel type of monolayer and multilayer of normally aligned,π-conjugated system with no alkyl chain was realized consisting of oligo-acene molecules by Langmuir-Blodgett technique.

    Chemically and Electrochemically Induced Surface Reconstruction of Au Single Crystal Studied by the Nonlinear Optics
    Baba R., Mochizuki H., Kozakai T., Fujishima A.
    1995, 16(S1):  103-106. 
    摘要 ( 209 )   PDF (944KB) ( 131 )  
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    The rotational anisotropy of the optical second harmonic generation (SHG) from Au (Ⅲ) surface was studied as a measure of the surface reconstruction before and after the self-assembly (SA) of thiols on the gold facet. The SA reaction was undertaken on the √3×23 reconstructed Au(Ⅲ) surface which was achieved consistently throughout the reacition by the electrochemical potential control in an aqueous HCIO4, solution. The polarization dependence of the anisotropic SHG pattern showed that the initial surface symmetry of the reconstructed √3×23 structure was neither settled nor deformed into the 1×1 structure by the monolayer deposition of SA-overcoat which was expected to show √3×√3 hexagonal structure.

    Highly Efficient Photochromism of a Crown Ether-derived Azobenzene in Langmuir-Blodgett Films
    WANG Yong-qiang, YU Hua-zhong, LUO Ying, CHENG Ji-zhi, CAI Sheng-min, LIU Zhong-fan
    1995, 16(S1):  107-111. 
    摘要 ( 199 )   PDF (1017KB) ( 58 )  
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    A novel crown ether-azobenzene derivative (CAD) was synthesized. It was formed in a stable monolayer at air-water interface, and could be transferred to both ITO glasses and CaF2 substrates with near unity of transfer ratio. Under irradiations of UV and visible light,the CAD molecules showed a highly efficient photochromic behavior in the rigid Langmuir-Blodgett films.The trans-cis conversion rate reached 76%,comparable with that obtained in chloroform solution.

    Observation of Organic Thin Film Surface by Atomic Force Microscopy
    WANG Guang-ming, DING De-sheng, LU Zu-hong, WEI Yu, DING Ying
    1995, 16(S1):  112-115. 
    摘要 ( 203 )   PDF (885KB) ( 80 )  
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    The 8-hydroxyquinoline neodymium(Ndq3) organic thin films deposited on the cleaned indium/tin oxide (ITO) at different deposition rates with the same vacuity (133.3×10-5 Pa) were revealed by atomic force microscopy (AFM). Organic devices with one layer of Ndq3 as the e-type conductive material at different deposition rates sandwiched between ITO and aluminum electrodes have been fabricated. respectively. Evidence suggests that the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics were determined by the uniformity of organic film which was controlled by the deposition conditions.

    Liposomes Prepared from Inverse Micelles
    LU Zu-hong, WU Yijuan, Zhang Bao
    1995, 16(S1):  116-119. 
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    A method for the preparation of liposome is introduced, which contains two experimental steps: (a) inverse micelles of lecithin are formed in water-in-oil system by sonication; (b) the micelles are spread on the water surface, passed Through the oil-water interface, and transformed into liposomes in the water phase. The main advantage of this method is that the inner aqueous solution encapsulated by liposomes could be different from their enviromental medium. The liposome size is less than 0.5 μm in diameter by atomic force microscope. Comparison of activities of urease with and without liposome encapsulation suggested that urease was well entraped into liposomes.

    Structural Investigation of Langmuir-Blodgett Films on Self-Assembly Modified Au Substrates
    GAO Yu-Zhi, ZHU Tao, TANG Ming, CAI Sheng-Min, LIU Zhong-Fan
    1995, 16(S1):  120-124. 
    摘要 ( 175 )   PDF (1199KB) ( 64 )  
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    To improve the homogeneity and stability of single-layer azobenzene LB films on gold, self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of terminally substituted alkyl thiol, HS(CH2)2-X(X=NH2,OH, COOH and CH2SO3Na, respectively), were used to modify the substrates before LB film deposition. It was found that single-layer C8C3 LB films on these modified substrates were more uniform and stable. Reflecion-Absorption(RA) FTIR measurements on these films indicated that at the LB/SAMs interface, ionic bonds. have formed for the modification with -NH2 while hydrogen bonding occurred for modifications with -OH. -COOH and -SO3Na,respectively. It can be concluded that the ionic or hydrogen bonding at the LB/SAM interface is responsible for the improvement in homogeneity and stability. It was believed that the less defected films after the time aging were most probably due to the ionic bond and hydrogen bonding mentioned above.

