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Preparation and Performance of Thermally Conductive Expanded Graphite/Polyetherimide Composites

ZHAO Junyu1, WANG Chunbo2, WANG Chengyang1, ZHANG Ke1, CONG Bing1, YANG Lan1, ZHAO Xiaogang1(), CHEN Chunhai1   

  1. 1.National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Synthesis Technology of High Performance Polymer,Key Laboratory of High Performance Plastics,Ministry of Education,College of Chemistry,Jilin University,Changchun 130012,China
    2.Polymer Composites Engineering Laboratory,Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Changchun 130022,China
  • Received:2021-11-24 Online:2022-04-10 Published:2022-01-26
  • Contact: ZHAO Xiaogang


Large specific surface area and high thermal conductivity of graphite nanoplatelets(GNP) on expanded graphite(EG) after heat treatment was taken advantage, the crushed EG was used as thermally conductive filler and compounded with polyetherimide(PEI) through ball milling. Then the EG/PEI composites was prepared by thermal lamination, and its microscopic morphology, thermal conductivity and thermal performance were studied. The results show that ball milling treatment can reduce the pores between GNP and GNP and facilitate the uniform mixing of EG and PEI. Hot pressing can induce and promote the arrangement and orientation of GNPs along the horizontal direction, thereby significantly improving the in-plane thermal conductivity of the composite material. When the maaa fraction of EG is 20%, the thermal conductivity of the EG/PEI composite is 2.38 W?m?1?K?1. Compared with pure PEI, the thermal conductivity increases by about 1224%. The prepared EG/PEI composites are all with high thermal stability and storage modulus recovery rate, it is an ideal thermally conductive material with excellent comprehensive performance.

Key words: Polyimide, Expanded graphite, Composites, Thermal conduction

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