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Research Progress in Droplet Deposition on Superhydrophobic Plant Leaves

CUI Yingtao1, WANG Shun1, LI Wei1, CUI Shumin1, HUANG Yanjie1, LI He1, DUAN Hu1, SONG Meirong1,2,3(), DONG Zhichao3, WANG Yilin2, JIANG Lei3   

  1. 1.College of Science,Henan International Joint Laboratory of Laser Technology in Agricultural Sciences,Henan Agricultural University,Zhengzhou 450000,China
    2.CAS Key Laboratory of Colloid,Interface Science and Chemical Thermodynamics,Institute of Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China
    3.CAS Key Laboratory of Bio?inspired Materials and Interfacial Science,Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China
  • Received:2020-08-24 Online:2020-12-21 Published:2020-12-21
  • Contact: SONG Meirong


Ubiquitous superhydrophobic plant leaves in nature can easily cause great losses for impinging agrochemical droplets via bouncing and splashing. So, increasing the efficiency of droplet deposition is crucially significant to improve pesticide utilization. Based on the progress scientists have made on enhancing droplet deposition, this paper starts from the analysis of the impact kinetic characteristics of water droplets on the superhydrophobic surface, takes the physical and chemical properties of the droplets after the additives into consideration, systematically summarizes the method and mechanism of the deposition of water droplets on the leaves of superhydrophobic plants. In addition, we conclude that screening additives and exploring mechanisms should consider not only the properties of the additives but also the substrate structure and impact dynamics characteristics. Finally, we propose that future research should focus on the influence of single droplet size, substrate motion and elasticity, and environmental factors on deposition. This work plays significant role not only in pesticide spraying but also in many other fields such as biomedicine, mechanical engineering, coating spraying, ink printing and so on.

Key words: Droplet, Superhydrophobic, Plant leaf, Contact time, Deposition mechanism

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