    In-Situ Spectroelectrochemical Measurement of Azobenzene Containing Self-Assembled Monolayers
    R.Wang, T.Iyoda, D.A.Tryk, K.Hashimoto, Akira Fujishima, I.Bae, D.A.Scherson
    1995, 16(S1):  125-128. 
    摘要 ( 178 )   PDF (939KB) ( 63 )  
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    The electrochemical behavior of an azobenzene containing self-assembled monolayer (SAM) has been examined by means of in-situ Fourier transform infrared reflection absorption (FTIRRA) spectroscopy. The electrochemical reduction product of azobenzene has been confirmed to be hydrazobenzene. A stable and reversible process in both electrochemistry and architecture has been found in the monolayer film.

    The Application of Host-Guest Chemistry from Natural Compounds to Optoelectronics
    GUO Wensheng, ZHANG Zeyong, LI Guohui, TIAN Changsheng, LI Tiejin
    1995, 16(S1):  129-133. 
    摘要 ( 234 )   PDF (1013KB) ( 59 )  
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    A host-guest chemistry method for preparing both natural compounds and SHG inclusion crystal has been developed. The function moieties from the herb could be extracted effectively. The SHG crystal values showed that the host and guest compounds aligned as expected.

    Alternating Langmuir-Blodgett Films with Interlayer Molecular Recognition
    REN Yan-zhi, CHEN Si-guang, CHAI Xiang-dong, CAO Yun-wei, YANG Wen-sheng JIANG Yue-shun, LI Tie-jin, ZHAO Bing, Lehn Jean-Marie
    1995, 16(S1):  134-137. 
    摘要 ( 249 )   PDF (708KB) ( 86 )  
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    Alternating Langmuir-Blodgett films were successfully deposited with two complementary molecular components: a liglu-active barbituric acid derivative (B) and a melamine derivative (M). X-ray diffraction measurements show that the alternating films have a layered structure of HMBM…BM. The effect of the interlayer molecular recognition between B and M in the alternating films was observed via atomic force microscopic measurements.

    Contact-Angle Titrations of Cysteamine Selfassembled Monolayers on Gold--A Sensitive Tool for Monitoring the Surface Modification Process
    YU Hua-zhong, ZHAO Jian-wei, WANG Yong-qiang, CHENG Ji-zhi, CAI Sheng-min, LIU Zhong-fan
    1995, 16(S1):  138-143. 
    摘要 ( 209 )   PDF (1279KB) ( 94 )  
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    The self-assembled monolayers (SAMs). which were prepared by spontaneous adsorption of cysteamine on gold surface, were characterized using contact-angle titrations. Contact-angle titration data acquired for the cysteamine SAMs exhibited a smooth transition in contact angle between plateau regions at low and high pH value. The surface pKb, was estimated to be 1.8±0.2, much lower than that in solution. The electroactive azobenzene group was anchored to the monolayer via amide surface reaction. Thus the formed SAMs were further subjected to exchange in dilute pentanethiol soluition. At each stage of modification, the surface was monitored by con-tact-angle titration and cyclic voltanimetry. It was found that the titration curves obviously shifted to the higher contact-angle direction with the increase of surface hydrophobicity. The results are in good agreement with the cyclic voltammetric measurements, demonstrating that the contact-angle titration is a useful technique for monitoring the step by step surface reactions.

    Atomic Force Microscopy of Azobenzene-Derived Alkanethiolate Monolayers on Gold
    TANG Ming, WANG Yong-qiang, CAI Sheng-min, LIU Zhong-fan
    1995, 16(S1):  144-148. 
    摘要 ( 212 )   PDF (1007KB) ( 62 )  
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    Self-assembled monolayer of two azobenzene-derived alkanethiols with different terminal alkyl chain lengths (shortly as C8C3SH and C1C4SH) on gold were studied using atomic force microscopy. The C8C3SH SAMs showed a very regular packing structure with a lattice constant of a=0.57±0.04 nm, b=0.73±0.06 nm and θ=120±10°, mainly domianted by the terminated alkyl chains. On the other hand, the C1C4SH SAMs exhibited a number of different packing domains on the gold surface. The closest packing lattice was a=0.37±0.04 nm, b=0.47±0.02 nm, and θ=,107±6°, most probably representing the aggregation of azobenzene chromophoren. Another two typical lattices observed were a=0.65±0.03 nm, b=0.72±0.03 nm, θ=120±2°, and a=0.47±0.03 nm.b=0.47±0.03 nm.θ=100±10°, respectively. The packing structure of C1C4SH monolayers on gold is believed to be dominated by the azobenzene chromophore.

