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高等学校化学研究 2006, Vol. 22 Issue (2) :123-128    DOI:
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Genetic Structure Analysis of Human Remains from Khitan Noble Necropolis
XU Yue1,2, ZHANG Xiao-lei2, CUI Yin-qiu1,2, ZHANG Quan-chao1, ZHOU Hui1,2, ZHU Hong1
1. Ancient DNA Laboratory, Research Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, P.R.China;
2. Macromolecular Laboratory, College of Life Science, Jilin University, Changchun 130021, P.R.China

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Abstract Ancient DNA was extracted from 13 skeletal remains from the burial groups of Khitan nobles, which were excavated in northeast China.The hypervariable segment I sequences (HVS Ⅰ) of the mitochondrial DNA control region, in the 13 individuals, were used as genetic markers to determine the genetic relationships between the individuals and the genetic affinity to other interrelated populations by using the known database of mtDNA.Based on the phylogenetic analysis of these ancient DNA sequences, the genetic structures of two Khitan noble kindreds were obtained, including the Yel Yuzhi's kindred and the Xiao He's kindred.Furthermore, the relationships between the Khitan nobles and some modern interrelated populations were analyzed.On the basis of the result of the analysis, the gene flows of the ancient Khitans and their demographic expansion in history was deduced.
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KeywordsAncient DNA   Khitan   Mitochondrial DNA   Phylogenetic analysis     
Received 2006-01-10;

Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.J0030094).

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XU Yue, ZHANG Xiao-lei, CUI Yin-qiu, ZHANG Quan-chao, ZHOU Hui, ZHU Hong.Genetic Structure Analysis of Human Remains from Khitan Noble Necropolis[J]  高等学校化学研究, 2006,V22(2): 123-128
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