Chem. J. Chinese Universities ›› 1997, Vol. 18 ›› Issue (12): 2015.

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The Effect of Different Ratio of Carboxylic Group to Hydrocarbon Chain to Characterization of Polymaleic Acid octadecanol Ester LB Films

JIN Jian1, LI Lin-Song1, HUI Zheng1, LU Ran1, PENG Xiao-Gang1, ZHAO Ying-Ying1, LI Tie-Jin1, DUAN Shu-Hong2   

  1. 1. DePartment of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun 130023;
    2. Department of Chemistry, Heilongjiang University, Haerbin 150080
  • Received:1996-10-30 Online:1997-12-24 Published:1997-12-24

Abstract: Akind of amphiphilic oligomer-polymaleic acid octadecanol ester(PMA) with dif-ferent ratios of carboxylic group to hydrocarbon chain was synthesized with polymaleic anhy-dride and octadecanol- Then as spread materials, a series of CdPMA LBfilms were preparedon the subphase containing CdCl,.With FTIRand small angle X-ray diffraction, the effectsof different ratios of carboxylic group to hydrocarbon chain and experimental conditions onthe ordered structure of CdPMA LBfilms were characterized.We concluded that, in the caseof high constant surface pressure(3OmN/m) and high dipping speed (10 cm/min), the CdP-MAwith a lower ratio of carboxylic group to hydrocarbon chain could give a high orderedpure Y-type LBfilms, while the CdPMAwith a high ratio could not.

Key words: Polymalelc acld octadecanol ester, Oligomer, LB film

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