    Atomic Force Microscopic Studies of Light-Emitting Porous Silicon
    LIU Z.F., CHEN Y., LI J.J., ZHANG S.L., CAI S.M.
    1995, 16(S1):  149-153. 
    摘要 ( 213 )   PDF (1037KB) ( 54 )  
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    The surface morphologies of porous silicon (PS), fabricated under various anodic etching conditions and on different typvs of silicon substrates, were studied using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The typical sizes of silicon crystallites of PS were found to be 4-10 nanome-ters,an expected for quantum confinement effect. The results suggested the doping concentration of silicon substrate plays an important role compared with the doping type in determining the surface microstructures. On p- PS samples, a step-like dependence of the PS crystallite size of HF etching concentration was observed for the first time,in nice agreement with the,tep-like photo-luminescence (PL) phenomenon. which strongly supported the quantum confinement model.

    AFM Observation of Phospholipid Molecules Absorbed on Mica
    GU Ning, LU Zu-hong, YUAN Chun-wei, WEI Yu
    1995, 16(S1):  154-158. 
    摘要 ( 217 )   PDF (917KB) ( 81 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    An atomic force microscope was used to observe the adsorption of phospholipid molecules(phospha-tidylcholine, PC) on the mica substrate.The film-formation by PC molecules adsorption spontaneously on the specific substrate has been proved. It is revealed that the evident differences of morphology exist among different sampler with different concentrations of PC/decane solutions. different adsorption times, etc.The effect of tip-induced change in size of domains formed by adsorption of PC molecules on the substrate during the AFM scanning was observed.

    Cu-TCNQ Semiconducting Film Direct Formation in Molten State,Characterization and Electical Properties
    LIU Sheng-gao, LIU Yun-qi, Wu Pei-ji, ZHU Dao-ben
    1995, 16(S1):  159-162. 
    摘要 ( 203 )   PDF (775KB) ( 61 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Metallic copper foil directly reacted with molten TCNQ (7, 7, 8, 8-tetracyano-quin-odimethane), resulting in Cu-TCNQ semiconduting tinf film with electrical switching and memory properties.The material was diaracterized by FT-IR spectral analysis. The degree of diarge transfer from copper ro the electron acx-optor TCNQ and the electrical switching properties were discussed as well.

    Studies on Photon-gated Persistent Spectral Holeburning of Porphyrin Compounds as Optical Storage Materials
    YANG Guo-yu, WANG Qing-min, ZHANG Jie, YU Lian-xiang, CAO Xi-zhang, XU Ji-qing, TIAN Ming-zhen, LUO Bao-zhu, LI Wen-lian, HUANG Shi-hua, YU Jia-qi, MA Wen-ying, ZHANG Zuo-xin
    1995, 16(S1):  163-166. 
    摘要 ( 280 )   PDF (694KB) ( 56 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The present paper reports persistent and photon-gated persistent spectral holeburning films made up of zinc-tetrasulfobenzoporphyrin(ZnTPPSt) with polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) host and made up of zinc-tetraphenylbenzoporphyrin(ZnTPBP,donor), p-hydroxybenzaldhytle(PHBA, acceptor)and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA, host). The experimental results show that ZnTPPSt, and ZnTPBP have the character of single-pholon (one-tolor) and photon-gated (two-color) spectral holeburning,respectively.

    Investigation of the Electrical and the Dielectric Properties of Various LB Films
    Zhang L., ZHU M., LIU Z.X., SHEN J.C., BAI Y.B., LI T.J., WEI C., SONG W.X.
    1995, 16(S1):  167-171. 
    摘要 ( 330 )   PDF (861KB) ( 73 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The electrical and dielectric properties of metal-insulator-semiconductor(MIS) and metal-insulator-metal(MlM) structures of various LB films were investigated. High frequency capacitance-voltage (C-V)measurements of the MIS structures of the LB films showed the accumulation,depletion and inversion regions.The dielectric constants of various LB films were calculated. Contrast with other LB films, the microgel star-shaped amphiphile(MSA) LB film showed a potential application in electronic devices due to its higher thermal and mechanical stabilities. The breakdown voltage of the MIM structure of the MSA containing only a single monolayer is over 200 V.

    Photoelectrochemical Behaviour of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon(a-Si:H) Films
    WANG Bao-hui, WANG De-jun, ZHANG Li-hua, GENG Xin-hua, SUN Zhong-lin, GENG Xin-hua, SUN Zhong-lin, LI Tie-jin
    1995, 16(S1):  172-176. 
    摘要 ( 525 )   PDF (931KB) ( 46 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Photoelectrochemical techniques have been employed in the investigation of p-type, n-type and intrinsic hydrogenated amorphous silicon(a-Si:H) films. The results show that the photocurrent response of the films strongly depends on the doped type electrolyte solution and the redox potential of the redox couples. Intrinsic a-Si:H film yields a stable photocurrent much higher than the p- and n-type ones. Based on the measurements, the energy levels and flatband potential of the intrinsic a-Si:H film are given, and the mechanisms of charge transfer in photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) are discussed.

