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      “Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities”(Chinese Edition) is a comprehensive academic journal in the field of chemistry sponsored by Jilin University and Nankai University mandated by the Educational Ministry of China and published by the Higher Education Press in China. Its original journal name was “Natural Science Journal of Chinese Universities”(Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Edition) started in 1964, and was changed into the present journal name in 1980. Since 1985, the journal has been published monthly. Now the journal format is 16 mo(A4) and the total pages for each issue is 208. The domestic journal number is CN22-1131/O6 and the international journal number ISSN 0251-0790. 
      The Editorial Board and the Advisory Board of the journal consist of 91 members who are well-known chemists with great academic attainments and working at the key institutions of higher learning and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 37 of them are the Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Tang Au-Chin, an outstanding theoretical chemist, holds the post of the Honorary Editor-in-chief. Prof. Zhou Qi-Feng, an outstanding polymer science chemist, holds the post of the Editor-in-chief.
      The journal sets up four columns including original papers, letters and reviews concentrating on the most recent research achievements of the basic theories and significant achievements of advanced sciences and technologies in various areas such as Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Macro- molecular Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Material Chemistry and Medicine Chemistry, contributed by the researchers from the universities and the colleges and the institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences all over China and also by the researchers overseas. The amount of articles published in the journal ranks the first among the Chinese journals of science and technology. The percentage of published articles supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, “863” and “973” programs and the state key laboratories etc. is over 95% in recent years. Since the beginning of 1995 the journal has been added to ISI database and its publications SCIE, SCI Search, Research Alert, Chemistry Citation Index, Reaction Citation Index and Current Contents/Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences. Since the beginning of 1999, the journal has been accepted for coverage in SCI. The journal has been accepted for coverage in Chemical Abstracts(CA) since 1980 and occupied the places of 141,114,147,137 in turn in the 1000 most frequently cited journals in the rank order from the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index from 2001 to 2004. The journal has also been added to P. Ж. in Russia, Current Bibliography on Science and Technology, Chinese Scientific Papers and Citation Database, Chinese Scientific Literature Database, Chinese Scientific Citation Database and Chinese Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Abstracts Database and some other abstract journals databases in China as well as in the world. The journal is one of the best core scientific journals in China. It was awarded the First, the Second and the Third State Journal Prizes in 2000, 2002 and 2004 respectively and entered the Chinese Scientific and Technological Journal Array with ranking the Third in “the double Higher Journals” (both higher academic level and celebrity) in 2001. It was awarded the Chinese Government Award(Journal award) for Publishing in 2011. The journal has found favour in the readers’ eyes in China as well as in the world.
      The journal has been supported by the Special Fund of Excellent Academic Journals of the National Natural Science Foundation of China since 1999.
      The journal is distributed by the post offices with Subscription Code Number 12-40 and an issue subscription rate ¥30 and annual subscription rate ¥360 all over China, and by China International Book Trading Corp.(P. O. Box 399, Beijing 100044, P. R. China) with Subscription Code Number M305 overseas.
      Contribution and Subscription to the journal are greatly welcome.

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