    Synthesis and Conductivity of a New Series of Organometallic Charge Transfer Salts
    YANG Chu-lo, QIN Jin-gui, LIU Dao-yu
    1995, 16(S1):  177-181. 
    摘要 ( 279 )   PDF (753KB) ( 83 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In order to study the relationship between structure and conductivity, ten new organometallic radical ionic salts. [CpFeBz]n[M(mnt)2] and [CpFeBz]n[M(dmit)2] (M=Ni, Pd, Pt, Cu, Co; Cp=Cydopentadienyl; Bz=Benzene; H2mnt=maleonitriledithiole; H2dmit=4,5-dimercapto-1, 3-dithioie-2-thione; n=1 or 2), were synthesized according to a new synthetic route. They were characterized using elemental analysis, infrared and 1H-nuclenr magnetic reso-nance spectroscopy. The crystal structure of [CpFeBz]2[Ni(mnt)2] was determined using X-ray diffraction. The electrical conductivity of siolid stale was reported. Gomplexes of [CpFeBz]n[M(mnt)2] showed a low conductivity, while complexes of [CpKeBz]n[M(dmit)2] exhibited a rather high conductivity in the range of 10-1-10-2S·cm-1.

    Studies on the Photovoltaic Properties of Tetrabenzoporphyrin and Its Derivatives
    ZHANG Jie, WANG De-jun, YANG Yun-xin, LIU Guo-fa, CAO Xi-zhang, LI Tie-jin
    1995, 16(S1):  182-185. 
    摘要 ( 225 )   PDF (707KB) ( 62 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The photovoltaic characteristic, of a series of tetrabenzoporphyrin dyes are described. By the aid of the principle of field effect, the influences of external electric field on photovoltaic properties were investigated.

    Photochromic Properties of Pyrryl Fulgides
    ZHAO Wei-li, DU Zu-liang, ZHU Zi-qiang, MING Yang-fu, FAN Mei-gong
    1995, 16(S1):  186-188. 
    摘要 ( 204 )   PDF (566KB) ( 68 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    We evaluated the photochromic properties of pyrryl fulgides by means of comparing their quantum yields of photocoloring, thermal stabilities and fatigue resistances.

    Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Using Gas Diffusion Electrode Containing Cu Catalyst Supported on Various Metal Oxides
    Takahashi K., Hashimoto K., Fujishima A., Omata K., Kimura N.
    1995, 16(S1):  189-192. 
    摘要 ( 305 )   PDF (785KB) ( 98 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Gas diffusion electrodes for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide were prepared and their electrocatalylic activities were investigated using KOH aqueous solution as an electrolyte. Various metal oxides such as ZnO, ZrO2, TiO2,Al2O3, Nb2O5 were used as the support for Cu catalyst. The current density was amounted to 500 mA/cm2, and reduction products significantly changed depending on the metal oxide supports.

    Influence of Hydrogen and Oxygen on Porous Silicon Light Emission
    Zhang S.L., Huang F.M., Jia L., Li J.J., Cai S.M., Liu Z.F.
    1995, 16(S1):  193-195. 
    摘要 ( 426 )   PDF (565KB) ( 62 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The effect of oxygen and hydrogen on the photoluminescence intensity of porous silicon was examined. The results indicate that the presence of oxygen is necessary for visible light emission. In contrast, high hydrogen passivation is unfavorable for visible light emission.

    Conductivity of One-Dimensional Phthalocyanine Compounds
    GAO Yan-Min, WANG Rong-Shun
    1995, 16(S1):  196-198. 
    摘要 ( 182 )   PDF (516KB) ( 68 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Phthalocyanine, compounds(MPcL) containing the bridge radical ligand were studied by using the method of EHMOACC. Calculation results indicate that the charge carriers are mainly from thermal excitation of semiconductor, where charges are transferred by both hole and electron; the information manifested in the electron energy band and electric conductivity deduced by means of migration formula of the charge carrier at room temperature are in accordance with the experiment facts in the main.

    The Formation and Electrochemical Behaviour of Cobalt Chlorophyll A
    QIAO Qing-dong, LIU Guo-min
    1995, 16(S1):  199-202. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (708KB) ( 59 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Tlie catalysis hydrogen waves of cobalt chlorophyll A on the electrode surface as well as the influence factors were studied using the cyclic voltammetry. As being the catalysis molecules. Co(0)Chla and Co(I)Chla could yield two catalysis hydrogen peaks in the phosphate buffer,whose electrochemical behaviour can well be illustrated by the hypothetical mechanism in this paper.

    FTIR Spectroscopic Studies on the Conformational Changes of a Chiral Schiff Base Typed Liquid Crystal
    JIANG Shi-mei, XU Wei-qing, TIAN Yan-qing, ZHAO Ying-ying, TANG Xin-yi
    1995, 16(S1):  203-205. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (593KB) ( 94 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    FTIR spectroscopy was used to study the conformational changes occurring in the crystalline(K), smectic(S) and isotropic(I) phases of a chiral schiff base typed liquid crystal compound.The most prominent changes occur at the K-S transition. Wavenumber shifts as well as changes in band intensity are analyzed in terms of variations of intra- and inter-molecular interactions.

    Synthesis, Photoconductivity and Electro-optical Properties of Disperse Red-1 Bonded PVK
    ZENG Hui-yi, ZHAN Cai-mao, QIN Jin-gui, LIU Dao-yu, CHENG Ning, CUI Yi-ping
    1995, 16(S1):  206-209. 
    摘要 ( 243 )   PDF (803KB) ( 193 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Polyvinylcarbazole was chloromethylated then condensed with Na salt of Disperse Red-1. The produced new polymer.,Disperse Red-1 bonded HVK(PVK-DR1) was characterized. The photoconductivity and electro-optical coefficient were measured using a thin film fabricated from the polymer. The result shows that the film is photoconducting electro-optical active. The photoconductivity is electric field dependent. When the applied voltage was 100 to 200 mV/M, the pholocurrent was 1 to 188 nA, and photoconductivity was 6 to 241×10-13S·cm-1, quantum efficient was 0.18% to 5%. Electro-optical efficient was 1.3 pm/V.

    Synthesis and Electro-optical Conducting Properties of Disperse Red 1 Functionlized Polymethylphenylsilane
    ZENG Hui-yi, ZHAN Cai-mao, QIN Jin-qui, LIU Dao-yu, CHENG Ning, CUI Yi-ping
    1995, 16(S1):  210-213. 
    摘要 ( 199 )   PDF (793KB) ( 44 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Polymethylphenylsilane (PMPS) was modified by chloromethylation then condensed with Na salt of Disperse Red 1(DR1). The product, DR1 functionlized PMPS(PMPS-DRD, was thoroughly washed until it had no DRl or other dopant. Its glass transition temperature is 155℃, contains 4.5% weight of DRl residue. The UV-Vis spectrum of PMPS-DRl shows a broad ab-sorption band in the range 400-700 nm. Photoconductivity measured on a 2 μm film made of PMPS-DR1, using a 632.8 nm He-Ne laser beam, shows that it is electric field dependent and in the range of 10-13 to 10-11S/cm. The electro-optical coefficient of PMPS-DRl was measured as a value of r33=0.8 pm/V.

    Electrochemical Characterizations of Nitro-styrene Derivatives
    ZHANG Dong
    1995, 16(S1):  214-217. 
    摘要 ( 197 )   PDF (633KB) ( 259 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The redox behaviour of three electron donor-acceptor compounds, nitro-styrene derivatives was investigated by means of cyclic voltammetry. The results indicate that (1) these compounds can be considered as a good electron donor-acceptor material, and its electrodeposition film can be formed by electro-oxidation; (2) the oxidation of donor is related to the reduction of acceptor closely. and it can be used to prepare redox switch film.

    Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Highly Concentrated CO2 Using a p-InP Electrode
    Tryk D.A., Hirota K., Hashimoto K., Fujishima A., Omata K., Kimura N.
    1995, 16(S1):  218-221. 
    摘要 ( 179 )   PDF (796KB) ( 76 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Carbon dioxide was photoelectrochemically reduced at a p-type InP photocathode in highly concentrated CO2 solution in methanol at elevated pressure (40 atm). Relatively high current densities were achieved (200 mA/cm2) with high current efficiencies for CO production (~90%). These current densities are approximately an order of magnitude higher than those reported previously in the literature for photoelectrochemical reduction due to the very high CO2 concentration (~8 mol/L). Other products were hydrogen and methyl formate (produced via reaction between formic acid and the methanol solvent), Hydrocarbons were produced in only trace amounts.

    Effects of Langmuir-Blodgett Film as Hole Transport Layer on Organic Electroluminescent Device Performance
    GU Jian-hua, XIAO Zhong-dang, HUANG Song-yu, LU Zu-hong
    1995, 16(S1):  222-225. 
    摘要 ( 249 )   PDF (625KB) ( 58 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Three types of organic electroluminescence(EL) cells with organic material FY as the EL-emitting layer and a copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) as the hole transport layer which were sandwiched between indium/tinoxde(ITO) and aluminum electrode have been fabricated by vacuum-vapor and Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) deposition:(a) ITO/FY/Al;(b)ITO/CuPc/FY/Al;(c) ITO/CuPc(LB)/FY/Al. It was found for the first time that the cell with the LB film as the hole transport layer has the highest luminescent intensity at the same bias-voltage. These results are attributed to the order orientation of the CuPc molecule in the layer of LB film.

    Sensitized Photocatalytic Oxidation of Dyes
    FANG Jing-huai, ZHANG Xiang-yang, LU Tong, LU Zu-hong
    1995, 16(S1):  226-229. 
    摘要 ( 205 )   PDF (713KB) ( 202 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The effects of photocatalytic degradation of dyes both in single.TiO2 colloidal system and Fe2O3-TiO2 complex colloidal system have been investigated in the sunlight respectively. The goal of the study is to vertify the TiO2 coupled with short-bandgap semiconductor Fe2O3 as catalyst, which not only extends the photoresponse of TiO2 to visible light but also enhances the efficiency of charge separation, and has a higher photocatalytic activity than single TiO2 system, the preliminary experimental results show that the complex system can improve the effect of photo-catalytic degradation.

    Influence of Poly(methylmethacrylate) on 8-hydroxyquinoline Derivative-Metal Complexes Electroluminescence
    WANG Guang-ming, YUAN Chun-wei, LU Zu-hong, WEI Yu
    1995, 16(S1):  230-233. 
    摘要 ( 207 )   PDF (774KB) ( 117 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A new method is presented of enhancing the organic electroluminescent(EL) efficiency by using poly (methylmethacrylaie) (PMMA) as barrier layers which play the role of controlling the electron-hole recombination in the organic EL materials. The organic EL device with one layer of 8-hydroxyquinoline derivalive-metal complexes-(Alq3, Znq2) as the EL-emitting layers, and two layers of EL emitting materials deposited on PMMA Langmuir-Blodgett films (PMMA/Alq3, PMMA/Znq2) sandwiched between indium/tin oxide (ITO) and aluminum electrodes have been fabricated, respectively. The evidence reveals that the LB film takes an importance to raising the 8-hydroxyquinoline derivative-metal complexes EL efficiency.

    Charge Transfer of Azobenzene Compounds with Donor-Acceptor
    ZHANG Dong, WEI Chong
    1995, 16(S1):  234-236. 
    摘要 ( 240 )   PDF (510KB) ( 210 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The redox behaviour of azobenzene compounds with donor-acceptor——p-nitro-p-N,p-dimethylazobenzene and p-nitro-p-hydroxylazobenzene was investigated by electrochemical method, and the mechanism of the electrode reaction was studied in detail. The results indicate that the oxidation of donor is related to the reduation of acceptor, and both compounds have the property of redox switch to some extent.

    Spectroscopic Studies on LB Film of a Liquid Crystalline Polymaleic Acid Polymer(Ⅰ)
    LI Cong-wu, PAN ang, YANG Ji-hua, BAI Yu-hai, TIAN Yan-qing, XU Wei-qing, ZHAO Bing, ZHAO Ying-ying, LI Tie-jin, WANG Yan
    1995, 16(S1):  237-240. 
    摘要 ( 236 )   PDF (679KB) ( 132 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The stable monolayer from the preformed amphiphilic liquid crystalline polymer (PMPE) can be obtained on the air-water interface, the monolayer can be transferred onto solid substrates in Y-type film. The spectroscopic characteristics are investigated using UV-Vis and Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectra. Polarized UV-Vis and FTIR spectra show that the LB film assembly is packed in an ordering way.

    Electrochemical and Spectral Studies on Ferrocene Derivatives with Electron Pushing and Drawing Substituents
    JIANG Yue-shun, YANG Wen-sheng, CHAI Xiang-dong, ZHANG Dong, CAO Yun-wei, LI Tie-jin, Lehn Jean-marie
    1995, 16(S1):  241-245. 
    摘要 ( 258 )   PDF (895KB) ( 138 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Three ferrocene derivatives, P Ⅰ: R-Fc-A, P Ⅱ:D-Fc-R and P Ⅲ: D-Fc-A(R:CH2OH, A: CH=C(CN)CONH2, D:(C18H37)2-C6H4-CH=CH), were studied by means of cyclic voltammetry and absorption spectroscopy. Compound P Ⅰ shows MLCT transition,P Ⅱ D shows strong LMCT and P Ⅲ shows both strong LMCT and π→π* CT transitions. Based on these data, frontier orbital interactions of electron pushing and drawing substituents with ferrocene group were analyzed. It was found that a drawing substituent would lower the π* orbital energy level and a pushing, substituent would raise the π orbital level.

    Estimation of Electron-Transfer Rate Between Azobenzene Monolayer and Thiol Modified Gold Electrode
    H.Takano, Z.F.Liu, K.Hashimoto, A.Fujishima
    1995, 16(S1):  246-249. 
    摘要 ( 199 )   PDF (669KB) ( 212 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    In the azobenzene-derivative (ABD) LB film deposited on 2-mercaptoethanol monolayer film, the reduction potential of cis-ABD to hydrazobenzene derivative(HBD) is more anodic than the oxidation potential of HBD to trans-ABD. It is because the separation of redox potentials between trans-ABD and HBD is smaller than the separation of reduction potentials between cis-ABD and trans-ABD. Furthermore, a pair of electrical spike currents are observed with the on and off of UV light irradiation in a certain potential region. In this report, we show that the redox rate constants of ABD monolayer film can be estimated by analyzing this electrical Spike current. The redox rate constants at different electrode potentials were calculated in the same way. Plotting log (K1) against V vs. Ag/AgCl and log(K2) against V vs. Ag/AgCl, two straight lines followed by Tafel equation are obtained at these potentials. It is concluded from this result that the charge-transfer process control these reaction kinetics.

    Electrodeposition Process of Zn(DMIT)2
    ZHANG Dong
    1995, 16(S1):  250-252. 
    摘要 ( 190 )   PDF (532KB) ( 57 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Electrodeposition processes of Zn(DMIT)2 were investigated using cyclic voltammetry.The results show that both electro-oxidation or electro-reduction can make the structure of molecular layers into high-impedance structure for ion transfer. The change of structure is considered as a kind of phase transition.

    Electrochemical Behaviour of Carbazole-TCAQ Charge-Transfer Salt
    ZHANG Dong
    1995, 16(S1):  253-255. 
    摘要 ( 253 )   PDF (462KB) ( 69 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The rodox behaviour of carbazole-TCAQ charge-transfer salt was investigated using cyclic voltammetry. It can he considered that the charge transfer which was the two-electron process took place in the conjugated rings of donor carbazole and acceptor TCAQ, and the contact form of donor Hnd acceptor was face to face.

    Spectroscopic Characterization of Carbazole-TCAQ Charge-Transfer Salt
    LI Li-hua, ZHANG Jin-sheng, BAI Yu-bai, LI Tie-jin, WEI Chong
    1995, 16(S1):  256-259. 
    摘要 ( 321 )   PDF (562KB) ( 82 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Spectroscopic characterizations of carbazole-TCAQ salt were investigated by means of UV-visible and fluorescence spectra. The results show that carbazole and TCAQ can form a kind of charge-transfer salt whose characteristic adsorption is π→π* of 248 nm when the mixture of the two compounds is irradiated by UV-light, and the charge-transfer salt becomes more stable with the increase of irradiation time.

    Voltage-tunable Electroluminescence of Porous Silicon
    LI Jing-jian, WANG Rong-qiu, LIU Zhong-fan, CAI Sheng-min, ZHANG Shu-ling
    1995, 16(S1):  260-263. 
    摘要 ( 278 )   PDF (688KB) ( 61 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    The voltage-tunable EL was obtained upon cathodic bias of n-type PS in contact with aqueous solution containing the persulphate ion. The EL behavior as a function of the external voltage and time was investigated. The results suggest that the mechanisms of voltage-tunable EL of n-typt PS cannot easily be attributed to quantum confinement effect.

    A Study of Spectroscopy on TCAQ Microcrystal
    CAO Ya-an, BAI Yu-bai, MENG Qing-ju, JIANG Yue-shun, LI Shu-zhen, CHEN Chun-hai, ZHAO Ying-ying, LI Tie-jin
    1995, 16(S1):  264-267. 
    摘要 ( 304 )   PDF (707KB) ( 77 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    UV-visible absorption spectra of 11,11,12,12-tetracyano-9,10-anthraquinodimethane (TCAQ) solution, crystal and evaporated film were, measured. The absorption spectrum of TCAQ solution in DMF had three bands at 287 nm(4.45), 310 nm(4.23) and 350 nm(4.38) respectively; that of evaporated films had one band at 370 nm and that of crystalline powder had four bands at 243 nm, 275 nm, 320 nm and 430 nm respectively. Surface photovoltage spectra of TCAQ microcrystal gave two bands at P1 (320 nm) and P2 (430 nm) respectively. The absorption bands were assigned and the energy levels of frontier orbitals were tentatively determined. In addition,the mechanism of hole, production and transportation in crystalline TCAQ was discussed.

    Calix(8)arene LB Superlattices: Pyroelectric Molecular Baskets
    Tim Richardson, Michael B.Greenwood, Frank Davis, Charles J.M.Stirling
    1995, 16(S1):  268-271. 
    摘要 ( 526 )   PDF (704KB) ( 76 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Carboxyl and amino groups have been inserted into calix(8) arene rings in order to yield two materials which, when processed as alternate layer Langmuir-Blodgett assemblies, exhibit the pyroelectric effect. Such a temperature-dependent electric polarisation arises partially from the proton transfer between the acid and amine groups. The calix(8) arene system has been selected owing to the extreme tinness, of each monolayer(~1.0 nm), the resulting high density of acid-amine pairs and the very high thermal stability exhibited by calixarenes(typically m.p.>200℃).

    TiO2-Coated Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
    Tagawa Y., Iyoda T., Hashimoto K., Fujishima A.
    1995, 16(S1):  272-274. 
    摘要 ( 329 )   PDF (547KB) ( 40 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    A surface, acoustic wave (SAW)filter, coated with TiO2 thin film, was applied to a sensor to monitor photochemical process. By using this filter with a center frequency of about 150 MHz, photocatalytic reactions on the surface,of TiO2 was monitored under ambient atmosphere containing a slight amount of various gases.

    Langmuir-Blodgett Film Formation and Optical Second Harmoni Generation of a Hemicyanine Derivative
    LIU Yun-qi, XU Yu, ZHU Dao-ben, ZONG Yun, QIN Jin-gui, XIA Xiao-hua, ZHAO Xin-sheng
    1995, 16(S1):  275-278. 
    摘要 ( 380 )   PDF (721KB) ( 65 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) film of a hemicyanine derivative, (E)-N-hexadecyl-4-[2-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)ethenyl]pyridinium bromide (Hc) was fabricated. The Langmuir film of Hc exhibited good transfer behaviour. Optical second harmonic generation from the LB film was measured. Macroscopic second-order susceptibilily, molecular hyperpolarizability and tilt angle for the molecules on a substrate were estimated to be 7.06×10-6 esu, 6.47×10-27 esu,and 31.6° respectively.

    Effect of Electropolymerization Condition on Polypyrrole Schottky Barrier
    Ll Yong-fang, OUYANG Jian-yong, YANG Jing, LIU Yun-qi, WAN Mei-xiang
    1995, 16(S1):  279-282. 
    摘要 ( 355 )   PDF (615KB) ( 51 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Schottky barriers of some polypyrrole(PPy) nitrate film, which was prepared electro-chemically from ethyl alcohol solution, and poly(N-methylpyrrole) (PNMP) films were observed and investigated by means of measuring the current density (J)-voltage(V) characteristics of Al/PPy/ITO and Al/PNMP/ITO. A strong effect of the film thickness on the rectification ratios was recognized for the PPy films. The Schottky barrier parameters were evaluated from J-V plots.

    A Novel Amphiphilic Push-pull Ferrocene Derivative: Langmuir-Blodgett Films and Second-order Optical Nonlinearity
    CHAI X.D., CAO Y.W., YANG W.S., LU R., JIANG Y.S., BAI Y.B., LI T.J., Blanchard-Desce M., Lehn J.M.
    1995, 16(S1):  283-287. 
    摘要 ( 223 )   PDF (880KB) ( 71 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    We investigated Langmuir-Blodgett(LB) films built from the mixture of an amphiphilic push-pull ferrocene derivative(P) and behenic acid. Langmuir films of P diluted by behenic acid exhibit a very good cohesion, and the mixed films can easily be transferred onto solid substrates. Linear dichroism UV-visible and IR spectroscopy measurements of the mixed LB multilayers confirm that the molecules(P) are oriented to the substrate. The nonlinear optical experiments on the mixed monolayer deposited on the CaF2 slide showed that P displays efficient optical second harmonic generation(SHG) with a molecular hyperpolarizability (β)h, high as 6.0×10-29e. s. u..

    Tetrakis-4-(2,4-di-tertamylphenoxy)phthalo-cyaninato-polysiloxane Langmuir-Blodgett Films and Their Gas Sensitive Properties
    JIANG D.P., FAN Y., ZHANG L.G., REN X.G., LI Y.J., LU A.D.
    1995, 16(S1):  288-290. 
    摘要 ( 202 )   PDF (509KB) ( 49 )  
    相关文章 | 多维度评价

    Tetrakis-4-(2,4-di-amylphenoxy) phthalocyaninato-polysiloxane (R1PcPS) Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films were prepared onto planar interdigital microelectrode arrays and their pas sensitive, properties were investigated. The results of response and recovery process were Shown when the (R1PcPS) LB films were exposed to NH3, NO2 and I2 gas in air. THh gas sensitive sensor consisting of (R1PcPS) LB film can be used to detect NH3 gas down to 0.0005% in air.

    Inclusion Crystals of Cedrol and Phenol-type of Compounds for Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Application
    GUO Wensheng, ZHANG Zeyong, LI Guohui, LI Tiejin
    1995, 16(S1):  291-294. 
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    This present paper reports that the cedrol and phenol-type of inclusion crystals exhibit SHG effect. These inclusion crystals with noncentrosymmetrical structure possess lower cutoff wavelength(290-380 nm) and higher reflection rate (300-1200 nm), and show a great promising application prospect.